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  • Crunchy chunks packed with real fish/chicken flavour
  • Made with high-quality ingredients & nutrition for pet cats
  • Special blend of nutrients support the cat’s vital system


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All we cat lovers want to provide our cats with the best high quality protein cat food. The Indian pet food industry is the fastest growing industry so in India several varieties of cat foods are present. Protein-containing foods are very important for your cats also. The right amount of protein will help your cat grow faster and healthier. This article will help you to choose the right protein-containing cat food for your cat.

We met a group of cat owners who recommended the best and high protein-containing foods for your cat. They will never recommend something that they won’t feed their cats. There are many types of cat foods available but how would you know what the best foods fit your needs? Let’s start with buying guidelines. What are the points you have to check before buying the right cat food for your cat?

Buying Guidelines

You should focus on a few points before buying the right cat food for your cat. So that you can ensure that you are buying the right cat food and the right ingredients.


Carefully check out the label, it is a very important part because, on the label ingredients, manufacture date, and expiry date are printed. Besides all these directions of use, is it kitten food or adult cat food? Is it designed for indoor cat health conditions? You can find answers on the label. This label will help you to determine the right amount of nutrition for your cat.


Cats are carnivorous animals, they need protein-containing survival foods. At least 30% of protein is needed for your cat to grow and build its tissues. Though the amount of protein needed depends on the age of your cat.


You have to check out carefully the first five ingredients of your cat food. Unlike dogs, cats can’t thrive on carbohydrates in their diet so you should check that the first five ingredients should be meat. These cat foods are expensive but they will be the best and high protein-containing foods for your cat.


You should focus on the digestibility of your cat. If your cat’s faeces are loose, frequent, or have bad smells then he can’t digest the food. Sometimes artificial preservatives and byproducts are not digestible for your cat. Higher quality and moisture-rich foods will help to improve the digestibility of your cat.

Here I am reviewing the best High Quality Protein Cat Food India 2023

Whiskas Adult Dry Cat food

This is a fish-flavoured, medium-breed dry cat food by the Brand Whiskas. It is made with high-quality ingredients, and protein, and is nutrient-rich for pet cats. This is a crunchy, dry food with a special blend of nutrients supporting the cat’s vital system. This food will provide your cat with a shiny coat, better eyesight, and energy, and also helps to reduce obesity when fed right. This is a perfect product for cat breeds from the Persian cat, and British shorthair to the Siamese cat.


This Whiskas Adult Dry Cat food contains wholegrain cereals containing corn, wheat, and rice. 

Besides this corn gluten meal, poultry by-products, soybean products like full-fat soybean, soybean meal, etc. 

Palm stearin, mackerel fish, vitamins, taurine, soy oil, wheat flour, minerals, food colour, iodized salt, methionine, preservatives, and flavours are added to it to grow your cat perfectly. 

From omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, zinc to 30% protein, 10%fat, 12 % moisture, and 5% fiber make this cat food the best in the Indian Market in 2023.

Pros and cons

  •       This is a dry chunky chunks product by a trustable animal food brand, Whiskas.
  •       This food does not contain any type of ingredients that can affect your pet.
  •       It contains 30 %of protein which is needed for an adult cat.
  •       Containing 12% moisture makes it high-quality food.
  •       You have to store it in an airtight container.
  •       The food must be stored at room temperature and away from sunlight.
  •       This food is a little bit costly.
  •       This pack contains 52 meals.

This food comes with great packaging with a daily feeding guide. Here is a chart of the daily feeding manual.


Cat’s Weight Feeding amount per day
1-2 kg 20 -35g
2-3kg 25-45g
3-4kg 45-55g
4-5kg 55-65g


This is a short description of the best High Quality Protein Cat Food India 2023. Here I have given all the detailed information on Whiskas Adult Dry Cat food for your cat with a daily feeding guide and Pros and cons too. I think this article will help you to get a better idea of cat foods and the buying guidelines will help you to choose the right food for your cat.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any doubts after reading this article then here are some frequently asked questions with answers which clear your all doubts.

  1. Why can’t I feed my cat what I eat or cook?
  •       Cats are carnivorous animals. They need a high amount of protein food and some unique nutrients like taurine.
  •       Cats need meat for the majority of nutrients.
  •       Homemade food contains some nutrients which are not appropriate for the cat.
  1. Particularly what foods are not to be fed?
  •       Baby food or excess milk is not appropriate for your cat as it causes frequent watery faeces.
  •       Raw eggs cause hair loss and a thin coating so it is not good for the cat.
  •       Onion and garlic cause anaemia because of RBC damage when they intake onion or garlic.
  •       Fish and chicken bones can cause teeth damage and inappropriate digestion.
  •       Chocolate affects their heart and nervous system.
  1. What is the conversion process?
  •       Day 1-2: 25% Whiskas and 75% homemade food.
  •       Day 3-4:50% Whiskas and 50% homemade food.
  •       Day 5-6: 75% Whiskas and 25% homemade food
  •       Day 7: 100% Whiskas.


Final Words

I hope that you will get a clear idea of what you have to check before buying the right cat food and from the chart you can get a clear picture of the daily feeding guide. I have tried my best to help you with all the necessary information and guidance you need.


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