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Afghan Hound Price in India 2023- Most Elegant Dog?

Hello everyone today in Top Pet Products we are going to talk about a very ancient dog breed which belongs to Afghanistan that is Afghan Hound which is well known for its unique and elegant appearance. 

They are not much popular in India as many people are not aware of them and only a few people know about them and they wanted to know more things about them like their price, qualities, etc. 

So, in this article Afghan Hound Price in India, we have given detailed information about every aspect like its price, caring tips, pros and cons, FAQs and much more. So do read it till the end to know completely! 

Afghan Hound Price in India

The average Afghan Hound Price in India can start anywhere from 70,000 Rs to 1,00,000 Rs or even more. They are very expensive as it is not very common to get this breed in India. Its maintenance expense can be expensive too where the majority of the expense will be spent on its grooming and food.

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About AFghan Hound Dog

History and origin-

The Afghan Hound commonly referred to as the “King of Dogs,” is a Sighthound dog breed that is thought to have its roots in Afghanistan and the Middle East and dates back more than 4,000 years.

These canines were developed by nomadic cultures for use in hunting and herd protection. They were also prized for their beauty, and monarchs frequently received them as gifts. In the late 19th century, the Afghan Hound was first brought to the West, where dog shows immediately made them well-liked.

The Afghan Hound is still a well-liked breed today thanks to its unusual appearance, regal bearing, long, silky hair, and athletic prowess.


The Afghan Hound has a unique appearance. They are known for their long silky hair coat that can grow up to 10 inches in length and can be found in different colours like black, black and tan, red, cream, blue, brindle, or white.

They have long, narrow faces, large expressive eyes, and high-set ears that add to their unique appearance. The breed is also known for its,  lean legs and thin tail that ring curls up at the end. 

The Afghan Hound has a sleek, graceful, and regal appearance, making it a popular breed among dog show enthusiasts.


The breed’s temperament, they’re aloof and dignified. They’re not as obedient as a lot of breeds because they are free-spirited and independent breeds.

They love to show affection towards the owner and they want to make you happy, but not like some other breed that will lick you or jump at you as soon as you come home. 

It’s like having a 60-pound cat in your living room. They do exactly what a cat does. They hunt and they think like a cat.

Cats have selective hearing. So do the Afghans. They’re very affectionate, but some of these things are just instinctual about them. But, these are things that make this breed unique.

Life span and Size-

The average Lifespan of an afghan hound can range from 12 to 14 years. An adult can grow between 61 to 74 cm or 25 to 29 inches in height and weigh between 50 to 67 pounds or 23 to 30 kg.


They are said to be one of the dumbest dogs in the world as they don’t listen, however, it is not at all true. they are pretty intelligent and they do understand but They’re so independent, it’s like They’ll just sit down and go, no, I don’t want to do that. They are trainable but it takes a lot of consistency and patience to train them.


Afghan Hounds can get health  problems like certain bacterial and viral infections,hip dysplasia,common eye problems,thyroid problems,and some deep chested afghan hounds can get twisted gut also known as gut dialation(GDV).So do make a routine of thorough checkup at least once in 6 months to get an early detection of diseases and can easily treat them.

Tips To Take care of Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is a high-maintenance breed that requires careful attention to keep it healthy and happy. Here are some tips to help you care for your Afghan Hound:

  1. Feeding:

    Given their tendency for putting on weight, Afghan Hounds should be fed a balanced diet that is high in protein and low in fat. To avoid overfeeding, be sure to measure their food properly.

  1. Grooming:

    Grooming an Afghan hound is not child’s play it takes a lot of time to groom The Afghan Hound’s long, silky coat. It is recommended to brush their hair twice a week in order to keep their hair tangled and matt free, remember to bathe them before brushing the hair as directly brushing their dry or dirty hair can damage hair and consider having it trimmed or clipped by a professional groomer.

  1. Exercise:

    Afghan Hounds are active dogs that require plenty of exercises to keep them physically and mentally healthy. They enjoy running and playing, so make sure to provide plenty of opportunities for physical activity you can take them on walks or if you have an enclosed large space like a garden or yard where they can learn freely will be best for them.

  1. Socialization:

    Afghan Hounds are aloof by nature, so it’s important to socialize them from a young age to help them become well-adjusted, confident dogs. This can include training classes, trips to the dog park, and playdates with other dogs.

  1. Training:

    As independent thinkers, Afghan Hounds require clear rules and boundaries to maintain good behaviour. Consistent, positive reinforcement training is the best approach also make sure to not shout or scold them while training as this breed is quite sensitive just be consistent and they surely will get trained.

  1. Vet checkup:

    It’s crucial to take your Afghan Hound to the vet frequently to maintain their health. This may involve routine health examinations, parasite control, and vaccines. Keep a close eye on your dog’s general health and get him checked out by a vet if you spot any symptoms of the disease.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your Afghan Hound remains happy, healthy, and well-cared for.

Pros And Cons of Having an Afghan Hound


  1. They can live in an apartment (but hopefully you’ve got access to a place where you can take them to run them)
  2. One of the most elegant and beautiful dogs.
  3. Afghan hounds are athletic and energetic dog breeds.
  4. Can get along with other dogs and people. ( when socialized properly).
  5. They are not prone to suffer from separation anxiety.


  1. High-maintenance dog breed(Grooming them can be a hectic task).
  2. Not the best obedience dog. (as they can be independent and aloof)
  3. Are Prone to get obese.
  4. They have a high prey drive that can lead to chasing a small running animal like a squirrel, rat, etc.
  5. Training them is not an easy task.

Amazing Facts About Afghan Hounds

  1. One of the oldest dog breeds in existence is the Afghan hound.
  2. Afghan Hounds can run up to 40 miles per hour (64 kilometres per hour), making them renowned for their speed and agility.
  3. Afghan Hounds were originally bred for hunting and chasing games, such as gazelle, in the rugged terrain of Afghanistan.
  4. Pablo Picasso a famous Spanish painter also owned an afghan hound named Kabul.


What is the cost of an Afghan Hound in India?

The cost of an Afghan hound in India can range from 60k to 80k Rupees

Is an Afghan Hound a good pet for a first-time owner?

Afghan hounds are generally not recommended for first-time owners simply because they are very independent and owners with no experience may find it difficult to train them.

Can Afghan Hound live in India?

Yes,  they can pretty easily live in the hot and humid climates of India as these dogs are native to Afghanistan where the temperature is also quite high.

Are Afghan hounds available in India?

Yes, Afghan hounds are available in India. However, it is somewhat rare to find them in India as their demand is very low so you may find afghan hounds only in urban cities like Mumbai, Delhi, etc.

Do Afghan hound Dogs make good pets?

Afghan hounds are often independent, resistant, and difficult to teach. Additionally, if kept in a domestic environment, they are quite energetic and require a lot of exercise.

Afghan Hounds can make excellent pets, though, if you are a seasoned dog owner who is dedicated to giving them the exercise, instruction, and socialisation they require. Their active nature makes them incredibly amusing, and they are also recognised for being affectionate with their owners.

Can you leave an Afghan Hound alone at home?

Yes, absolutely you can live them at home alone for 4 to 8 hours without any problem as they do not suffer from separation anxiety. However, you have to do proper management before leaving them. But, they might destroy things at home as they can get bored alone at the house. 

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have come to the end of this article Afghan Hound Price in India and it can be summarized that Afghan Hounds are a very loving, calm and beautiful dog breed.

 They can turn out to be a great choice for your family member as they get easily adjustable with all members and pets. 

They look amazing due to their mesmerizing looks. Have tried my best to give you all the minute details about this breed. It is recommended to do thorough research before buying and purchasing them from a genuine breeder only. 

Do take very good care of them after buying so that you can give them a very healthy and happy life.Hope you found it helpful!

Thank you for Reading!

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