Dog Tie Out Running Cable India 2023 Price: 319.00 (as of 14/10/2021 03:02 PST- Details)

  • Tie-out cable for medium-size dogs up to 27 kgs
  • Made of rugged steel and PVC for strength and rust-resistant performance
  • Measures 25 feet long

Dog Tie Out Running Cable India 2023| BUY ON AMAZON

A Leash is a must-have tool that you need for your pet dog. You and your canine companion will share many memories of training and playtime throughout their baby years to well into their adulthood. All through this time, the one thing that will keep your dog stay in its place or help you guide them or vice versa is Dog Tie Out Running Cable India 2023

How else will you show them what to do? How else will you be able to guide them? As a responsible pet parent, your primary concern is the safety of your pets. It is best to keep them under your supervision. The dog leash will allow you to do so. 

What if you want to teach her/him how to walk or run properly? Or social manners? The dog leash again will help you with that decision. 

Small Buying Guide 

You can purchase the AmazonBasics Tie-out Cable/Leash for Dogs very easily online.

This leash is a perfect Dog Tie Out Running Cable India 2023. It comes for a very reasonable price of ₹ 695 INR on the Amazon website. However, with the discounts always up and running, you can get it for as cheap as ₹ 319 INR. It is the No. 1 bestseller on the site. The leash comes in a single pack of 1. 

AmazonBasics Tie-out Cable/Leash for Dogs – Product Review 

The Dog Tie-Out cable from AmazonBasics keeps your pet dog in its designated area. They can easily hold onto dogs weighing up to 60 pounds or 5 feet. 

Portable and Versatile 

The cable is strong and feels lightweight. Measuring a length of 25 feet or 299 inches, this dog leash running cable gives your dog the freedom to roam around within its designated area. It has a diameter of 5 or 6 mm. It does not allow them to venture off too far from the place they have been anchored to. 

This tie-out cable makes it easy to enjoy quality time with your canine friend. You can take them out in the open without worry. They can tag along with you to outdoor locations, and you can manage them hands-free. All you have to do is secure the cable to a certain location- a pole or gate so that they cannot roam freely or run away. 

You can use it anywhere. Whether you are at the dog park or hanging around in the local area, or if you are running errands at the local shops or while doing your yard work in an unfenced area. You do not have to leave your dog at home anymore to do these tasks. The Tie Out Running cable allows you to take them along with you, thus providing quality companionship. 

Suitable for Heavy Dogs, even up to 60 pounds

The Dog Tie Out Running Cable India 2022 proves that it is essential to have the strength to control your dog, especially if they are medium-sized, weighing as much as up to 60 pounds or 27 kg. 

This tie is suitable for heavy and big dogs like Bulldogs and Siberian Huskies and Collies, Cocker Spaniels, or a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. 

The tie-out cable offers some freedom while making sure that your little fur friend stays nearby. 

Durable Built

The Dog Tie Out Running Cable India 2023 is made out of rugged steel and PVC. The materials make the dog leash cable sturdy and rust-resistant. 

The rust resistance feature makes the cable withstand harsh rain and other outdoor elements. It provides a leash strength that lasts long and offers reliable performance. The make of leash makes sure that it lasts for years. 

The bright blue colour gives this dog leash a sleek appearance. The brightness of the leash makes it easier to spot and locate on the ground or in the grass outdoors. 

Easy Set-Up

The dog tie-out running cable is made of built-in metal clips. You can attach one end of the tie-out cable to an anchored object, for instance, a tree or metal stake. Then you can attach the other end of the tie-out cable to the dog’s collar or harness. 

The clips of the tie-out cable make sure that the easy on/off connections are properly functioning. You can clip these connections together for compact, looped storage when the cable is not in use. 

Key Features

  •     It is made of rugged steel and PVC which gives it strength and makes it rust-resistant.
  •     The durable metal clips connect easily and quickly.
  •     The tie-out cable easily fits dogs of large sizes up to 41 kg
  •     The length of 25 feet is adequate for a comfortable walk and control.
  •     Lightweight, measuring only 0.4 kg, this dog leash is not hard or heavy for you to manoeuvre.
  •     The leash is blue.


  •     There is a little spring inside the shaft of the clip which you slide open to create a hole to pass a collar ring through it.
  •     The clip is quite reliable.
  •     It is a safe and simple way to communicate with your dog during training.
  •     It prevents your dog from jumping or lunging towards other animals and people, which would potentially scare them.
  •     Prevents your dog from running off, thus avoiding accidents.
  •     Allows you to temporarily tether your dog to safety when you are not able to give them attention.
  •     It is essential in the early days of puppyhood to train them and keep them safe.
  •     Prevents your dog from wandering in inappropriate places.
  •     This well-fitting harness can be helpful for nervous dogs.


  •     You cannot leave your pet unattended.
  •     Your pet always needs to be supervised.
  •     Over time, the spring can weaken, loosening the clip. It is here the “trigger snap” leash looks like a better alternative.
  •     If the harness is poorly fitting, it can be detrimental to your dog’s health, if it is putting too much pressure around their neck area.
  •     It hinders their natural movement.
  •     It significantly reduces walking time.
  •     If your dog has very long fur, the tie cable can get entangled if it is worn for a prolonged time period.
  •     Not all dogs get easily used to wearing a tie cable. In this case, extra care and attention and using treats can build a positive association with the tie-out cable.


The Bottom Line

To make your dog well-mannered and obey commands, leash training is a must. It does take time and tests your patience, but it also delivers results. The AmazonBasics Tie-out Cable/Leash for Dogs is perfect for your big dog’s size. It allows you to attach a name tag for easy identification. The length of the tie-out gives you a good grip and control. You can easily manoeuvre your dog’s walking or running path.   


Can my dog chew through this?

Dog canines are usually very sharp. However, the Tie-Out cable is made of PVC, making it hard for them to chew through. Also, if the dog is tied to it, it will be hard for them to turn all the way around to chew through it. 

Can I use this for small dogs like Rottweiler and Shusitzu?

Yes, you can. The cable tie is 25 feet long and can be used even for small dogs. However, manoeuvring can get complicated. You might have to adjust the length accordingly. 

1. Is it flexible?

No. The rope itself is made of metal with a rubber covering. 

Can I use it on puppies?

Best if you do not. The rope is 25 feet in length, quite long and strong, and heavy. It will be very strenuous on small puppies. Go for a lighter option.

Can I customize the size?

No. You cannot customize the size. It is fixed at 25 feet.




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