Fish aquarium combo set in India 2023 Price: 3,599.00 (as of 14/10/2021 03:02 PST- Details)

  • Tank Size (LxWxH): 39X19X44 cm Water Capacity: 28L Lighting System: T-4-LED-6W Pump Power: 10W Frequency, 500L/H
  • Adopt auto glass manufacturing, high definition, Perfect double arc Shape, Visual effect is better
  • Highlights the LED lamp, energy conservation, environmental protection and durable

Fish aquarium combo set in India 2023| BUY ON AMAZON

Fish tank and aquarium combo set online in 2023 | Jainsons pet products fish aquarium combo set 28L tank capacity

Did you ever owned a freshwater aquarium? If yes, then you may know the beauty of the aquarium plants in your fish tanks.

So today we have for you a Jainsons Fish aquarium and combo set in India 2023, it includes a set of accessories and equipment necessary for home aquariums.

Whether at home or at your workplace you would always like to keep the aquarium clean and decorated with aquatic plants for the fishes to play around with. An empty tank does not attract the attention of people nor is liked by the fishes, a tank with plenty of plants floating and on the base of the tank keeps the fishes active and also the center of attraction at your home or office.

We all enjoy watching the fish aquariums that are decorated with plants and coral stones, but you should always know the right accessories to take care of the pet fish.

So are you have been searching the internet about what should you install in your freshwater aquarium, well here is for you Jainsons fish aquarium with a combo set to build your dream aquarium. This set is ideal for office and home setup, a perfect gift to friends or family.

Jainsons Fish aquarium with combo set in India 2023

  •       28L tank capacity(39x19x44 cm–LxWxH)
  •       Inbuilt LEDs in the top cover, 4 LEDs lights
  •       6Watts power pump with cleaning filter
  •       High definition perfect double arch-shaped glass.
  •       Top and bottom glass cover protector
  •       Aquatic plants and background design picture

This fish aquarium from Jainsons pet products has the best reviews on Amazon’s bestseller list of combo aquariums set for home and office. The tank has the capacity of 28 liters of water with a plastic protection cover from top and bottom, so it can rest directly on the table surface.

The glass is the high deformation by adopting auto glass manufacturing, perfect double-arch shape giving a clear visibility form any angle. The top tank cover is equipped with high quality energy saving, environment protection and durable LED lights for visibility in low light.

The Jainsons fish aquarium m combo set is a perfect and full aquarium set up with a good ambience for your pet fishes. A real like aquatic world with very less hassle of setting up and cleaning.

The fish tank comes with included pump for oxygen to make sure the air supply to your pet fish is adequate throughout the time and they do not run out of oxygen any time. The speed of the oxygen supply is adjustable with controls as per required, speed depends on the number and types of fishes inside your tank. Big size fishes can take the oxygen supply throughout the day at a consistent speed, but small fishes have to be given oxygen at a moderate amount.

The pump is fitted with a high quality filter for gathering the dirt spread by the fishes. A good quality filter does the maximum cleaning work for you and saves your time of cleaning the tank. The more number of fishes in the tank the more dirt is spread by them hence a filter will catch the dirt at regular intervals and you have to clean the filter once in a while.

Jainsons pet solutions provide you with an aquatic plant in the fish aquarium combo set up to make your tank more attractive. The fishes love to play and make their spaces in the natural aquatics, same is with the fishes in the tank. You need to provide them with artificial aquatic plant at the bottom and some floating plants as well to keep the fish active and busy. These plants need to be cleaned once in a while so they always give a real live feel to your aquarium.

How to set up Jainsons fish aquarium 

First, when you open the box packing you will see a glass ready to use tank and some accessories are kept inside the tank.

You will get a background printed design that is a double-sided, you can stick it on the outside of the tank whichever side you like to be shown inside. This background paper will give a natural aquatic look to your tank.

Next, you will get an oxygen filter pipe, which you need to fit it on the top outlet of the pump which is fixed on the inside top frame of the tank.

Next, you will find an artificial aquatic plant with a stone base to make it stand inside the tank, you can place it in one of the corners of the tank.

In the top cover of the tank, there is an LED light the cable of the led will be present outside that needs to be plugged in a power socket. Another cable of the filter pump also needs to be plugged in power socket.

Make sure you place the tank in a place or desk close to the electric switch to plug in the cables and now you can fill the tank with water till the top lid portion.

First, place the tank in your desire place and position it before filling it with water, as moving a tank filled with water can be dangerous.

Add some aquarium liquid or salt to the tank water before putting your fish into the tank. After the salt is dissolved take some water from the tank and put it in a bucket and insert the plastic bag which contains your newly purchased fish with keeping the mouth of the bag open.

The fish will take some time to adjust to the water temperature, after keeping the fish for 30 mins in the plastic bag pour the fish into the bucket to observe how they react to the water.

If everything is fine, it’s time now to introduce the fishes to the tank and you can start your aquarium.

Your Jainsons fish aquarium combo tank set is ready and you have your pet fishes enjoying in it.


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