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Siamese Cat Price in India 2023- Complete Guide To Make Them Your Pet

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Hello everyone Today in TopPet Products, you will get to know about an amazing cat breed “Siamese”. Siamese is a very ancient cat breed and has very unique characteristics to usual cats. Their looks are very different from usual cats. In this article you will get detailed information about Siamese Cat Price in India, caring tips, answers to some of the popular questions about them and much more. So, read it completely to know more.

Siamese Cat Price in India

The average Siamese cat price in India can range between 20,000 to 40,000 -/Rs. The price of a siamese can be more or less depending on colours, age,  quality of the breeder, quality of the cat, etc.

Location Price(Rupees)
Siamese cat price in Mumbai 30,000-40,000 -/Rs.
Siamese cat price in Delhi 20,000-40,000 -/Rs.
Siamese cat price in Kolkata 20,000-40,000 -/Rs.
Siamese cat price in Banglore 30,000-40,000 -/Rs.
Siamese cat price in Chennai 30,000-40,000 -/Rs.
Siamese cat price in Pune 20,000-35,000 -/Rs.
Siamese cat price in Lucknow 15,000-40,000 -/Rs

About Siamese Cat

History and Origin- 

Siamese cats originated from Thailand and were first mentioned in ancient manuscripts around 200 years ago.  In the olden days, they were called a sign of royalty. People who used to have this cat were called the royal family.


There are two types of Siamese the traditional Siamese which is also called Thai cat and the modern Siamese.

The traditional Siamese has mostly the head and body type of a regular cat. The modern Siamese looks completely different. It has a slender face, big ears and a long, slender body. Siamese always have blue eyes but their coat colours have a big variety. But that variety only stays within the point gene which makes the colour on the face, legs, paws and tails the darkest.

Size and Lifespan-

On average a siamese cat can live up to at least 14-15 years but can even live up to 17-20 years when taken proper care of. They can grow up to 1.16 feet ( 14 inches) and can weigh between 3.6 to 7 Kg.  


Siamese cats are extremely playful, curious, and active and love to talk but also can be very stubborn and insistent.

They are also extremely people-oriented, social and affectionate. They also stay highly active and playful till old age.


In general, Siamese is very trainable and can learn a big variety of things with the right training. For example, going on walks and hikes with or without a leash, various tricks, agility, and you can even train them to lose their fear of water and to enjoy bathing. So basically every cat can learn those things. When done right, the Siamese usually learns it faster.

Compatibility with other Pets and Children-

A Siamese cat should never be kept without another fitting cat companion. They usually even love to be in a big cat group. It’s best to get another Siamese as a cat buddy or a related breed like Oriental short hair and long hair Balinese or Peterbald or a breed which is known to have very high energy, playfulness and very importantly the need to cuddle with other cats. Siamese love to cuddle with other cats, and if they get denied of that because the other cat was chosen wrongly, the Siamese will be unhappy. Usually, it also won’t go well with the calm cat as a companion and fights are bound to happen. Siamese cats get along well with other pets, like dogs or parrots. Of course, only if they were introduced the right way and the other pets behaved friendly and well adjusted.

They usually get along well with children too, as long as the children handle the cats with respect and are gentle.

Health –

Siamese is prone to develop dental issues. so, it is important to take care of their oral health.  siamese can also have other illnesses, for example, different types of cancer, heart problems and the mental disorder called pica. Pica is the appetite for stuff that isn’t food, like cotton, wool, paper, plastic and similar.

Things To Know When Keeping Siamese Cats.

Siamese cat price in India

1. Feeding-

Feeding the right food will ensure proper health and long life so, it should be taken seriously.  Give them a raw diet as it will help to clean the teeth since the cats need to chew very carefully and for a long time, You can also give them high-quality wet food without grain, sugar and at least 60% to 70% meat. I don’t recommend feeding dry cat food, since it has a high risk of causing kidney failure. I suggest you give a raw diet five days a week and High-quality wet food the remaining two days of the week.

2. Entertainment-

The Siamese cat needs a lot of daily play and a lot more mental and physical exercise than regular cats. You do things to keep them entertained and busy like play 2-3 times a day for around 15-20mins minutes, can go on walks and for occasional hikes, can also do trick training and similar. In general,  I recommend giving Siamese cats access to the outdoors with supervision through going on walks and hikes and having a backyard with a secure fence or a big cat enclosure. When keeping Siamese strictly indoors, with only a small balcony or similar, they usually show behavioural issues.

 3. Cat Room-

I also recommend for such an active breed to make a cat room or a big adventure playground. For this breed. It’s not enough to have only one big catchy and some toys. If possible you can make a room into a cat room with a giant adventure playground. Where you can place a lot of big perches, scratching posts, a catwalk, and a lot more.

4. Don’t leave your cats Alone- 

Since the Siamese cat is so extremely sensitive, it’s usually quite difficult to leave at home alone for holidays, even if a nice cat sitter is feeding and playing with the cat, and even if there is another cat as a companion, one whole day can work out. If it gets longer than that, it can cause very big problems.

It’s not rare that Siamese falls into such a deep depression that they completely refuse to eat anything for days and only start eating again when the owner is back. So, that should be taken very seriously. So, I suggest you take them with you if you going out for a longer time.

Amazing Facts About Siamese Cat

  • There is also a long hair version of the Siamese. It’s called Balinese.
  • There are two ancient traits which are barely found in the siamese nowadays.  one is the cross-eyed or squinting and the other one is the curled tail tip.
  • They are always born white and then develop their colour over time.

Pros and cons of Getting Siamese


  1. Very energetic and playful in nature.
  2. Loves to be with the owners and is also very cuddly.
  3. Can form a bond with other pets and kids as well.
  4. Has a very long lifespan.


  1. Siamese is quite sensitive.
  2. Prone to get the disease.


1. What is the cost of Siamese cats in India?

The cost of the Siamese in India generally ranges between 20K to 40K Indian rupees.

2. How to Know whether my siamese cat is happy or not?

Depression and a complete lack of motivation, aggression, moody or grumpy behaviour, being overly spooky, destroying things, a lot of howling and whining, relieving itself outside the litter box, fighting with other pets in the home, hissing, growling, scratching, biting or even self-harm behaviour are some examples which point to big unhappiness of the Siamese. But as long as the Siamese get a breed-appropriate and fulfilling life, there will be no problems at all and it will be the sweetest pet you can imagine.

3. How much do Siamese cats sleep?

The Siamese cat can sleep between 12- 18 hours a day and generally kittens tend to sleep more than adults.

Is a Siamese cat a good pet?

Yes, Siamese can become a good pet. They are lovable cats. They love to be with their owner and will follow you everywhere.  They can easily build a bond with kids and other pets like dogs also. So, overall they can become your great companion.

Do you need 2 Siamese cats?

Siamese cats are social cats so if you can it is better to have them in pairs they will be very and will interact with each other. If you go to work it is better to have a partner for your siamese cat so that he/she does not feel alone and depressed.

Final Thoughts

By reading the article Siamese cat price in India, It can be concluded that Siamese is one of the most unique cat breeds. They can become your good friend and family member. If you want a playful cat that can live easily with you and your other pets then Siamese are the best choice! But you need to spend some time with them as they cannot be kept alone for a long time. Also, build a habit of socializing them from a younger age, which will help them create a bond with other pets. They are more likely to develop health issues. So, make sure to consult a vet for a health checkup once or twice a year.

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