kombai dog price in India

Kombai Dog Price in India(August 2023)

Today you will get to know about a wonderful Indian dog breed  that is Kombai dog . They are native to Uthamapalaiyam circule, Kombai, Pannaipuram, Thevaram, Bodinayakkanur, cumbam and Kudalur areas in the Western Ghats of Theni district in the Madurai region (Tamil nadu) and it is known with many different names like Indian Rottweiler, Combai, Indian bore dog, Bore hound, etc. In this article  I have covered FAQs ,caring tips, Kombai dog price in India, factors affecting their prices and much more. So, read it completely to know more.

Kombai Dog Price in India

The average Kombai dog Price in India will range between 9000 and 20,000-/ Rs in India. It is very difficult to find a Kombai dog in the northern part of India. It can easily be found in the southern part, but not that easy.

About Indian Kombai Dog Breed


A Kombai dog was actually used to hunt animals. A Kombai is capable enough to hunt animals like bison, deers, bears and wild boar as well. A Kombai was used by Aristocrats (noblemen) to show dominance. It was a privilege to have a Kombai dog inside a house. That’s why politicians often went around with their Kombai dog showing their regal aura. A Kombai dog is actually used by farmers right now to protect their crops. Also, it is used for household purposes in today’s time. But because of his history of being a wild dog, he can actually go crazy in protecting their owner.


This Indian dog breed is a medium-sized dog breed and has a lean and muscular body and a light body frame. It has big oval-shaped eyes.It has short hairs and is only found in brownish-red colour with a black muzzle.


A Kombai dog is dominant, loyal, protective and aggressive as well. A Kombai does well if adopted from a young age. But, if an adult Kombai is introduced, it will go crazy with other dogs and at times with children as well. It is very important to get a Kombai from a young age because they can grow very aggressive.

Exercise needs-

This breed is packed with power. You need to  take him out to the park at least 2 hours a day and make sure that you’re taking him twice every day once in the morning and the second time in the evening, this way you’ll address his energy, but if you don’t do this, he will find destructive alternatives and demolish your house.

Weather Tolerance-

The Kombai dog will do perfectly in Indian weather conditions because it was bred in India. As they have small hair make sure that you put on some clothes during the winter season and everything should go well.

Apartment Friendliness-

Kombai dogs need some space as they can find it difficult to live in a small apartment. A Kombai would do perfectly fine in a 3 BHK apartment. But if you live in anything less than a 3 BHK, make sure that you are going for other breeds or you can actually invest more in just training the dog or draining his energy every day for 2 to 3 hours.

Health problems/issues-

This Indian Dog Breed is very Sturdy and most of the time does not suffer from any type of major health issues. However, they might develop common health issues like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, ear infection, dental issues ,etc.

Caring Tips for Kombai Dog from the time you get it at home

Kombai dog price in India
  1. First of all when you get a Kombai puppy let them settle in their new environment. And start socializing or familiarizing them with various people, places, sounds, etc. as early as possible. 
  2. Basic obedience training is very important to teach them and start it as early as possible, you can do it by yourself if have any prior experience of training dogs as these dogs can be sometimes stubborn or difficult to train or you can seek the help of professional dog trainers.
  3. As they are quite energetic it is important to provide them exercise it is recommended to keep them in a spacious home or if you have a fenced yard it will be even better.
  4. Provide a lot of heavy chew toys and puzzle toys to keep them busy mentally as well as physically as well.
  5. Provide them with a well-balanced diet and make a   proper time schedule for feeding them. Do not feed them randomly. You can consult a vet to know what food is ideal to feed your Kombai dog.
  6. Make sure to clean the food and water bowl thoroughly and always provide fresh food and water all the time.
  7. Grooming them is not a big task simply brush their hair once a week which is more than enough and bath them once a month or as needed.

Pros and cons of owning Kombai Dogs


  1. Excellent watch dog and guard dog.
  2. As it is an Indian Breed they are well adapted to live in Indian Climates.
  3. Quite affordable to buy. 
  4. A very sturdy dog breed requires less care than most other dog breeds.
  5. Very loyal, and obedient towards their owner.
  6. Almost no shedding.


  1. Can be very aggressive towards strangers or other dogs and animals.
  2. Not suitable for a newbie or first-time dog owner.
  3. If they do not get enough exercise they can be quite destructive.


1.  What does the Kombai dog eat?

Given that Kombai is an Indian breed, you should give him locally produced food because it is more suited to his physique and digestive system. 

  • You can give various Indian Homemade food like Roti , Rice (Both in moderate quantity), eggs(boiled), Chicken, beef, goat meat (Boiled).
  • Boiled veggies (Carrots, bean,peas, potatoes, etc.) You can also give fruits but before serving peel the fruits and remove the seeds.
  • You can also include dairy Products in their diet like Paneer(Cottage chesse), Curd(dahi) , Buttermilk(chaas), etc.
  •  You can also give a commercial  protein rich healthy dog food available in the stores.
 2. How many times Kombai dog should be fed in a day?

If you have Kombai which is a puppy feed them 4 times a day. If your Kombai Dog is an Adult you can feed them 3 times a day and If your Kombai is senior(Above 7 Years) feed them 1-2 times a day.

3. What is the Maintainance cost of owning a Kombai Dog?

The average maintenance cost of owning a Kombai dog is around 50- 70K-/ Rs annually which is quite low compared to most other dog breeds.

4. How long do Kombai dogs live?

The average life span of a Kombai Dog breed ranges from 13- 15 years.

5. What is the height and weight of the Kombai dog?

The average weight of a Kombai dog is around 30 kgs and can grow up to 24 inches in height.

6. What is the bite force of Kombai?

As this powerful and beautiful dog breed is not recognized by any major kennels or breeders so there is no record for the exact bite force but approximately it has a bite force equivalent to a Belgian Malinois bite force which is around 190 PSI.  

7. Is Kombai a street dog?

Yes, It is a Indian street Dog breed popularly found in the Southern Part of India but now, they are only left few in numbers.

8. How can I tell if my Kombai dog is real? 

If you have purchased from a legitimate breeder with proper paperwork you can know for sure that the puppy is Kombai or not but If you have adopted a dog you can not know for sure that it is a Kombai. However, you can look at its appearance (which I have already explained ) to know if the dog is Kombai.

9. Are Kombai good with kids?

Yes, Kombai dogs are very good with kids that he knew and can be gentle to kids although they are quite energetic and always keep your kids under supervision when they play with a Kombai dog. But if he comes across stranger kids or people to whom he is not familiar with then he might be aggressive towards them. So, make sure to socialize them with all kinds of people, dogs, and kids from a very early age.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have come to an end of this article Kombai dog price in India, and it can be concluded that they are simply amazing Indian dog breed. They are much cheaper than the exotic foreign breeds so you can go for it. Kombai dogs are on verge of extinction so we are somewhat responsible for this as people are not buying indian dog breeds and they always prefer foreign breeds. So now, as you are aware of this breed lets take pledge to keep them as pet and help this breed for growing. Do folllow our mentioned caring tips to give them a happy and healthy life. Hope have cleared all your queries but if you have any then feel free to comment below.

Thankyou for Reading!!

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