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  • Has a very high liquid absorption rate.
  • Clumps quickly.
  • Has anti-odor properties.

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Cats are very adorable little animals. More people love cats, and they prefer to have a small cat in their home. We are very happy to see a little cute cat walking around our feet with its ‘mew’ voice. Cat lovers enjoy it a lot. However, there are some problems with having a cat in the house. In which the main is cat wastes i.e. urine and faeces. The smell of the cat’s faeces and urine spreads throughout the house which is a big problem for cat lovers as well as it also creates an unhygienic environment in the house. 

However, an excellent material was discovered to prevent the smell of the cat’s urine and faeces, and that is cat litter.  Cat litter is an essential material in a granular form that is used to bury a cat’s urine and faeces. It is able to absorb the cat’s urine effectively and can clump the cat’s faeces, preventing its bad smell. 

An indoor cat owner should keep cat litter in their home. Cat owners are now realizing the uses and benefits of cat litter. The scent of cat litter is wonderful and can easily attract the cat. If you spill some cat litter into the cat litter box, the cats follow it and leave their waste in the cat litter box. 

It, on one hand, protects you from the unpleasant odour of cat waste and keeps your house clean, and on the other hand, it maintains a healthy environment all around. Here we have come up with a good company’s cat litter which has a high absorbent capacity for cat urine.

Buying Guide 

Finding quality cat litter is not that easy.  You can’t find better cat litter at every animal material shop. There are some specific stores that provide the best scoopable cat litter. In the case of cat litter, you can choose an online market. There are a few websites available that provide the best, safe, and most hygienic cat litter at affordable prices. You can order there, and avail the best cat litter with the convenience of home delivery. When buying a package of cat litter,  you need to be sure of the quality of the cat litter, the genuineness of its ingredients, and even the price.

PetCrux Scoopable Smart Bentonite Cat Litter, 5Kg (Pack of 1)

Petcrux Cat Little is listed as one of the best cat litter that is made with a highly absorbent formula. It can easily absorb the cat’s urine and prevent its odour from spreading in the warehouse. It can also clump a cat’s faeces faster. This is the excellent Scoopable Clumping Cat Litter India 2023. It has a mess-free-easy-cleaning capability that removes the cat’s waste odour and cleans the breeze, maintaining the freshness of the air. 

Petcrux Scoopable Smart Bentonite Cat Litter comes with extreme odour control capability, loading fresh-scented heavy-duty odours which are able to prevent cat’s faeces odour from spreading around the house. Its anti-odour formula effectively removes the unpleasant odour of the cat, and at the same time, it traps the odour inside the clumps. 

Petcrux Cat Litter is a hard and crumble-free clump that can clean up a cat’s faeces with little effort. With less use, its anti-odour formula lasts longer. This is a quality Scoopable Clumping Cat Litter India 2023 made with a fine texture of natural bentonite clay granules that ensures a soft tactile feel to your lovely cat. It can attract your cat easily and stop the cat from messing up your house, passing urine here and there. 

Petcrux Cat Little has some special features that make it the best Scoopable Clumping Cat Litter India 2023. Its bentonite clay content can absorb multiple times its dry weight in liquid form, expanding up to 15 times its original volume, and simultaneously forming clumps that can be extruded without removing the rest of the garbage. 

Smart Bentonite Cat Litter is a perfect cat litter for your indoor lovely cat. It is made of safe and quality materials which ensures the complete safety of your cat, and at the same time, its smell does not pollute the air. It ensures the purity of your home environment. The price is also affordable for this good cat litter.  You can buy it online where you can also get a discount. 


  • Highly absorbent clay sodium Bentonite 
  • Montmorillonite 
  • Sepiolite 
  • Kaolinite 
  • Water 
  • Mineral oil 
  • Fragrance 


  • It is made with a high liquid exorbitant formula 
  • It clumps rapidly 
  • It’s a smart scoopable bentonite cat litter 
  • No need to use a high amount of cat litter, and it lasts longer, eliminating the unpleasant smell of cat’s faeces 
  • It has high anti-odour properties that prevent cat’s litter from spreading around 
  • An excellent scent that attracts cats to the cat litter box 
  • It has the high cleaning power 
  • It completely worth for money 
  • It is made with safe ingredients which ensures the cat’s safety 
  • It keeps the air fresh, removing the cat’s waste smell 


  • One cat litter box can’t be shared with multiple cats 
  • Not available in a 1 Kg pack of cat litter 
  • It may harm the cats if they consume it 


Cat litter is necessary for a pet cat.  Indoor cats may urinate and have faeces all over the house. It may be harmful to the health of the members of the household.  Likewise, it makes the house dirty, and at the same time pollutes your home with unbearable odour. That’s why the cat lover is required to use the cat litter box.  This ensures the indoor atmosphere is fresh and free from the foul odour of the cat’s faeces. 


  1. Is crumpling cat litter safe for cats?

Crumpling cat litter has no harm to cats.  But, if cats eat it, it may be dangerous for cats as crumpling cat litter contains sodium bentonite clay. 

  1. Do cat litter boxes need regular cleaning? 

Yes, cat litter boxes need regular cleaning. If it is not cleaned regularly, the cat litter box will be full of the cat’s urine and faeces, resulting in harmful toxic gas, Ammonia.


  1. How many days last of one packet (5 Kg) of cat litter for one cat? 

 One packet (5 Kg) of cat litter lasts for one month for one cat. 

  1. Is cat litter sand good for a cat’s health?

Yes, cat litter sand is not bad for a cat’s health.



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