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  • DURABLE – The durable metal cage uses a non-toxic metallic finish for total eco-friendliness to man and bird.
  • EASY TO MAITAIN – Cage detaches from base for fast, easy cleaning. Slide-out removable bottom tray
  • EASY TO FEED – Two Plastic perches. Two food/ water bowls.

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If you’re searching for a large hanging birdcage India 2023, there are a few aspects to consider before purchasing a cage. Birds are lovely, kind, and loving creatures, so the cage you purchase for birds will be where your bird will spend their whole life, and certain birds, such as cockatiels, have specific requirements. 

Birds enjoy swinging birdcages because they allow them to raise themselves off the ground, which gives them a sense of security.

You may also better exhibit and enjoy your birds in the house with these cages. 

So if you do not however understand how to choose the best birdcage, do not panic, We’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled the information on how to choose a large hanging birdcage in India 2023. 

Things to think about when purchasing a birdcage: 

The weight load is the most important element to consider when choosing a hanging birdcage. 

This is because if you want to hang your hanging birdcage from the ceiling, you’ll need to pair it with a solid enough birdcage stand or hook and chain.

Then consider the size of the cage, although most hanging cages are tiny to medium in size and can only hold small or medium-sized birds.

Cockatiels and parakeets, for example, can normally be housed in a hanging birdcage.

In addition, consider the bar’s size, the cage’s construction quality, how well-equipped the cage’s interior is, and, the price of course, 

 Let’s go through them one by one: 

1.     Size  

The size of the birdcage is the most essential factor to consider when purchasing a birdcage. Because your bird will spend her whole life within this cage, it is best if you buy the biggest cage possible. A wide area in the cage allows your bird to roam around freely, have fun with the toys, and so on. And if you select a tiny cage, your bird will be unable to do any one of these things. In a tiny birdcage, she can’t properly extend her wings.


2.     Simple to clean 

The birdcage you want to purchase must be simple to clean. Preferably select a birdcage with slide-out trays that can be readily removed and cleaned outdoors. 

3.     Bar Dimensions 

Purchase a birdcage with rods that are less than 1/2 (half) inches apart. Smaller birds, such as parakeets, love birds, and other small birds, need cages with bar spacing of no more than a half-inch to avoid them from being entangled in the bars. 

4.     Shape 

Several of you believe that round birdcages are ideal for your bird. However, the round cage has an impact on your bird’s psychological health. As a result, most veterinarians suggest a rectangle birdcage. 

5.     Quality 

Before purchasing a birdcage, carefully inspect its quality. The finest bird birdcage is constructed of stainless, which is non-toxic and simple to clean. Check for any loose components or sharp edges that may endanger your bird. 

How to Suspend the Birdcage? 

  1.     Use a stand to hang your birdcage

Simply select a location in your house where you can connect with the bird regularly. Living rooms are generally ideal places, while bathrooms are not because of possible fluctuations in heat, humidity, and smell. Birds like places near boundaries in rooms because it helps them feel secure. 

  1.     Use the roof to hang your birdcage

Locate a ceiling joist, beam, or stud that can support some weight. You can generally locate them visually, on the other hand, if you want additional assurance, you can utilize using stud finders. After you’ve located the studs, use a ladder to climb the roof and a pen to indicate the position in the location you want to place the swivel or hook on the toggle button.

You can follow the below steps:

  • Make a hole in the ceiling at the indicated position. 
  • Insert the swivel or swivel bolt. 
  • Connect the chain that connects to the toggling bolt on the ceiling. 
  • while remaining on the step ladder, make a firm tug on the chain to determine its weight. 
  • Attach the birdcage to the chain while it still has a long way to go and near to the ground to evaluate its weight. 
  • When there is no failure in the weight-loss test, the chain’s height may be adjusted and the birdcage is properly positioned. 

Accessories for a Hanging Birdcage 

The extra attachments you’ll need to hold your hanging birdcage in place aren’t included in many hanging birdcages.

Examine the materials before purchasing a suspended birdcage to see if any more items are required.

These may include: 

  1.     Ceiling Hook

In conjunction with the hook at the top of the cage, you’ll need to secure the other end to a roof.

As a result, the roof is usually attached with an additional toggle bolt or hook (see below).

Ceiling hooks may occasionally be fastened with screws alone, although they are less secure than toggling bolts. Do you need assistance with utilizing the hook of a ceiling? Then have a look at this tutorial. 

  1.     Toggle bolt

A toggle bolt is a more durable and secure option than a hook. To attach it to the roof, you’ll have to drill holes. If you’re not sure how to utilize toggle bolts, see this tutorial.

  1.     Chain

Your birdcage is connected to a toggle bolt or ceiling hook by a chain.

Make sure the chain’s lifting capability is suitable for the cage and that it is long enough (Choose the lengthier choice because it may always be changed).).

  1.     Stand for bird cages 

If you don’t want to hang your bird from the ceiling, a birdcage holder is a great option. Here you can find a list of suggested birdcage supports as well as reviews.



To sum up everything, we can say that birds are delicate creatures and needed to be treated properly. Many times, they put their heads in to drink and can’t pull them out. Of course, you may use other cups instead of ceramic cups, but you shouldn’t neglect the overall aspects while buying a large hanging birdcage India 2023. 




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