Bloodhound Dog Price in India

Bloodhound Dog Price in India 2023-Care Tips, Faqs and More.

Hello everyone, Today in Top Pet Products, will discuss ‘Blood Hound Dog Price in India’. Apart from that, we’ll learn about some significant facts and benefits of Bloodhound, so let’s get started.
The Bloodhound is a huge scent hound that has been used to hunt animals like deer and wild boars as well as keep a watch on people since the Middle Ages. Their exceptional sense of smell has won them a specific place in law enforcement and search and rescue. If you want to have a Blood Hound Puppy as well, Continue reading the article till the end.

Bloodhound Dog Price in India

The price of a healthy, pure-bred Bloodhound puppy varies substantially based on its maturity, type, and breeder quality. On average, a Bloodhound costs around 70,000-150,000 Rs in India. Aside from that, its care, such as grooming, health, and feeding, may cost between 5,000 to 7,000 Rs each month.

About BloodHound dogs

History and origin-

Bloodhounds are a breed of dogs that have been bred for centuries to hunt animals. They are very intelligent and can track scents over long distances. It is believed that they were originally bred in France, where they were called Chien de Saint Hubert, or St Hubert’s Hound.

Bloodhounds were referenced in English sources for the first time in the mid-14th century, with references indicating that the breed was well-established. It is sometimes said that William the Conqueror brought their forefathers from Normandy, however, there is no verifiable research on this.

Bloodhounds were popular subjects for artists such as Edwin Landseer and Briton Rivier in the late 1800s. The canines pictured are more similar to the present Bloodhounds, showing that the core feature of the Bloodhound predates current dog breeding.


Bloodhounds are large breed dogs. It has a big face with huge hanging ears and has loosened wrinkled skin, especially on the face.

And it also has big droopy eyes. The coat of the bloodhound consists of short hair. It is available in different colours like red, black and tan, liver red and tan.


Despite their gruesome name ”Bloodhound”, These big dogs are calm, and loving in nature. They are very social and can get along with kids, strangers, and other dogs as well. They are very tolerant among mischievous kids. which makes them great family pets. But as they are friendly they do not make great guard dogs. 

Size and life span-

These big dogs can grow up to 30 to 50 kgs in weight and on average, has a lifespan of 10-12 years. They can range between 23 to 27 inches in height.

Intelligence and Trainability-

These are exceptionally intelligent as well as trainable dog breeds. However, their high intelligence is a two-edged sword as they are independent and can be stubborn. To train them, you have to be strict yet gentle, you have to be extremely patient and use positive reinforcement techniques to train them. And you can not be forceful with them if they don’t want to listen to you they will simply ignore your commands. hence it is sometimes can be difficult to train especially those who have no prior experience. 

Health problems-

Due to their big size, they can suffer from diseases like elbow or hip dysplasia, bloating, hyperthyroidism, etc. they can also suffer from ear infections and can develop cherry eyes due to their droopy eyes

Tips to take care of Bloodhound dog in India

Bloodhound Dog Price in India

1. Exercise-

These are a working dog breed so they do require a large amount of exercise otherwise they can be quite notorious in the house like barking or chewing on things. It is important o give at least 1.5 – 2 hours of exercise. You can go long walking, running, hiking, and playing different games like fetching a ball or frisbee, etc. And take them for exercising in the evening or morning not in the afternoon as they can get heat stroke, especially in the hot temperature of India

2. Feeding –

Feed them highly nutritious dog food that is well balanced with high amounts of fats, a moderate amount of carbs, low amount of fats. These dogs are eating freaks they eat can too much at a time. There is a huge risk of getting obese or getting bloating problems. So, it is important to not overfeed giving the food in moderate amounts two times a day will be ideal for them or can consult your on how to feed your bloodhound.

3. Grooming-

As they have short hair, brushing their hair with a good quality pet brush 2-3 times a week will be enough. Make sure to check their ears regularly as they have ears it is prone to get infection easily. Their coats tend to develop smell so, grooming and bathing are important on regular basis.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Bloodhound Dog

Pros –

  1. Extremely gentle and affectionate.
  2. Also good with kids, other dogs as well as old people.
  3. They do not take much time to become fully potty trained.
  4. This breed is extremely intelligent and highly active.
  5. Although they’re sensitive and affectionate they don’t tend to suffer from separation anxiety.


  1. They drool a lot and your clothes and wall will get covered in their saliva.
  2. They can be very stubborn.
  3. This short-haired dog does shed a lot.
  4. The breed is very expensive
  5. They do have a high prey drive so it may not be right to leave them alone with small pets.


1. What is the price of Bloodhound in India?

The average price of a Bloodhound dog in India can range between 70,000 to 1,50,000 Indian Rupees.

2. Are bloodhounds lazy?

They are highly energetic dog breeds when provided properly with proper exercise on daily basis. They tend to be lazy or relax around with the family.

3. Do bloodhounds smell bad?

They do develop body smell as they have oily coats and wrinkled skin. So, in order to get rid of their bad smell, it is important to give them baths on regular basis. They can also be smelly if they have developed any type of infection.

4. Do Bloodhounds bark a lot?

Bloodhounds do not bark a lot they are generally quiet dogs. But they do bark or you can say howl when it is necessary like communicating with other dogs or wanting to seek your attention, or if they are excited, etc. 

5. How strong is a Bloodhound bite?

Bloodhound has a strong bite as it was initially bred as hunting dog. The average bite force of Bloodhound dogs can be around 220 PSI.

6. Are Bloodhounds easy dogs?

They are easy-going dogs and as they are social dogs they love to be around people, other dogs, etc. However, as this is a huge dog you should be strong enough to handle them during walks. Overall, they are great family pets.

7. How long does a Bloodhound live?

As we know, Bloodhound is a large dog breed its life span is really good it can live up to 10- 12 years. 

8. Why are bloodhound’s eyes red?

Eyelid issues are more common in dogs with loose skin and droopy eyes. Sometimes the eyelid folds out, exposing the eye. It can also fold inward, causing the lashes of the eye to irritate the eye surface. Generally, a Surgical procedure is required to correct this issue.

9. Why are bloodhounds used as police dogs?

A bloodhound’s sense of smell is so strong that it can pick up scents from miles away. And can also smell the scent which is up to 300hrs. Due to their strong smelling sense, they are used as police dogs to track down humans.

10. How strong is a bloodhound’s smell capacity?

The bloodhound is the world’s best-sniffing dog. Its capacity of smelling is so strong that it can track smells from more than 130 miles or 209 km.

Final Thoughts

After doing research on Bloodhound dog Price in India, we have come to the conclusion that their prices can vary significantly. Some of the factors that affect the price include the dog’s age, gender, health, etc. Bloodhound dogs can be a great addition to any family, and we hope that this article has helped provide some guidance on what to expect when searching for one in India. As always, we welcome any comments or questions below.

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