List of all Legal Turtles in India 2023 – Along with Prices

Topic- Legal Turtles in India 2023

Turtle  as  a pet is very popular in India.But there is a lot of confusion regarding which turtles are legal to keep in India. So, after very detailed research and analysis, I have given a list of all legal turtles in India along with what things you should know before buying them in this article. Read it completely to know more.

List of all Legal Turtles in India 2023 - Along with Prices

1. Red Eared- Slider-

legal turtles in india

The red-eared slider is a species of turtle that can be found throughout southern America. These turtles are known for their attractive appearance, but also their temperament. The red-eared slider is one of the most common species of turtle that are sold in India and are pretty easily available in a pet store. These turtles are often considered to be good “starter” pets for children.

The red-eared slider is a larger species of turtle and has a shell that is brown or blackish-green and has red markings on its ears. When fully grown, the red-eared slider can reach up to 10-12  inches in length. The price of a Red Eared- Slider in India is about 500-800 Rs

2. Yellow-Bellied Slider

The yellow-bellied slider is one of the most common species of freshwater turtle in southeastern America. They are often seen basking on rocks or logs in lakes, rivers, and slow-moving streams. They are distinguished from other sliders by their yellow bellies. Their shell is brown or black in colour with yellow curling stripes. The average size of a yellow-bellied slider can range from  5 to 8 inches and the average life span of a yellow Bellied slider is between 20 to 40 years.  The Price of a Yellow-bellied turtle in India is about 2500 /- Rs.

3. Golden thread turtle-

List of all Legal Turtles in India 2022

The Golden thread turtle, also known as the golden-threaded turtle, is one of the most delicate species of turtle. They are found in eastern China to Vietnam. They are named for the golden thread-like lines that run through their shells, giving them an intricate pattern. The golden thread turtle is a shy, nocturnal species; they spend much of their time buried in the sand or the roots of trees. The Price of a Golden thread turtle in India is about 2500 /- Rs. 

4. Albino Softshell turtle-

The Albino Softshell turtle is a species of softshell turtle that is found in China. The albino softshell turtle has red eyes and is pale-white in colour. They are aggressive in nature, if they feel threatened they can bite you without any bit of hesitance.  The albino softshell turtle lives up to 50 years and the average length ranges between 11-13 inches. The Price of an Albino Softshell turtle in India is about 2500 -3000 /- Rs.

5. Albino red eared slider–

List of all Legal Turtles in India 2022

The albino red-eared slider is a species of turtle with pink skin and red ears. Unlike other sliders, which are mostly green and black, albinos have red or pink skin, often with bright yellow or white markings. They are also much smaller than other sliders, with an adult length of more than  8 inches and a maximum weight of about 3 pounds.  They are extremely rare. The Price of an Albino Red Eared turtle in India is about 12,500 /- Rs.

6. Reeves Turtle-

The Reeves turtle is a small semi-aquatic turtle which is found in Southeast Asia Taiwan. It is also knowns as the Chinese pond turtle. They have a  shell that is characterized by a large, broad black-coloured carapace (or scute) surrounding a small, almost indistinguishable, cream colour plastron. Initially, they have yellow stripes on their face however they completely become dark black as they become adults. Females can be double the length of males.  The average life span of a Reeves turtle is 10- 15 years. They are small turtles which can grow up to 6inches in length. The Price of a Reeves turtle in India is about 3000 /- Rs.

7. Eastern Painted turtle-

List of all Legal Turtles in India 2022

Eastern painted turtle has a smooth shell and the colour of the shell can be olive green to dark green and their skin is dark green to black which has red or yellowish golden stripes on the legs, neck and only yellow or golden stripes on the head. The bottom shell (plastron) is pale yellow in colour. They are small turtles and are very calm in nature. They are native to America. The average length of an eastern painted turtle ranges between 5-6 inches. And the male is slightly smaller than the female(not any significant difference in size). And the average life span is between20- 30 years. The Price of an Eastern Painted turtle in India is about 3500 /- Rs.

8. Western Painted turtle-

List of all Legal Turtles in India 2022

Western Painted turtle also has the same smooth shell as that of an eastern painted turtle. However, their shells can be light green, olive green, dark green, bright green, etc they have yellow or yellowish golden stripes on their legs and head. And they are bigger than the eastern Painted turtles, the bottom shell or plastron of a western painted turtle is very beautiful it has yellow, and orange colour patterns over it. A female western-painted turtle can grow up to 9- 10 inches and males are slightly smaller. And the average life can live up to 50 years or more. The Price of a Western Painted Turtle in India is about 3000 /- Rs.

9. Alligator snapping turtle-

List of all Legal Turtles in India 2022

The Alligator snapping turtle is one of the largest freshwater turtles in southern America. They can grow up to 2.5 feet long and the Average weight can be between  150  pounds – 190 pounds. Their large size and aggressive nature do not make them suitable pets for a beginner. Alligator snapping turtles have a mostly black or dark brown shell with ridges on their back with yellow blotches, they have a pointed beak and unlike other turtles, their eyes are on the side.  The Price of a Alligator Snapping Turtle in India is  about 12,000-15,000 /- Rs.

10. Common Snapping turtle-

A common snapping turtle is a turtle that is found in the Americas that eats fish. They also eat other animals, including frogs, lizards, and small mammals. Snapping turtles are mostly nocturnal and are native to freshwater habitats throughout North America and in some parts of Central America, unlike Alligator snapping turtle shell is smooth and does not have any ridges. They are smaller than the alligator snapping turtle. The length of a mature common snapping turtle can be up to 1 foot. And can weigh up to 20 lbs. The average lifespan range from 60- 80 years.

They are well known for their ability to snap their jaws shut, similar to the alligator snapping turtles, this turtle are also not recommended for beginners. The Price of a Common snapping turtle in India is about 5000 /- Rs.

11. Pink bellied sideneck-

Pink-bellied side neck turtles are aquatic turtles found in slow-moving freshwater streams, ponds and lakes across Australia and Papua new guinea. They have a distinctive pink belly and a yellow colour on the eye region, and their necks and limbs are often olive to dark green. Adult pink-bellied side neck turtles can grow up to 10 inches long. The average life span of a Pink Bellied side neck Turtle is between 30 to 50 years They are omnivores, eating a variety of plants, insects, fish and other animal matter. The Price of a Pink bellied  sideneck Turtle in India is about 9,000-/ Rs

12. Loggerhead musk turtle-

List of all Legal Turtles in India 2022

Loggerhead is a species of turtle found in the Southern united states. The turtles are named for their large heads and large eyes, which give them an almost owl-like appearance. They are a small species of turtle and have a flat, domed, smooth shell and the average length of a loggerHead musk turtle can range between 3-5 inches.  The Price of a Loggerhead Musk Turtle in India is about 12,000 /- Rs.

13. Razorback musk turtle-

Razorback got its name razor as their dome is slightly spiked at the centre. Their shell is brownish-black in colour. They have a sharp beak and they live in freshwater. Razorback turtles can grow up to 18 inches and can weigh up to 13- 14 kgs.

And their average life span ranges from 30- 50 years.  The Price of a Razorback Musk Turtle in India is about 12,000 /- Rs. 

14. Matamata turtle-

List of all Legal Turtles in India 2022
Matamata Turtles are extremely unique and do not look like your ordinary turtle. They are grey in colour and their head and neck are flats and covered with lumps, their shell is usually brown or rusty-coloured and thus looks like a piece of bark flowing along the river which helps to completely camouflage in order to hunt their prey. They eat mostly fish, but will also dine on crustaceans insects, amphibians, and even small mammals and birds. They can grow up to 1.5 feet in length with an average life span of 30-40 years.  The Price of a Mata mata Turtle in India is about 15,000 /- Rs.

15. Snake neck Turtle- 

The snake neck turtle is a strange-looking animal, with a long neck that curls backwards like a snake. The snake neck turtle is native to New Guinea and Australia.  They are characterised by a dark olive, brown, or dark grey carapace and a light tan plastron. They’re also characterized by their very webbed feet as they are adaptable aquatic swimmers. They are carnivorous turtles feeding on fish, tadpoles and sometimes even smaller turtles. They can live up to 50 years.  The Price of a Snake neck Turtle in India is about 15,000 /- Rs.

Things To Consider before Making a Turtle Your Pet

  1.  They are not for everyone you have to take proper care of them and have to keep them in proper setup.
  2. They do have a long life span and some may outlive you. Ask yourself, are you committed to taking proper care of them for such a long time? 
  3. Each and Every breed of turtle are different and have its own need and requirement. So, you need to have complete knowledge of the turtle you are going to purchase.
  4. Always buy from a well-known breeder along with proper paperwork. Do not simply buy from anywhere,
  5. Make sure, there is a vet in your area that can address your turtle’s health issue if needed.
  6. Although most are not aware of or do not practice it. But It is important to get a certificate of ownership from the officials to keep a pet.
  7. Some of the turtles require large space, and a garden in order to dig.

Final Thoughts

So, above where all the list of legal turtles in India. All the listed turtles are listed by very deep research. I personally don’t own any of these turtles (I have experience keeping a red-eared slider turtle as a pet ).

But, before buying again please verify it, to keep away from any legal issues. Always buy a turtle from a registered breeder only and also check all the caring tips before buying so you can make the right choice for your turtle. 

Hope this has cleared all your doubts, but if you still have any doubts make sure to comment down below we will try to answer them asap. Thank you!!

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