Gaddi Dog Price in India

Gaddi Dog Price in India 2023|Bhotia Dog Price in India

Gaddi Dog Price In India

Hello everyone, Today in Top Pet Products we are going to talk about a very unique dog breed which is Gaddi Dog. Gaddi dog is a huge size dog breed and a very powerful & loyal guard dog. The best part is that they are an Indian dog breed. They are also well known by many other names such as Indian Panther Hound, Himalayan Sheepdog, Mahidan Mastiff or Bhotia. So, if you are planning to buy them and you want to know more about them then you are in the right place. In this article, you will get to know complete information about the Gaddi dog breed, their caring tips, Gaddi dog price in India, answers to some of the most asked FAQs and much more. So read it completely till the end. Let’s get started!!

Gaddi Dog Price in India

Gaddi dog is an extremely affordable dog breed. The average Gaddi dog price in India can range between 5,000 and 20,000 Rs. Unfortunately, this Indian breed is an endangered dog breed and it has become very difficult to find a pure Gaddi Dog.

About Gaddi Dog breed

1. History and Origin-

No one knows for sure about the origin of Gaddi Kutta, although they are said to be originated in the North India areas. There are various mythologies and legends floating around about the gaddi dogs.  According to one mythology, they were created when the Indian ruler Mahidant of Meerut bred local wild Mastiffs with Tibetan Mastiffs, which were already well-known hunting breeds at the time.

No one knows if this narrative is even half-true. They were clearly employed as guards and herding dogs by local Northern Indian tribes, and they were fantastic at it. There aren’t many finer flock or herd protectors.

According to another mythology, they were created by mixing native mastiff dogs with tigers. But, it is simply impossible. 

2. Appearance –

They are large dog breed and has big, sturdy and muscular body structure. It has a big head with pointed snouts, droopy ears, and a furry tail that typically curls over the back. It has a short and dense undercoat and a medium to large-length outer coat that keeps them warm in the coldest of temperatures. They also have a little more fur around their neck and they are available in various colours like black, fawn or brown.

3. Life span and Size-

The average lifespan of a Gaddi Dog can range between 9 to 14 years.  These dogs are huge they can weigh between 35 to 50 kg or 77 to 110 pounds and can grow between  20 to 31 inches or 1.6 to 2.5 feet in height.

4. Temperament-

Gaddi dogs are not for the person with weak hearts. They are massive, protective, confident and highly powerful. They are, nevertheless, exceptionally clever canines that can be used for herding or guarding livestock such as yak, cow, goat, sheep, and even buffaloes. They are generally highly affectionate, gentle and relaxed with the owner and family, but they may be vicious or aggressive towards outsiders and they are also quite territorial making them excellent security dogs. 

5. Diet-

 These Indian dogs can be fed Indian foods, unlike foreign dog breeds that need high-quality kibbles. you can feed them homemade foods like roti, cooked rice, curd, buttermilk (chaas), meat, fish, egg, vegetables, fruits, etc. 

6. Health Problems-

Gaddi dogs are very strong Indian dog breeds and they do not get any kind of very serious health issues and they are usually very healthy dogs.
But some small common issues can be listed as digestive issues, if they are overfed then they can become obese which can lead to issues like joint pain and hip dysplasia.

Things to know before getting a Gaddi dog in India

1. Not suitable for apartment-

They are very energetic, energetic and not at all ideal to keep in an apartment. This dog wants space to move around and explore. if you keep them in a small apartment there is no doubt they will get bored and will develop various behavioural problems. 

2. Socialization- 

Socialization is a must for this protective and territorial dog. As soon as you bring them home start socializing them with your family member, pets, different type of people, animals, etc. but if you want your dog to be more protective socialize them less.

3. Leader-

Make sure to let them know that you are their leader otherwise they will not listen and take orders from you. You can become their leader by applying some restrictions like do not allow them to sit on the furniture, always being in front of them while you are walking or jogging, etc. Here is the article on how to be a leader of the dog which will help you to be the leader that the dog respects.

4. Training-

Obedience training is a must for these dogs. As these dogs can become very stubborn and dominating. So, make sure to start the obedience training as early as possible. Like some basic commands like sit, stay, come, etc and nothing more. A well trained and properly socializing will mostly not attack strangers and animals unless feeling threatened. 

5. Exercise-

These dogs are very energetic dog breeds and have high exercise needs they need at least 60 to 90 min of exercise daily. You can take them for long walks or as I have said they need space like a huge yard or farm where they can run around on their own. Traditional ball fetch may not be best for these dogs, you can play tug of war, etc. Make sure you provide enough mental and physical stimulation daily otherwise dog can develop destructive behaviours.

6. Grooming-

Dadi dog has double-layered coat that shed moderately most of the time but they do shed heavily during the shedding season which comes once or twice a year. So brushing them twice a week is enough but during shedding season it is better to brush their hair up to 4 times a week. They are generally clean so they do not bathe most of the time may two or three times annually.

7. Leash train them-

In Public, it is not recommended to take them off leash as these dogs can be aggressive towards strangers and other animals. So, it is better to leash train them in a sense they just get familiarized with the leash and so that they do not get aggressive while wearing the leash that’s it.

8. May not be suitable for newbies- 

These big dogs are not recommended for people who have no prior experience as these dogs are strong-willed, protective and can be dominating if you do not train or socialize them properly. But if you want to own these dogs better to consult a professional trainer.

Pros and Cons of Gaddi Dog

Pros –

  1. They are exceptional Indian Guard dogs As they are very territorial and protective.
  2. Very gentle and affectionate towards their human parent and their family.
  3. An extremely sturdy dog who does not often suffer from any major health issues.
  4. Extremely Affordable to buy.
  5. Does not suffer from separation anxiety.


  1. Not at all suitable to live in an apartment (can be kept in an apartment if you have a big yard but it is an ideal pet for people that have farms).
  2. Always want something to do and can get easily bored which can lead to bad behaviour.
  3. They do drool so if you are not comfortable with the saliva on your clothes and other things it may be not right for you.

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1. What is the price of Gaddi Kutta in India?

The average price of a gaddi dog in India can range between 5K to 20K Indian rupees.

2. what is the bite force of Gaddi Kutta?

Again the bite force of most Indian breeds is unknown. So, we can not say it for sure however, it is estimated that the bite force of gaddi kutta is around 400 PSI.

3. Is the Gaddi dog a family dog?

The Gaddi Dog is a wonderful companion since it is devoted, protective, and cuddly. This huge dog has a strong attachment to one owner but likes the presence of other family members. They make excellent security dogs and are noted for their fearlessness. They do, however, require a strong leader whom they respect and listen to since they may be stubborn. Aside from these characteristics, they are a fantastic friend that will always watch and protect you.

4. Can a Gaddi dog live in hot weather?

They are well adapted to live in colder climates rather than in hot climates. However, with proper care, they can survive you can slightly trim their hair, provide access to shade in your yard or farm, and can also install a cooler inside the shade, including curd, lassi, buttermilk in their diet, etc.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have come to the end of this article and it can be concluded that there is no doubt they are an amazing precious strong dog breed in India. But the sad part is that they are a very endangered species and they do not get any recognition because most people are crazy about buying exotic foreign dog breeds rather than Indian dog breeds. Gaddi dog is very adaptable and rarely get any health issues and have a low maintenance cost in comparison to foreign breeds which easily fall sick and has a high maintenance cost. So we highly suggest you all take a pledge to buy our Indian dog breed and help them in their growth. Gaddi dogs are not for apartment owners, they are best suited for those who have large farms or lands because they are not of sitting in the home type of nature. Hope you found it helpful.

Thank you for Reading!!

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