Chippiparai dog price in india

Chippiparai Dog Price in India (December 2023)- Ultimate Guide

Chippiparai is a very amazing dog breed. It is an Indian breed, typically found in the southern part of India.

It has the typical feature of a long lean body built for high-speed running. They are called as most intelligent native Indian breed.

In this article Chippiparai dog price in India, I have covered all detailed information about Chippiparai and what factors affect its price which will clear all your doubts.

Chippiparai Dog Price in India

The Chippiparai dog price in India varies depending on the quality of the dog. The average price for a good-quality Chippiparai dog can range from 5,000 to 20,000 rs

However, you can get a Chippiparai dog at a cheap price in Tamil Nadu where the price of this breed ranges from 5,000 to 8000 rs.

Factors affecting the price of Chippiparai in India

The Chippiparai is a breed of dog that is native to the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. They are bred for their hunting abilities and are often used by the Indian Army for tracking and guarding purposes. The Chippiparai dog price in India can vary depending on various factors

1. Dog breed-

Whether the breed is mixed or pure plays an important role in determining the price, the price of a pure breed tends to be more than the price of a mixed dog breed.

2. Location-

 The price of a dog breed may differ from location to location. The price of the same dog breed might be more or less from one place to another place.

3. Breeder-

The reputation of the breeder also plays an important factor in determining the price. for eg, if you purchase shoes from a well know brand(Nike) the price will be more than the shoes which are not well-known (Bata). Similarly, a dog purchased from a well-known breeder price will be more expensive than a dog purchased from an unknown or private breeder.

4. Availability-

Availability also plays an important factor. This dog breed is widely available in the Southern part of India, so if you purchase it from the southern part of India then you will get a much cheap price rather if you purchase it from North part where this dog breed is not available much hence you have to pay a higher price for it. So choose wisely.

History of Chippiparai dog breed

The Chippiparai is a rare Indian dog breed from the state of Tamil Nadu. Most believe they are relatives of the Saluki but there is no direct evidence about it. Their history is surrounded by mystery. In the past, the Chippiparai was bred by royalty in Tamil Nadu and it was considered a symbol of royalty. But after the import of British and other foreign breeds, the demand for native Indian breeds declined and many of them became extinct.

That is likely not the case with Chippiparai even though it is a pretty rare breed today. There are some enthusiasts who are trying to increase awareness about this breed and it seems that the Chippiparai is becoming a little bit more popular these days It is the only dog breed in India that is used for hunting big game, such as deer, wild boar, and hare.

The Chippiparai is a medium-sized dog that is muscular and well-built. The Chippiparai is an intelligent and independent dog that is prized for its hunting abilities.

Characteristics of Chippiparai


If I have to describe the Chippiparai appearance in three words then it will probably be skinny, tall, and elegant. 

This is a slim, narrow-bodied dog. Some people might say that they are too skinny because they have visible ribs, but they are meant to be this way and it definitely doesn’t mean that the dog is starving. 

The Chippiparai has a deep chest. This dog is pretty tall but not very heavy. Most often you find a Chippiparai in fawn black, reddish-brown, or silver Gray colour.

The coat is short and silky, which is ideal for the hot climate of South India. The Chippiparai has a long face and muscles and eyes that face forwards.


 Chippiparai, just like almost all the other sighthounds, is a pretty independent breed and they definitely know how to be stubborn. Thanks to their high intelligence and eagerness to please, they are easier to train than the majority of other sighthounds.

Size & life span-

The typical height should be between 55 to 68 cm which is 22 to 27 inches and weight is typically between 25 to 30 kg which is 55 to 66 lbs. The females are naturally a little bit smaller than the males. with an average lifespan between 12 to 15 years.


The Chippiparai has a short, slick coat that rarely sheds, making grooming very simple. Thanks to that they are very easy to maintain dogs just like with all dogs you should regularly check their eyes, ears, and nails and clip them or clean them if needed.

Training –

You can train Chippiparai by yourself or you can go for professional trainers. I personally prefer to get it trained by professionals as it might be difficult to train them completely by yourself (especially if you are the first-time owner) as they are sometimes quite stubborn.

Health issues-

This is a generally pretty healthy and Hardy dog breed. But, just like all dogs they can suffer from some health issues commonly from hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, or progressive retinal atrophy

Caring Tips for Chippiparai Dogs in India

  • The Chippiparai dog needs a lot of exercise. They should be taken for long walks at least 1.5 hrs (90 min) every day. They can also be taken for runs or hikes. They should be given plenty of room to run around in the yard or park.
  • Chippiparai require a moderate amount of grooming. Their coat should be brushed once a week and their nails trimmed regularly. They should be fed a high-quality diet and have access to clean water at all times. Best nail trimmers
  • Should completely avoid giving the bones of meat (chicken, pork or beef)
  • It is a must to train them. So, it can properly interact with others.
  • It is a very active dog breed and it is better to have many  toys so they do not get bored.
  •  And also make sure to go for regular vet consultations every 2-3 months in order to prevent underlying health issues.
  • It will be very helpful if you can purchase the best dog bed (optional) for your dog as it provide support to their joint unlike sleeping on a hard floor.

Pros and Cons of Chippiparai Dog


  • Extremely good security dogs.
  • Loyal to their owners, can be very friendly and social with groups of people when trained properly.
  • It is a very healthy dog breed and well suited for Indian hot weather.
  • Does not shed much and maintenance is low.
  • Extremely athletic and energetic dog breed


  • Not suitable to buy Chippiparai. If you live in an apartment.
  • It is sometimes may be quite stubborn.
  • Requires large space for them to run and move around freely.
  • It requires special attention during winter. As it has short hair which does not keep them warm during colder times.

Amazing Facts about Chippiparai


 Is Chippiparai a guard dog?

Yes, traditionally the Chippiparai dogs were used as hunting dogs but not anymore, they are now used as guard dogs. It is extremely loyal and can be very friendly when socialized.

Where can I find a Chippiparai dog?

The Chippiparai dog is mainly found in Tamil Nadu(Thoothukudi, Tirunelveli, Virudhunagar, and Madurai) in south India.

How long do Chippiparai dogs live?

The average life of a Chippiparai dog can be up to 12-15 years.

Is Chippiparai and kanni same?

Most people consider Chippiparai and Kanni the same. However, professionals and researchers say they are two different breeds.

Which dog is best Chippiparai or Rajapalayam?

These two dog breed is somewhat very similar in temperament and various other characteristics but, the life span of a Chippiparai dog is slightly more than Rajapalayam. You can choose any one of the breeds as it does not makes much difference.

What is the speed of Chippiparai?

The Chippiparai dog is extremely fast as the dog has a streamlined body. It can run with an amazing speed of  60-65 kph.

Is Chippiparai good for kids?

If properly trained from an early age they can be very friendly around kids but if not trained or socialized properly they may not be friendly with kids.

Final Thoughts

We have come to the end of this article Chippiparai Dog price in India, I hope you have got all your answers about Chippiparai in one place. This will surely help you if you are looking to buy this dog breed. But still, if you want to ask any queries about this dog breed feel free to comment down below. Thank you.

Hope you found it helpful. 

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