Amazon Parrot Price in India

Amazon Parrot Price in India 2022-Types,Care Tips and much more

Amazon parrot is a wonderful parrot breed. Until now you might be knowing that African grey parrots are excellent at Talking. But these amazon parrots also have a good ability to talk like humans and they are very good at it. Quite interesting!! Want to own it but how? So, in this article I will give you complete details about this parrot breed, answers to common faqs regarding this, caring tips, Amazon Parrot price in India and much more. So, scroll down to read it completely.

Are Amazon parrots legal to own as pets in India?

Yes, Amazon Parrots are legal to own as pets in India as they do not belong to India and according to the Indian wild Life act, a bird which is not native to India is perfectly fine to keep as your pet. 

Amazon parrot price in India 2022

The Average Amazon Parrot Price Can range from 50k to 800K -/Rs in Pairs. The price of an Amazon parrot may be more or less depending on the breed, age, gender, location, etc.

Types of amazon Parrot along with Prices in India

Amazon Parrot Types


Orange-winged Amazon 50k- 75k -/Rs (pair)
Red Spectacled Amazon 61K- 90K -/Rs (pair)
Yellow Headed Amazon 400k - 420k -/Rs (pair)
Double Yellow Headed Amazon 500- 530k -/Rs (pair)
Yellow Naped Amazon 680k-700k -/Rs (pair)
Red Lored Amazon 200k- 250k -/Rs (pair)
Blue Fronted Amazon 500k-550k -/Rs (pair)
Lilac Crowned Amazon 280k-320k -/Rs (pair)

About Amazon Parrot Breed


Amazon Parrots are medium-sized birds and All types of Amazon parrots are generally green in colour with some yellow, red or blue shades. All the species look quite similar they are differentiated from one another by the different colour patterns. 


They are very smart and can learn like any trick pretty much as long as you put in time and effort and a lot of patience and consistency as well. As they generally have a short attention span it is recommended to keep training lessons 15 minutes or less.  These guys are very eager to learn and to listen and they are also very treat-motivated.

Talking ability-

They have really good talking ability although mimicking is the best way to say it. They have the ability to copy the sounds around their surrounding. And can learn to speak 200- 300 words and can make various sounds like the sound of the doorbell, water dripping from the tap, or the words you say around them.

Sexual maturity & Behaviour-

Amazon parrots generally get aggressive when they reach sexual maturity which is around 4 to 6 years of age male amazon parrots tend to be more aggressive than females. So, during this age, they might bite you probably multiple times a day, your patience will be tested and you will probably end up having a lot of bites on your fingers. So, this aggression for the most part doesn’t ever just completely disappear. However, it can be tamed down a lot by like treating and positive reinforcement and just positive training in general.

Health issues-

  • Fatty liver- A fatty liver system is caused by a diet high in seeds or a high-fat diet in general.
  • Liver cancer- Another one is cancer, particularly liver cancer unfortunately, this is more common among older Amazon parrots.
  • Seizures-
    Amazon parrots can develop seizures as most pet birds can get like finches, budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, etc.
  • Vitamin A deficiency-
    If your parrot has a deficiency of vitamin A It can lead to the rapid growth of beaks and nails which can be deformed in shape, it can also lead to dryness in the skin, etc. So, make sure to include fruits and veggies in their diet that are high in vitamin A.

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Caring Tips for Amazon Parrot Price in India

Amazon Parrot Price in India

Cage requirements-

Recommended cage size for an Amazon parrot should be around 36X32X48 (LXHXB) and the bar spacing should be 3/4 of an inch to one inch. so, if you can I recommend buying or building an outdoor aviary because birds absolutely love being outside they love the sunlight and they love hearing other birds they just love being outside with nature. so, if you can I highly recommend purchasing or making your outdoor little aviary for them, if you can’t build or make it on door aviary for them no worries that are completely optional.

Cage Placement-

Placement of the cage is a very important thing that you have to decide before getting your bird and you basically want to put the cage in an area of the home that gets the most action. So, normally that’s like a living room or a family room and you also want to make sure it’s like as far away from the kitchen as possible so there’s no cooking fumes or anything like that. Also, Place the cage away from direct sunlight and keep it away from opening and closing doors and windows.


Amazon parrot diet is very important because these birds are very prone to things like vitamin A deficiency, obesity as well as fatty liver disease. So, you want to make sure that vegetables and pellets make up most of their diet and then other things like grains, fruits and seeds which are the other 20% of their diet. So, it is important that you not keep them completely on a seed mix or seed and pellet mix diet. Because it can lead to obesity and tragic fatty liver disease. You can feed them seeds but as a treat only. We do not recommend a pellet-only diet either because variety is key so they should definitely be getting essential food like vegetables and fruits and grains along with their pellets and some seeds. 

Make sure that when you’re serving fruits to your Birds that you remove the seeds and pits of fruits because those do contain small amounts of cyanide.

Food And Water Bowls-

You want to avoid plastic bowls because they have a very strong beak and they will definitely tear up the plastic in like a day and then probably ingest it. So, please make sure that you’re avoiding plastic bowls. Instead, you should go for metal bowls and their water should be changed once in the morning and once in the evening.


I recommend spot cleaning your bird’s cage every day and then doing like a full litter clean about once a week or once every week and a half. If you do have a newspaper then the newspaper will probably need to be changed every day and then I do recommend that you do a full cage cleaning of your parrot’s cage every few months and then completely take apart the cage and deep clean it at least once every year. I also want to mention that the surroundings of the cage will get dirty every single day so, you will need to sweep or vacuum the surrounding of the cage because you will find food everywhere you will find their feathers everywhere and you’ll probably find poop around their cage too.


It is important to have at least three to four toys in your parrot’s cage at all times and I do recommend wood toys and shreddable toys. I recommend new toys to be added monthly and toys in their cage to be rotated at least weekly just to keep them from not like becoming bored and to keep their little brains entertained and of course, absolutely no plastic like anything in their cage for the most part because they will definitely destroy it and then they might ingest it. 


 It is very important to buy the correct types of perches for your parrot and if you buy any perch it may cause problems to your bird like they may develop really bad arthritis. so first I’m going to start with the perches that you should definitely avoid –

1. Dowel Perches-

The first type of perch you should avoid are dowel perches they are simply horrible for your bird’s feet and they’re bad for like any type of bird and you will normally find dowel perches already in a cage that you purchase because they tend to come with the cage.  These dowel perches can cause bubble foot or arthritis so avoid them at all costs.

2.  Plastic perches-

 Basically anything plastic you pretty much want to avoid so, no plastic perches.

3. Rope perches-

There is nothing wrong with these rope perches they are very good perches for other birds like love birds, finches, etc. But, rope perches are not a wise choice when it comes to Amazon parrots because they will probably shred them within like two days and not only that you would have to throw away the rope perch because they can get caught in it. 

Perches you should go for 

Wood perches-

 The best perch you can provide to your  Amazon parrot is the perch made of natural wood. These natural wood perches mimic their natural habitat which is branches because branches are not just one thickness or texture they are multiple thicknesses and textures. So, it’s very important to provide your parrot with at least three to four different types of perches and most of their perches should be made of natural wood.

Pros and cons of owning an Amazon parrot in India


  • Extremely entertaining and playful bird.
  • They do not shy away from strangers.
  • Very sturdy and does not fall ill easily.
  • Are Amazing at Mimicking the various types of sounds and words.


  • Can be quite stubborn sometimes.
  • Can be aggressive and can bite.
  • They are very messy birds like all the other parrots.
  • Can be very demanding of attention.
  • Due to its high Price, Most people can not afford to buy it.


1. What is the price of an Amazon parrot in India?

The price of an Amazon Parrot in India can range from 50K- 800K -/Rs in pairs or 30 K to 400K -/Rs single.

2. Which Amazon parrot is the best talker?

Yellow-naped or Golden- naped parrot is the best talker among the Amazon Parrots.

3. What is the lifespan of an Amazon parrot?

They have an amazingly long life. The average Life span of an Amazon parrot can range from 50- 60years

4. How many eggs do Amazon parrots lay?

 The Amazon Parrots can lay 2 to 6 eggs in a clutch.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have come to an end of this article and it can be concluded that they are a very beautiful parrot breed. They are very popular due to their ability to talk and mimic. You can also own this wonderful breed and make it your companion. But before buying please do complete research about the breeder and always buy it from a legit breeder only. Do ask for the health records of the bird before buying. After buying, please follow above mentioned caring tips regularly to give them a happy and healthy life. Hope have cleared all your doubts regarding Amazon Parrot Price in India and other questions in your mind. But if you still have any then feel free to comment. I hope you find it helpful!!

Thank you for Reading!

Have a nice day!!!


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