Cockatiel Bird Price in India

Cockatiel Bird Price in India (February 2023)

Today you will get to know about an amazing bird Cockatiel. Cockatiels are the smallest cockatoos. They are very cute little birds and have gained huge popularity in India. So, In this article, you will get to know about Cockatiel bird Price in India, caring tips, common FAQs regarding them and much more. So, do read it till the end to get detailed information.

Cockatiel Bird Price in India

The average Cockatiel bird Price in India can range from 2,000 Rs to 20,000 Rs per pair. But there is a rare type which can cost you up to 90,000 Rs. Price may differ depending on the type of cockatiel you purchase, colour mutations, patterns, age, gender, place and breeder. Cockatiels are mostly affordable. You don’t need to purchase those high price rare cockatiels but if you want you can. 

Location Price (in pairs)
Grey cockatiel Price in India 1500 - 2000 Rs
Grey Pied Cockatiel Price in India 3,000 - 4,000 Rs
Fawn Cockatiel Price in India 1600 - 2,000 Rs.
Fawn Pied Cockatiel Price in India 3,000 - 4,000 Rs.
Lutino Cockatiel Price in India 2,000 - 2,500 Rs.
Pastel face Cockatiel in India 2,500 - 3,000 Rs.
White Face Cockatiel Price in India 3,000 - 4,000 Rs.
Lutino Pied Cockatiel Price in India 3,000 - 4,000 Rs.
V Pied Cockatiel in India 5,500 - 6,000 Rs
Cinnamon Pearled Cockatiel Price in India 3,500 - 4,000 Rs.
White Face Fawn Pearl Price in India 4,500 - 5,500 Rs.
White Face Grey Pearl Price in India 4,500 - 5,200 Rs.
Pastel Silver Cockatiel Price in India 4,000 - 5500 Rs.
Cinnamon Pearl Pied Cockatiel Price in India 4,500 - 6,000 Rs
Albino or white Cockatiel Price in India 5,000 - 6000 Rs.
White-Faced Pied Cockatiel Price in India 5,500 - 6,000 Rs.
Lutino Pearl Pied Cockatiel Price in India 6,000 - 6,500 Rs.
Cream-Faced Pearl Cockatiel Price in India 5,000 - 7,000 Rs.
Primrose Cockatiel Price in India 7,000 - 9,000 Rs
Albino Pearl Cockatiel Price in India 8,000 - 10,000 Rs.
Lutino Butterfly Cockatiel Price in India 15,000 - Rs.18,000
Albino Butterfly Cockatiel Price in India 15,000 - 20,000 Rs.
Emerald Cockatiel Price in India 50,000 - 90,000 Rs.

About Cockatiel Birds


Cockatiels are available in various colours and each has a small crest on its crest. A common cockatiel is grey in colour with a yellow face and has orange colour circles on each side of its cheeks and its crest is also yellow in colour.

Life span and Size-

They have an amazingly long life span and on average a cockatiel in captivity with good care can live between 15- 20 years or can even surpass. The oldest cockatiel to live in captivity was found to be 38 years old which can be very rare. 


They are generally docile, affectionate and loveable pet birds. They can get attached to you and can form a very deep bond with you. They can make noises and will love to get your attention. Hand-tamed cockatiels rarely bite but if they are not tamed they might bite you. 

Trainability and Intelligence-

Cockatiels are very intelligent and each one has its own unique personality. You can teach them various tricks and can even teach them to speak but it requires patience and a lot of work. using the positive reinforcement technique will be very beneficial to teach a cockatiel to do tricks similar to how we teach our pet dog by rewarding treats.

Health problems-

These are some health issues that your cockatiel might face during their long life-

  • Respiratory Problems- In this, they find breathing problems due to bacterial infections.
  • Swelling below the eyes.
  • Cockatiel Syndrome- In this they develop missing coordination in their legs, shredding of feathers, especially in their crown, and unusual behaviour.

If you notice any unusual behaviour in your cockatiel like not eating, not chirping, not flying, plucking their feathers, etc. then do consult your vet immediately to get rid of any health issues.

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Caring Tips To keep Cockatiel As Pets in India

1. Cage-

The cage size is also very important when it comes to getting a cockatiel. You can’t get a small-sized cage for the cockatiel because they do need rooms to spread their wings and fly around.  I’d recommend getting a cage which is at least 20 inches deep, 20 inches wide and 24 inches in height.  

If you do plan on keeping it in the cage all the time, I do not recommend it. Take your cockatiel at least 4 hours a day outside the cage or if possible you can keep them out pretty much all day long. And can put them in the cage at night time and can cover the cage with a cloth just so it feels safe and secure.

2. Diet-

Their diet is actually very important believe it or not. Birds do not just eat seeds in the wild they eat a mixture of things they could eat tree leaves. They could eat grass they also eat fruits and veggies off the trees and crops so you can’t just feed them seed their whole life and expect them to live a long and healthy lifestyle they do need other things. You can feed them various kinds of vegetables, and fruits, along with high-quality bird food pellets. Try giving them various types of foods and look at what your cockatiel likes to eat and what he doesn’t and feed them accordingly. And Remember you cannot feed a cockatiel or any bird avocado or guacamole it can be toxic to them and can cause severe health issues or even death.

3. Cuttlefish bone-

Also, make sure you keep a cuttlefish bone and calcium perches or mineral blocks within their cage so they can chew that and it can help them get more calcium and more minerals inside their body to make sure they do live that healthy lifestyle. 

4. Bird Proofing House-

And if you do let your bird out all the time and you’re not really going to be watching it, I would recommend bird-proofing your house. Don’t leave any electric wires out on a show that your bird can go nibble at because they will chew. So, you do want to make sure that you look out for that electrical wire. You don’t want to find your bird lying dead somewhere because it’s been electrocuted from chewing through the wire and believe me, they can chew through a cord.

That beak is very strong. So, it is important that you keep all electrical wires out of their way. You don’t have anywhere that they can fall behind the cabinet and get stuck there without you knowing and they get stressed and die.

Just make sure that you do birdproof the room or your house, wherever they’re going to be. Just make sure it’s bird-proof to the best of your ability so they don’t end up getting injured or stressed out and die.

5. Perches-

I do recommend if you are getting cockatiel and you don’t plan for it to be in its cage a lot to get itself a standing perch or stand, they are very handy to have. You absolutely need one if you’re trying to hand-tame your cockatiel.

A tip for perches: do not get one that is straight. For example a pencil. Get them one that is bumpy & a little slanted. They can get a disease in their feet if they have a straight perch.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Cockatiel Bird in India


  1. They are very cuddly and super affectionate birds, especially hand-raised cockatiels.
  2. They can sing and can even speak simple words(male cockatiel is recommended if you want to teach them to speak).
  3. They are generally calm and do not go crazy all over the place.
  4. They have a long life span and they can live with you for a longer period of time.


  1. Cockatiels can be loud and noisy
  2. They can be fussy eaters.
  3. To survive, they need a lot of attention and love.
  4. You might find it difficult to do work when they are outside their cage because they will always cuddle or might sit on your shoulder or hand. (especially if they are bonded with you).

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1. Can Cockatiel survive in India?

Yes, they can survive in India. They can become uncomfortable if the temperature is below 5 deg celsius or if the temperature goes above 40 deg celsius which means you can make cockatiels as pets in India they easily live in this environment. 

2. How much does a baby Cockatiel cost in India?

The baby Cockatiel bird price in India can range between 2K to 90K Indian Rupees. 

3. How much time does it take for a Cockatiel egg to hatch?

Generally, It takes around 18 to 20 days for a Cockatiel Egg to hatch.

4. What to feed a baby Cockatiel? 

If your cockatiel is newly born you can feed them baby bird formula which is available in pet stores as well as online. Feed them till they are 1.5 months – 2 months old after that you can give them some veggies finely chopped like beans, cucumbers, spinach,  eggs, etc.

5. How often do you have to feed a baby Cockatiel?

You should feed your baby cockatiel every 2 hrs starting from the morning until midnight.  If your baby is only one day old feed them 1 ml of baby bird formula using a syringe be gentle when they are 3-4 days old you can give 3 ml and as they grow slightly increase the quantity, make sure to do not overfeed them. 

6. How often do you have to feed an adult Cockatiel?

You should feed them 2 times a day one in the morning and the other in the evening feed them 30- 40 grams at a time. 

7. What is the best age to train a Cockatiel?

The best age to train them is when they are 12 weeks old (nearly 3 months).

8. Is it better to have 2 Cockatiels?

Yes, you can have two cockatiels as they social birds but your expense will be doubled to take care of them and moreover, they might not bond that deep with you as they will spend time with each other.

9. Can a Cockatiel be alone?

Yes, they can live alone and will just be fine but it is important to spend time with your bird.  Cockatiel will consider you as a partner and want to be with you most of the time but if you just keep them in the cage and do not spend time with them they might get depressed.

10. Can 2 male Cockatiels live together?

Yes, Two males can live together but they might get aggressive or show dominance towards each other.

Final Thought

Finally, we have come to an end of this article Cockatiel Bird price in India, and it can be concluded that Cockatiels are amazing, beautiful and very charming birds, but before buying you need to be aware of their responsibilities, they are very similar to keeping a dog pet, they will always be around you. They need your lot of attention, unlike budgies. They get bonded well with you. You need to take proper care of them to give them a healthy and happy life. Buy them from a genuine breeder only. Do follow our mentioned caring tips to keep them away from health issues. Hope have cleared all your doubts, but if you still have any then do comment down below!!

Thank you for reading.

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