Munchkin cat price in India

Munchkin Cat Price in India (February 2023)

Today you will get to know about a very interesting cat breed that has amazing looks and characteristics. They are also known as potato cats or sausage cats. Sounds Interesting Isn’t it? In this article Munchkin Cat Price in India, we have mentioned all detailed information about its origination, caring tips, its price in India at various locations and many more. So, make sure to read the article!

Munchkin Cat Price In India

The average  Munchkin Cat price in India can range from 10,000 – 40,000-/ Rs. which may differ from one place to another. There are various other factors that may affect the Munchkin cat Price in India Like coat type, Breed, Leg type, Breeder, Quality of the breeds, etc.



Munchkin cat price in Delhi 10,000 -40,000-/ Rs.
Munchkin cat price in Mumbai 10,000 -40,000-/ Rs.
Munchkin cat price in Kolkata 10,000 -40,000-/ Rs.
Munchkin cat price in Kerala 10,000 -40,000-/ Rs.
Munchkin cat price in Banglore 10,000 -40,000-/ Rs.
Munchkin cat price in Pune 10,000 -40,000-/ Rs.
Munchkin cat price in Chennai 10,000 -40,000-/ Rs.

About the Munchkin Cat breed


The munchkin cat is a relatively new breed of cat that was first developed in the early 1980s. The breed was created by crossing two existing breeds of cats – the Scottish Fold and the Siamese. The result was a cat with short legs, a long body, and big ears.

The munchkin cat quickly became popular, and today there are many different varieties of this breed. They come in a wide range of colors and patterns, and their short legs are now considered one of their most distinguishing features.

They are affectionate cats that make great companions, and their unique appearance is sure to turn heads. If you’re looking for a cat that’s a little out of the ordinary, the Munchkin may be the perfect breed for you.


The Munchkin cat is a small to medium size breed. They have small legs with a long body generally their rare legs are slightly bigger than the front ones. And they have big round eyes which make them very adorable. They are available in different types of colours and patterns. 

Patterns–  Calico, pointed, tortoiseshell, tuxedo, tabby and bicolour.

Colours- white, black, grey, brown, cream, beige,tan, fawn, lilac, chocolate and cinnamon.

Size and Life span- 

The average life span of a munchkin cat can range from 12-15years. And the munchkin cat grows up to 7 to 9 inches in height and 18 inches in length with an average of 2.7 to 4.1kg (male) and 1.8-3.7 kg(female).


They are a very active, playful and social cat breed. They can form a strong relationship with humans as well as with other pets. They can be extremely good pets for your family.

Intelligence and trainability-

They are quite intelligent and are very easy to train. You can teach them to fetch and you can also even leash train them. So, you can take them outside without any worries.

Hair coat-

This cat breed can have short hair, or long hair and can also be found with no hair.  The short-haired munchkin has short dense hair which feels very soft when touched. While the long-coated munchkin has long hair which is smooth and silky.


If you own a munchkin cat, you may be wondering how to groom them properly. Munchkins can have two types of hair coat – short and long-haired which we have already discussed above. If you have short-haired munchkin you need to groom their hair once a week and if you have long-haired it requires slightly more grooming.

Here are a few tips on how to groom your munchkin cat

  • Invest in a good quality brush. A brush with stiff bristles will work best on munchkin cats.
  • Start by brushing the fur on their back and sides. Brush in the direction of the fur growth.
  • Be careful when brushing their belly and legs. Their skin is very sensitive and you don’t want to hurt them.
  • Trim their nails regularly. Munchkin cats have long nails that can get snagged on their fur. 

Health issues-

Munchkin cats are a popular breed of cat, but they are also prone to a number of health problems. When bred well they are generally a healthy cat breed.  Some of the most common health problems in munchkin cats include hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, and heart defects.

One of the most serious health problems facing munchkin cats is a condition called lordosis. This is a deformity of the spine that can cause a lots of problems, including pain, paralysis, and even death. lordosis is thought to be caused by the genetic mutation that gives munchkin cats their short legs, and it is currently untreatable.

Munchkin cats are also at an increased risk for injuries due to their short legs. Because of this, it’s important to take extra care of your munchkin cat and watch out for any signs of health problems. If you think your munchkin cat is sick, be sure to take them to the vet right away.

Cost Of keeping Munchkin Cats in India


Make sure to purchase a good quality cat food whose main ingredient is meat. A standard good quality cat food can range from 300 – 1500/- Rs. (per month).


You should provide a comfortable bed for your cat so they can rest or sleep in them. instead of sleeping in the hard floor. The average cost of a quality bed can range from 500 – 5,000/- Rs.

Litter Box-

There is various type of litter box you can go for make sure to buy the best cat litter tray box for your pet cat. You can also consult a vet to know which litter box is best suited for your cat. The cost of a litter box can range from 200- 1500/- Rs.

Grooming accessories –

There are various grooming accessories that you might need

  • Hair Brush– The average price of a hairbrush for cats in India can range from 100 -500 -/ Rs.
  • Hair trimmer– The average price of a hair trimmer for cats in India can range from 500- 1500 -/Rs.
  • Nail cutter- The average price of hair brushes for cats in India can range from 100- 200 -/ Rs.

Tree Scratching post-

A tree Scratching post for cats is very important as the cats have a national instinct to scratch their claw, they can scratch it on the post and will  prevent your furniture from scartches . The average price of a tree scratching post can range from 1000- 5,000 /- Rs.


They love to play with toys. So, it is important to load up a lot of toys. The average price of toys can range from 200- 1200/- Rs.

Leash (optional)-

The leash is completely optional. However, you can use a leash while you are going for a walk to avoid any incidents. The leash for cats can cost you approx 200 -1000-/ Rs.

Oral care-

You must take care of tour pets oral hygiene which will prevent their tooth from getting any infection. The following things are needed to maintain oral care-

  • Toothpaste – The average price of toothpaste for cats in India can range from 100- 500 -/ Rs (annually).
  • Tooth Brush- The average price of toothbrushes for cats in India can range from 100-200/- Rs.

Vets checkup-

It is important to have a vet checkup once or twice a year to ensure they are healthy and do not have any health issues. the cost of the vet checkup is very difficult  to say as the cost may differ depending on your cat’s health issue. But,  the average estimated cost of a general vet checkup can range from 1000 – 5000 /- Rs (annually). 

Insurance For Pets-

There are various Pet Insurance acailable inthe market. however the cheapest Pet insurance  for cats will cost you around 700- 1000/- Rs per month.


The average vaccination cost for a cat in India can range from 700rs -1200 /- Rs( Monthly).

Caring Tips for Munchkin Cat in India

Munchkin cat price in India

While Munchkin cats are small and delicate, they are surprisingly hardy and easy to care for. With a few basic steps, you can keep your Munchkin cat healthy and happy.

  • The first step is to provide your Munchkin cat with a well-rounded diet. Munchkin cats are prone to obesity, so it’s important to feed them a diet that is high in protein and low in fat. You can give any nutritious and healthy cat food it is not compulsory to give specially formulated Munchkin cat food. You can also give them treats  but avoid giving them too many treats at a time.
  • Always provide them with a bowl of fresh clean water and refill it as needed. As munchkin cats can find it difficult to reach higher places due to their small legs make sure to place the water and food in the places they can reach easily.
  • It is important  to clean the litter box once a week and change the litter. Make sure to clean  the litter box with unscented cleansing solution. Instead of using the strong scented cleansing solution. As cats might not use the litter box again due to the strong smell of the solution. 
  • Munchkin cats are also prone to joint problems, so it’s important to keep them exercised. A simple game of chasing a ball or wand toy will be extremely helpful.
  • Provide your cat with a comfortable place to sleep. Munchkin cats do not like to be too high off the ground, so a cat bed or pillow on the floor would be ideal.
  • Give your cat plenty of toys to play with. Because of their short legs, munchkin cats need toys that they can chase after and crawl under.
  • Brush your cat’s fur regularly. This will help to prevent matting.
  • Stay up to date on your cat’s vaccinations and visit the vet regularly for check-ups.

Munchkin cats Pros and cons


  • They are extremely cute and adorable.
  • Playful and very social pets that love to be around people.
  • Extremely good entertainment partner for children.
  • Munchkins are extremely good lap cats.
  • These little cats have very high hunter instincts. Do you have mice around your house? They’ll take care of it.


  • Need to supervise when the cats are outside the house.
  • Munchkin cats are prone to obesity.
  • Generally healthy but may have some genetic health issues like lordosis.

Amazing Facts of Munchkin Cat

  • They can stand on their behind leg.
  • Despite their Small legs, they can run extremely fast.
  • It is one of the most controversial cat breeds.
  • There is also a hair-less munchkin known as Bambino. (breed between short-legged munchkin and sphynx cat)


1. Do Munchkin cats live long?

This is a question that has been debated among cat lovers for years. Some people believe that the short legs of Munchkin cats cause health problems that shorten their lifespan. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

In fact, a study conducted shows that Munchkin cats live just as long as cats of other breeds. So if you’re considering adopting a Munchkin cat, you can rest assured knowing that they can have a long and healthy life.

2. What Homemade foods do Munchkin cats eat?

There are homemade cat foods that you can give like cooked chicken, fish, and lamb, you can also give fruits like bananas, peeled apples, etc. Make sure to give fruits in low quantities occasionally. You can also include some veggies in their diet.

3. Can 2 Munchkins breed?

Yes, they can however, the combination of the genes of two Munchkin cats is not good and the munchkin cat embryo generally dies. so, the breeding takes place between a cat containing munchkin gene and the other cats that does not contain munchkin gene like(siamese, scottish fold,etc) to get healthy munchkin embryo.

4. Can Munchkin cats jump?

Yes, they are extremely energetic and they can jump but not  as high as other cat breeds due to their short legs.

5. Are Munchkin cats good pets?

Yes, 100 % they are extremely good pets and these cute little furballs extremely love to be around you wherever you go. they are extremely kind towards children.

6. Is a Munchkin cat an Indoor cat?

Yes, they are indoor cats as in outside Munchkins can not defend themselves from their predators as they can not jump high to escape due to their small legs. So, it is better to keep them inside or you can keep them outside only under your supervision or you can go for a walk with leashed munchkin cat.

Final Thoughts

To conclude this article Munchkin Cat price in India, Munchkin cat is an excellent pet for first-time owners and can be a good family pet, its maintenance cost is not much and does not require much space. However, It is up to you whether you want to make it your pet as some people feel that this is very cruel to breed them. So, hopefully, you found this article helpful if you have any queries feel free to comment them down below.

Thank You for Reading!!

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