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Bearded Dragon Price in India 2023- Complete Guide

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Hello everyone, Today in Top Pet Products we are going to talk about a very unique pet reptile “The Bearded Dragon”.

They are very popular in the reptile pets category worldwide. If you are planning to buy a lizard as a pet then Bearded Dragon is a great choice for the starters because they are easy to handle.

So, in this article Bearded Dragon Price in India we have given detailed information about this lizard like its price, caring tips, pros and cons, FAQs and much more. So, do read it till the end to make your task easy!!

Bearded Dragon Price in India

The average price of a baby Bearded Dragon in India can range between 15,000 to 30,000 Rs. However, the price of an adult (breeding pair) Bearded Dragon in India can range between 60,000 Rs to 80,000 Rs and some of its morphs can cost you up to 1,00,000 Rs or even more.

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About Bearded Dragons


Bearded dragons (Pogona) are a type of lizard native to the arid and semi-arid regions of Australia. 

There are several species of bearded dragon, including the inland bearded dragon, the central bearded dragon, and the western bearded dragon, among others. 

They are adapted to live in harsh desert environments, with specialized features such as the ability to regulate their body temperature through basking in the sun, and the ability to store water in their hindgut.


Bearded dragons are a type of lizard known for their distinctive appearance. They have a broad, flattened body covered in small, pointed scales, and a large, triangular head with sharp claws on their short, stout legs.

 One of their most recognizable features is the “beard” of spiny scales under their chin, which they can puff out and darken to display aggression or to regulate their body temperature. Bearded dragons come in a range of colours and patterns, from tan and brown to red and orange, with some individuals even having shades of blue or purple. 

Overall, their unique combination of spiky scales, colourful patterns, and distinctive behaviours make them a visually striking and fascinating species.


They are generally calm reptiles. They are very social as well as gentle and can get tamed pretty easily. 

They are very curious and observe their surroundings pretty deeply. They show various interesting behaviours like head bobbing, hand waving, digging, etc. 

Life span and Size-

The size hatchling is around 10 cm in length while an Adult Bearded dragon can grow up to 60 cm in length and can weigh between 280 to 510 gm. Their average life span ranges between 6 to 10 years. 


Bearded dragons can be found easily in India in almost exotic pet shops or stores. Bearded dragons come in different colours or morph like yellow, red, White, blue, etc. But in India, you may not find various morphs of them.

Health –

Some of the common problems that a pet bearded dragon may suffer from are respiratory problems, metabolic bone disease(make sure to provide UVB light and mix reptile calcium supplement to avoid it.), rotting of the mouth, etc.

 if you take proper care of them the chance of suffering from diseases will be very low.


Tips to Take Care of Bearded Dragon

1. Caging- 

You keep a hatchling or a baby bearded dragon in a 30-gallon tank but you have to shift to a bigger enclosure after a while as they grow. 

When we are talking about an Adult bearded dragon then you have to keep them at least in a 120-gallon tank. 

Make sure to cover the tank with a metal/ mesh lid so that they do not escape the tank. Also, make sure to keep a few branches in the tank as they love to climb.

2. Heating and lighting- 

Make sure to make a hot spot/ basking area at the end of the enclosure and ensure that the temperature should be between 36 degrees Celsius and 38 degrees Celsius. Remember to keep some branches in the basking area where they can sit and absorb the light. 

And as I already said that you should make a basking spot at the end of the enclosure so that one side remains hot while the other side remains slightly cold. Because if they feel very warm they can go to the cold end to regulate their body temperature. 

 Make sure to install a tube UVB light in the rest of the area excluding their basking spot.

Also, install a thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature inside the enclosure. And also ensure that the temperature should not get below 18 degrees Celsius. 

3. Substrate-

In terms of substrate starting from the ground up, you can use something like tile or slate or if you want for an adult bearded dragon you can use a loose substrate something like organic topsoil mixed with reptile sand with a coco choir/husk, etc.

 just make sure it’s dry because this stuff although it’s not going to hold humidity,  when they poop on it it’ll Clump together like cat litter and you can just pick it up and throw it away super easily. 

 Stay away from things like reptile carpets because reptile carpet is a breeding ground for bacteria not only that but it can get their nails caught in them and if their nails get caught in it it can rip them out and they can bleed. 

4. Feeding- 

bearded dragons are omnivores meaning they can eat both meat and plant. You can give them insects like crickets or live worms and make sure to dust some reptile calcium supplements over them. 

In plant foods, you can give them both veggies and fruits but make sure to finely chop them before giving them also dust them with a reptile calcium/vitamin supplement. 

Their diet should consist of 70 to 80% veggies with a low amount of fruits. place a water bowl in the enclosure so that they can soak themselves in or can drink from it. 

Pros and Cons of owning a Bearded Dragon


  1. These lizards are of the right size not too big not too small to handle.
  2. Can live for many years which is always a plus for most pet lovers.
  3. They have a unique dragon-like appearance which makes them visually appealing.
  4. They are generally calm and gentle and they rarely bite.
  5. They are fun to watch 
  6. They can be great lizard pets for kids.
  7. A Suitable pet even for a complete novice lizard owner.


  1. They need live food like mealworms, roaches or crickets.
  2. Maintaining their enclosure requires a lot of effort and time as well.
  3.  They need a big enclosure where they can freely move around(although they do not move much).
  4. Their poop and urine have a strong bad odour.


1. Are bearded dragons legal in India?

Yes, there is no doubt they are 100% legal to own in India as pets. Just buy it from a legal breeder with proper paperwork and be sure to do its registration in the parivesh portal.

2. Is a bearded dragon a good pet?

Yes, they can turn out to be great pets but yeah they do need proper care in order to keep them healthy and happy. If you do not take proper care of them they may not survive for very long.

3. Can we keep two bearded dragons together in an enclosure?

Never ever keep two males together because they will most likely kill each other. Keeping two females in a big enclosure will work although not recommended. 

And don’t keep males and females together full-time either because the male will bully her and can even kill her and there is also a chance of reproduction. So don’t do that not a good idea.

Final Thoughts

It can be concluded that if you are a first-time lizard owner then there’s no doubt that you should start with bearded dragons because they are very easy to tame, calm in nature and loving pets.

It is recommended to do thorough research about the breeder and buy it from a genuine breeder only. and make sure to do the registration of your dragon in parivesh portal.

Hope you found it helpful!

Thank you for Reading!

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