Sun Conure Price in India

Sun Conure Price in India (August 2023)

Topic- Sun Conure Price in India 

There are total of 40 conure species in the word out of these we are going to talk about Sun Conure.
Sun Conures are one of the most beautiful and wonderful  parrot breeds. It is also known as Sun Parakeet. They have gained a lot of popularity than any other conure in India.
In this article, we have mentioned Sun conure price in India and have also included caring tips, monthly expenses, pros and cons and much more.

Sun Conure Price in India 2023

sun conure price in indiaSun Conure is an extremely vocal bird and its origin is South America they are considered an endangered species as there are only a few thousand of these birds left. Hence, they can be very expensive. Sun conure price in India can range from 60,000 to1,20,000-/ Rs  a pair and 30,000 to 60,000-/ Rs single. Their prices may differ depending on various factors like current health, quality, tamed or not, age, availability and much more.



Sun Conure Price in Bangalore Rs.30K to Rs.50K.
Sun Conure Price in Mumbai Rs.30K to Rs.50K.
Sun Conure Price in Pune Rs.30K to Rs.50K.
Sun Conure Price in Kolkata Rs.25k to Rs.50k.
Sun Conure Price in Delhi Rs.30K to Rs.55K.
Sun Conure Price in Chennai Rs.30K to Rs.55K.
Sun Conure Price in Kerala Rs.25K to Rs.60K.

About sun conure bird breed in India


Sun conure got its name due to its bright yellow and orange colour. It has a little shade of blue and green in the wings and at the end of the tail. Initially, when they are chicks the colour of the wings is green which slowly turns into bright yellow and orange as they grow. They have a black colour beak and their eye is also black with a white border around them.

Life Span and Size – 

The average life span of a Sun conure is around 25- 30 years. They weigh around 100-150 gm depending on age and diet. A fully grown Sun conure can be around 12 inches or 1 foot in length.


They are very curious, energetic and playful birds and they make a lot of noise to express themself. They love to be around people and can bond with humans very well.


They are quite intelligent and if you trained them properly they can learn various tricks and we recommend getting a tamed sun conure as it will be easier to build a connection with them


They get mature for breeding at the age of  2 years. They generally breed during the winter season. And in one clutch they can lay 2-3 eggs and it can take 25- 27 days for eggs to get hatch.


Grooming a Bird is generally not a  difficult task.  Simply give them a bath once a month and Make sure, to trim their overgrown nails to prevent them from injury, which will also help to prevent your furniture and other things from being destroyed. 

Trimming the wings can be optional. As most people don’t like to trim their bird’s wings as they think that it’s cruel. However, each to their own some do it and some don’t. If you want to trim the wing simply trim two, or three feathers only so they can still fly from position A to B but not at much height. Which will prevent them from getting injured by the ceiling fan. 

Health problems-

There are few health problems that are commonly seen in sun conures. These include psittacine beak and feather disease, polyomavirus, and aspergillosis.

Psittacine beak and feather disease is a virus that attacks the feathers and beak of a conure, causing them to fall out. This disease is fatal in many cases, so it is important to get your conure vaccinated against it.

Polyomavirus is another virus that can affect son conures. This virus can cause respiratory problems, gastrointestinal problems, and even death.

Aspergillosis is a fungal infection that can cause respiratory problems in son conures. This infection can be fatal if it is not treated promptly.

If you notice any of these health problems in your sun conure, Make sure to consult a good Bird Vet.


Their food should be a mixture of fruits, vegetables, seeds and pellets. The majority of their diet should consist of fruits and veggies with a little number of seeds and pellets. It is advisable to give them seeds occasionally once or twice a week as a treat. As giving them only seeds in their diet can lead to deficiency.

Sun Conure Caring Tips

1. You do need a fair-sized cage for sun conure because they are very energetic. So, they do need that space to move around in their cage, maybe fly around.

2.  Make sure to buy a lot of toys for your bird and, I do recommend you to switch them out every week because sun conure can get bored while playing with the same toy. And not only that, they’ll probably just destroy the current toys that you have. So you’ll probably need to replace them once a week anyway, or once a month, depending on how good the quality of the toys is.

3. A lot of people seem to think that feeding your bird 100% seed in their diet is healthy for them because they think it’s what they eat in the wild, which is not at all true. You should feed them a mixture of things, not just seeds. Because it is not at all healthy and your birds’ diet should not include seeds only, as they are very energetic. They do need that bit of extra nutrition than little birds, like a budgie or maybe cockatiel.

4. Also install some cattle bone or a mineral block in the cage, so, they can get essential minerals, and calcium, which will also help to condition their beak.  and you can put a few drops of Wormer in their water now and then just to keep them free of worms.

5. It is important to clean their cage once a week. As they are very messy birds.  They poop a lot. And if you leave it longer than a week, it does get quite smelly. So you can just have newspapers sitting on the bottom of your cage and then replace them every week.

6. Make sure you use a chemical-free cleansing agent or simply use vinegar mixed with water to clean the cage and toys. 

7. Being in a cage is like being in jail. So would you like that? Probably not. So, It is important to bring them out of the cage for a few hours or if possible keep them outside the cage during the daytime and keep them inside the cage at night.

Monthly Expense of Owning A Sun Conure

sun conure price in india
  1. The cost of sun conure food can be around 500-1500 Rs a month which is very much reasonable.
  2. Their toy’s price can range from 100 Rs – 1000 Rs. But, It can be expensive as they destroy the toys pretty quickly.  You may have to purchase toys every week or month.
  3. The estimated cost of vaccinating a Sun Conure can range from 500 rs -5000rs annually.
  4. As you know, a Cage is mandatory when you are keeping a pet bird. The cage for Sun Conures can cost you around 1000- 3,000 Rs
  5. It is important to have a bird stand. Where birds can move and play when they are outside the cage. The price of a bird stand for sun conure can range from 1,000 Rs 5,000 RS.
  6. Some other small accessories Like feeding Bowl and water bowl, wing trimming scissors, nail cutter, etc can cost you around 500 to 2000Rs

Pros and Cons of Owning A Sun Conure


  • They are extremely colourful and look very attractive and appealing.
  • Loves to fool around with people and loves to interact.
  • Extremely playful and loves to do acting.
  • Great companion for kids and other people when socialized.
  • Loves to dance and can learn various tricks.


  • Extremely messy birds.
  • Can be destructive and can scratch furniture and other things in the home.
  • These small birds can be very loud.
  • You need to spend money to buy toys as they chew and destroy toys.

Other Types of Conure Along With Their Price in India

Conure Types


Half-moon Conure 20K-25K /- Rs
Golden Conure 250K-350K /- Rs
Dusky-headed Conure 10K-18K /- Rs
Black-capped Conure 12.5K-20K /- Rs
Cherry-headed Conure 20K-35K /- Rs
Green cheek Conure 2K-6K /- Rs
Pineapple Conure 5K-7.5K /- Rs
Rosy fronted conure 15K-17.5K /- Rs
White-eared Conure 20K-25K /- Rs
Blue-throated Conure 37.5K-50K /- Rs
Painted Conure 750K-125K /- Rs
Turquoise green cheek Conure 10K-15K /- Rs
Pearly Conure 15K-20K /- Rs
Blue crown Conure 25K-30K /- Rs
Crimson-bellied Conure 25K-30K /- Rs
Peach-faced Conure 17.5K-20K /- Rs
Patagonian Conure 40K-50K /- Rs
White-eyed Conure 15K-20K /- Rs
Nanday Conure 20K-25K /- Rs
Golden capped Conure 20K-25K /- Rs


1. What is the price of conure in India?

The price of Conures in India can range from 10,000 /-Rs up to200000-3,00000/- RS.

2. Is sun conure can talk?

Yes, they can. However, some speaks and some don,t and can speak only a few words which are not clear. However, if you looking for a talkative bird this bird is not for you. You can go for  African Grey parrot Which is very talkative. 

3. Are the conures noisy?

Yes, they are extremely noisy. They can scream when they want to get out of the cage, can scream if you leave them alone and they want you to be with them. In general, they can scream to express themself.

4. Why does my conure bite me?

There are many reasons they can bite you for

  1. During the breeding season when they are full of hormones. they might become slightly more aggressive.
  2. Can bite you to tell something.
  3. Might be irritated or stressed. 
  4. Might bite when they are scared.
  5. may not have got proper sleep and like humans, they can get cranky and may bite.
  6. Stopping them from doing want they want to do. 

There are many more reasons which can cause them to bite.

5. Can I have 2 sun conures in the same cage?

Yes, You can keep them as they are most likely to get along with the same species. but, It is better to keep them together from an early age. 

6. Which is better a male or female sun conure?

 I think they are generally both similar. However, a female one can get more attached to you. And can be very cuddly and loving than the male one.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have to the end of this article Sun Conure Price in India, I can conclude that I have tried to write a  very detailed & informative article so that you can get all the information about this wonderful species of bird in one place. 

I have already mentioned its pros and cons so please read it and think carefully before purchasing it. To make your doubt clear feel free to ask your questions below. We will try to answer it asap.

Thank you for Reading

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