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Shih Tzu Price in India 2023- Complete Guide!

Topic- Shih Tzu Price in India

If you are a person who is looking for a pet dog which is cute, small, cuddly and does not need much space? Shih Tzu might be the pet you are looking for. Shih Tzu is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and has gained popularity in India as well. The name Shih Tzu means” little lion” according to an old myth this name was given because of a monk who has a small lion which can transform into a big lion.    

In this article, you will get detailed information about Shih Tzu price in India, Caring tips, Types and much more. So, read it completely to know more about this unique dog breed.

Shih Tzu Price In India

If you are buying from a local pet shop, the average Shih Tzu price in India starts from 15,000 and can go up to 25,000 Rs.

If you are buying from a breeder, the price of a Shih Tzu may start from 30,000 and can go up to 40,000 Rs or even more. Depending upon how reputed the breeder is, what quality of dog he’s giving, and the location where he’s situated.

Maintenance cost of owning Shih Tzu Dog in India

Food cost- 

The primary expense you have each month is food.  Shih Tzu dogs do not require a lot of food; a typical/standard bag of dog food would cost between 1500 and 2,000 -/ Rs a month. High-quality dog food would cost between 2,500 and 3,000-/ Rs each month.

Vaccination Cost-

Vaccination is crucial in preventing dangerous diseases from infecting a puppy. It would cost approx 500–1000 Rs for every shot.

Grooming cost-

Shampoos and conditioners are part of the monthly expense of grooming a Shih Tzu, which ranges from 500 to 1,000 -/ Rs. If you find it difficult to groom you can also go for a  professional dog groomer who would charge you between 1,500 and 2,500 -/ Rs for every session.

Toys and treats cost –

Each and every dog wants to have their own toys and treats. toys help to release energy, and stress and help to keep them in a playful mood. So, toys are a must. On average, the toy will generally cost you between 1000- 2,000 Rs a year. Treat is also important to train them and the treats will cost you between  1,000-3,000 Rs a year.

About the Shih Tzu dog breed

Origin and History –

The Shih Tzu breed originated in Tibet. There were very popular among royal Chinese people and the Buddhist community. In the 13th century, they were sent abroad from China. Later on, these breeds were killed by the Chinese community due to which they were on the verge of extinction. But few escaped and In the 17th  century, they were sent to Europe than in  World War 2 soldiers bought them to America.


They are small dog-sized dog breeds. Shih Tzu’s distinct feature is their long beautiful hair. Shih Tzu (pure breed) has a small tail which always remains curled and has a small muzzle. They are available in various colours like brindle, blue, black, white, golden, silver, red, and liver and are also available in a combination of two.


They are a very alert, cuddly and playful dog breed. They love to be with their owner they just keep them following in the house. They just get along with everyone whether it is a stranger, a new pet, etc.

Size and Lifespan-

The average life span of a Shih Tzu ranges from 12- 16 years. And it weighs between 4 to 7.2 Kg and can grow up to 11 inches in height.

Intelligence and Trainability-

They are quite intelligent and can learn tricks. Shih Tzu is very trainable but requires extreme patience and consistency as they are quite stubborn sometimes.   

Grooming –

Grooming them is very important. As they have long hair grooming them is time-consuming. They require the daily brushing of hair or at least 4 times a week as their hair is very prone to tangling and matting. If you find it difficult to groom you can seek the help of professional groomers.


You can give foods like boiled veggies (potato, pumpkin, beans), fruits, boiled eggs, cooked meat, rice, etc.
you can also give dog food kibbles from companies like Royal Canin, N&D farming, Purina, pedigree, etc. Adult Shih Tzu needs to be fed 2 times a day.
if your puppy is  45 -50 days old feed them Cerelac mixed in water or milk replacer. once they have become at least 2 months old you can switch to puppy starter food and slowly introduce boiled egg white, fruits(seed removed), etc. During their puppyhood, feed them 4 times a day.

Their exercise needs are very minimal.  Giving them exercise for 15 -20 min is more than enough for them. This pet is ideal for people who are quite lazy or not very active.

Health Problems-

Below are some of the common health problems.

  • Walking Problem- In this there are some deformities in their hip joint. The dog will find difficulty in walking, in Standing up from a sitting up position.
  • Skin Problems-
    As they have long hair, they need to be taken care of properly, avoiding it may cause them skin problems like itching, and infections.
  • Tear Problems-
    There is a tear gland below their eyes that produces a large amount of tears because of this they develop infections in their eyes and have difficulty in vision. It can be identified by brown lines below their eyes.
  • Breathing Problem-
    In this nostrils become too narrow causing them difficulty in breathing.
    Do keep a regular health check-up of your Shih Tzu dog to get rid of these problems.

Types of Shih Tzu

1. Imperial Shih Tzu-

Shih tzu price in india

 Imperial Shih Tzu is kind of a misleading title. Because of their name, people often think they are purebred, but they are not. They are not even sanctioned by the National Kennel Club. If you put Imperial and purebred Shih Tzu side by side, you can easily tell the difference as the Imperial ones are smaller in size.

Where the height of standard Shih Tzu is between ten to eleven inches. Imperial Shih Tzu stands around six to seven inches tall.

2. American Shih Tzu-

Shih Tzu Price in india

American Shih Tzu is a purebred dog as recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1969. You can easily identify an American Shih Tzu from their small chest, short neck and square-shaped head, and they have high and forward-facing legs. They weigh between 9 to 16 pounds and are about 11 inches tall.

3. European Shih Tzu-

european Shih Tzu

European Shih Tzu are purebred dogs recognized by the United Kingdom Kennel Club in 1946. They are a bit different from American Shih Tzu. Their front legs are slightly bent back and they have a wider stance. They have a round head with a long neck and a broader chest. In terms of weight and height, they are similar to an American Shih Tzu.

4. Teacup Shih Tzu

These pint-sized Shih Tzu get their name owing to their extremely small size. They are usually bred from two of the smallest in the litter. Being born to stay small,   they often suffer from health issues. They stand six inches tall and have a weight of fewer than 7 pounds. Just like Imperial Shih Tzu, they are not purebred.

5. Brindle Shih Tzu- 

Shih tzu Brindle

Brindle Shih Tzu is often considered one of the most beautiful kinds of this breed. They have beautiful patterns of a secondary colour running along their base coat colour.  They are not known as much for their colour, but more for the patterns of their coat. The brindle effect can vary. The patterns can be dark or light. The stripes can be closer together or can be loose.

5 Good Reasons To Get a Shih Tzu

1. Long Life span- 

Shih Tzu generally has a very long life span. Shih Tzus are known for basically living between the age of twelve to 16, but also at this very same time, the oldest living Shih Tzu lives up to 23 years old. So this is a dog breed that can live with you for a long time.

2. Adaptability-

Shi Tzus are also known to be very adaptable. So that’s another reason you should go for a Shih Tzu. Whether it’s a change with a family member or adding a new family member. Whether you have a baby coming into a family, or even a dog or cat.  They are known to be able to adapt to different situations and different environments extremely well.

3. Companionship- 

 If you’re looking for affection, Shih Tzu is probably one of the most affectionate dogs. They are literally the best companion dog you can have. These types of dogs, they can lay on you, they can rest on you, they just want to cuddle when you sleep. They are pretty much bred made for companionship.

4. Minimal Exercise-

Shih Tzu doesn’t require much exercise and actually, it’s quite dangerous if they exercise too much because they have a very short noses. So light play with fetching is perfect, 15 to 20 minutes walk per day. It’s perfect for a Shih Tzu and it’s very light. So very minimal exercise is needed for a Shih Tzu, which is perfect if you’re not always outdoors.

5. Light Shedding-

if you’re looking for a dog that doesn’t shed much, the Shih Tzu breed is a perfect dog for that if you don’t want any kind of dog hair on your clothes, or on your bed. They are great dogs, but they do require constant brushing. Keep their coat nice and clean from being matted, from being tangled up. So it’s very important they get their daily brushing. But other than that, though, you only see more shedding between puppyhood to adulthood. Once they transfer to the new adult coat they are pretty good and light shedders.

5 Reasons Not To Get a Shih Tzu

1. Separation anxiety-

Shih Tzus rely on human interaction, thus separation anxiety is a serious problem. If these dogs are left at home alone far too frequently, stress, worry, and sadness may develop over time. Therefore, it’s crucial to decide if this dog is the correct one for you.

2. Quite Stubborn-

Shih Tzu is a notoriously stubborn dog. This is a characteristic that Shih Tzu currently has when it comes to any form of training, like toilet training, cage training, learning new tasks, or even for eating or going for a walk. They demand a lot of patience and time. When educating your dog in anything from behaviour to feeding to training and purpose, it’s necessary to be patient and give your Shin Tzu plenty of time. So, be careful to give your Shih Tzu some time and patience.

3. Picky eaters-

It might be challenging to feed when you have a Shih Tzu. They have extremely fussy eating habits and are food snobs. They will constantly be hungry when they are young puppies. They’ll likely eat three times every day. However, you’ll notice that they’ll have trouble eating until they’re six months old. They’ll eat less, but they’ll also develop food preferences. They want your leftover food from the table and your human food. So that’s the reason why trying to feed your Shih Tzu could be a nuisance, and sometimes hand feeding is the only option while feeding your Shih Tzu.

4. Overheat-

It is important to provide them with exercise but do not overdo it as they can easily get overheated. As the Shih Tzu has a short snout they found it difficult to breathe the hot and humid air. And it can be fatal to them. So be careful not to take them outside if the temperature is high. 

5. Grooming- 

The most significant daily activity while owning a Shih Tzu is undoubtedly grooming. When it comes to grooming, there are many things you need to do. Make sure that the tear stains are removed. Examine the ears for any type of ear infection or dirt that may have gotten inside. Also, brush their hair. Additionally, you must remember to give them a bath, cut their nails, and check their teeth. It’s crucial that you clean it. If not, their furs might matte. In order to maintain the coat as shiny as possible, this must be done every single day.


1. Can Shih Tzu survive in India?

Yes, they can survive in India. During winter or colder times they can live quite comfortably but during summer or if you live in a hotter region they will require your help to survive. They will need AC in the room, including buttermilk, curd or lassi in their meal which will help to cool them down always provide access to fresh water for them, take them outside only during the evening and in the morning do not take them outside during afternoon time.

2. What is the cost of a baby Shih Tzu in India?

The cost of the baby Shih Tzu can range from 15,000- 40,000 Rs which can vary depending on various factors.

3. How often can we give a bath to Shih Tzu?

Due to their long hair, they get quite dirty and can even get smelly so it is important to bathe them every 3- 4 weeks. After bathing, make sure to completely dry them and also brush their hair properly.

4. What human food can Shih Tzu eat?

You can give various human foods to Shih Tzu like
1. Veggies-  Cucumber, Carrot, Potato, Pumpkin, Spinach, Sweet potato, Beetroot, Fenugreek, Cabbage, etc. You can slightly boil the vegetables before giving them to your pet.
2. Fruits- Banana, Apple, Blueberries, Strawberries, Oranges, Watermelon, Musk melon, etc. Make sure to remove the seeds and peel the fruit before serving.
3. Grains- Rice, Barley, and Oats, but should be fed in low or moderate quantities if your dog is allergic to any grain stop it immediately and visit your vet.
4. Dairy Products- Curd, Cottage cheese(paneer),  Buttermilk(Chaas), etc. Again, if your dog is having an allergic reaction to any of these, stop feeding them.

5. How to keep Shih Tzu’s hair shiny?

Here are a few tips you can follow to keep your Shih Tzu’s hair shiny

  • Give them high-quality food that is high in protein, and fats like omega-6 and omega-3  avoid giving them cheap food that contains fillers and harmful preservatives which will make your dog’s coat dull. It is better to consult a vet about which dog food to buy for your Shih Tzu.
  • Brush their hair regularly so their hair does not get tangled and will remain free from dirt and derbies. And brushing them will help to stimulate natural oil evenly. 
  • Bathing them is also very important. Do not bathe them daily as it can make their skin and coat dry. It is recommended to bathe them every 3 weeks with a good quality dog shampoo which will make their hair smooth and soft.
  • You can also give them supplements of omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids to keep their coat healthy. But, it is essential to discuss the supplement with your vet before giving it to your pet.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have come to the end of this article Shih Tzu price in India, and it can be concluded that no doubt they are an amazingly cute little dog breed. So, if you have a spacing problem and you still wanted to own a dog of amazing personality then Shih Tzu is perfect for you!! But they cannot be trusted as guard dogs. They are a very friendly and charming dog breed. But before buying this dog breed you should also keep in mind that you need to do proper grooming for them to give them a healthy life. Buy it from a High-quality breeder with proper paper works only. You can follow our mentioned caring tips regularly to give them a beautiful healthy life. Hope have cleared all your doubts, but if you still have any then comment down below.

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