Norwegian Forest Cat Price in India

Norwegian Forest Cat Price in India 2023

The Norwegian Forest cat is a beautiful and majestic animal that has long been treasured in its native homeland of Norway. These cats are not well-Known popular cat breeds in India but pet enthusiasts want to have these beautiful Norwegian cats. But, before you run out and get one of these lovely creatures, there are a few things you should know which I have discussed in the article Norwegian Forest Cat Price In India, so make sure to completely read the article to know more about this breed.

Norwegian Forest Cat Price in India

Norwegian Forest Cat Price in India 2022The price of a Norwegian Forest cat can vary depending on several factors, such as the breeder, the quality of the kitten, and whether or not it is showing signs of any health problems. 

Generally speaking, however, a Norwegian Forest cat can cost anywhere from  50,000 to 1,50,000/- Rs. 

About Norwegian forest cat


Norwegian forest cat is a Large-sized cat breed, they have a callous, sturdy body. Due to their fluffy hair, they seem huge. and they have triangular-shaped heads along with huge almond-shaped eyes. They have a huge dense bushy tails. They are available in various colours like White, Black, Red, Cinnamon, Tabby, Cream, Blue, and Silver.

Size and life span-

The average Life span of a Norwegian Forest cat can range between 14-16 years. and weighs around 4.4 kg- 7.2 kg. Generally, males slightly weigh more than females. On average they are 12 inches to 18 inches long.


They are a very calm and patient cat breed. Shows affection towards humans, can even bond with kids and can get along with other cats or dogs (If dogs also cooperate). They are not very vocal cat breeds.


They are big cats and they require more nutritious food than other small cat breeds. Their diets should consist of ample amounts of proteins. You can give them cooked chicken, fish, boiled eggs, etc, or can go for a commercial food that contains meat and make sure to check the ingredients before purchasing(avoid if it contains grains, filler or any artificial additives). You can also add supplements like omega-3 which will help to improve their fur quality.


Norwegian forest cats have long, dense, and silky hair with a dense undercoat. In addition, their hair coat is water-resistant. Even if they get wet due to their dense hair their skin remains dry. This long dense hair helps to keep them warm in the colder climate. 


They are a mediocre shedder. Their long dense hair needs to be groomed once or twice a week which helps to clean their coat as well as will also help to remove loose/dead hair. You can also massage them which will improve blood circulation. Don’t Bath them regularly. Bath them only when they are very dirty. 


They are extremely intelligent and easy-to-train cat breeds. With positive reinforcements, you can house-train them. 

Health problems-

They are tough as a nail cat breed but, can suffer from some health issues like Hip dysplasia, kidney or liver issues, and can also suffer from HCM(hypertrophic cardiomyopathy), and can also get obese.

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Caring Tips for Norwegian Forest cat

If you are lucky enough to have a Norwegian Forest cat as a pet, there are a few things you need to know to take care of them properly. Here is a quick guide on how to take care of a Norwegian Forest cat:

  • Toys – 

Provide them with a lot of toys especially toys like rat toys or hanging feather toys. Due to their natural hunting instinct, they love to play and attack these toys.

  • Scratching Tower and Perches-

Norwegian cats are excellent climbers so it is important to have a scratching cat tree post. As it will allow them to climb and have a view of their surrounding from above. And they can use these cat trees for scratching their claws as well.

  • Litter box-

As Norwegian forests are big in comparison to average cat breeds. They need a big litter box. And make sure not to keep them close to the place where they eat. As they don’t litter where they eat. 

Guidlines to Buy best cat Litter Tray box

  • . Make sure they have a warm place to sleep-

 Norwegian Forest cats prefer to sleep in a warm and comfortable place. If you live in a cold climate, make sure to provide your cat with a bed or blanket to sleep on.

  • A well-balanced diet- 

Make sure to provide them with high-quality cat food so that your cat can be in top-notch conditions. Feeding them twice a day is more than enough. Do not over-feed them as they can easily gain some weight. 

  • Maintenance – 

Keep their claws trimmed, as they can get very sharp. And make sure to check and clean their ears regularly. Also, go for a vet checkup on a regular basis to ensure that your cat is in great condition and is not suffering from underlying issues.

Pros And Cons of Norwegian Forest cat


  1. Extremely kind, patient and playful cat breed.
  2. They can adapt according to their environment extremely well.
  3. Can be affectionate even towards strangers.
  4. Norwegian cats do not make a lot of noise.
  5. As they have a natural hunting instinct, they might help clean the mouse out of your house.


  1. They are not lapping cats. However, they love to be around you.
  2. Requires a lot of attention.
  3. It is expensive as it is quite rare in India.


1. How much does a Norwegian cat cost in India?

Norwegian cats are a bit expensive cat breed and in India, it can cost you around 50,000- 150,000/- Rs. 

2. Is it possible to have a Norwegian forest cat as a pet?

Yes, you can have a Norwegian Forest cat as a pet. These cats are known for being independent and aloof, so they may not be the best lap cats, but they make great companions nonetheless. If you’re thinking of getting a Norwegian Forest cat, be sure you have the time and space to care for them properly. 

While they may be a bit more work than your average pet, Norwegian Forest cats are gentle, loving creatures that make wonderful companions.

3. Can Norwegian Forest Cats bite you?

They are generally extremely stable and tolerant cat breeds and It is extremely rare that they will bite you.

4. How long do Norwegian cats live?

Norwegian cats can live between 14- 16 years. but we have seen in some cases they are seen to live up to 18 years. you can also prolong your Norwegian cat’s life with proper diet, care and regular vet checkups.  

5. What do Norwegian Cats eat?

Norwegian cats can eat boiled meats like chicken, lamb or fish (tuna, salmon). You can also give eggs(boiled), cheese, boiled potatoes and a little amount of boiled veggies occasionally.

Final thoughts

Norweigan cats are a very wonderful cat breed. Having one such as your pet would be a great thing. I have given very detailed information about this breed in this article Norwegian Forest cat price in India. So, that you can get all the accurate information in one place which will save your time. Feel free to ask your doubts, it’s our pleasure to answer them.

Hope you found it helpful!!

Thankyou for Reading!

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