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Corn Snake Price in India 2022- All You Need To Know

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Today in Top Pet Products we are going to talk about Corn snakes. Snakes are often looked at as a bad thing in India. They think all snakes are dangerous and have various myths regarding them as well. Most people do not have snakes as pets in India. However, they are some enthusiasts that want to make snakes as pets.  So, In this article, I have given information about the Corn Snake which is a beginner-friendly snake. and have also mentioned its price, how to take care of them, Pros and Cons and much more. So, do read the entire article to know more about these beautiful reptiles.  

Corn Snake Price in India

The average price of a Corn snake can range from 15,000 to 20,000 Rs. They are not common to get in India however, not that hard to find them. You can get Corn snakes in your exotic pet shops or reptile pet shops or from reptile breeders.

Here are the some places you can buy from-

1. Karnataka Aquarium

2. Drogo pets (Highly recommended)

About Corn snake


Corn snakes are non-venomous snakes that are native to North America and they are closely related to rat snakes. They are named corn snakes due to the scales in their belly resemble the patterns of variegated corn.


The corn snake is a medium size snake that has a slender body. They are available in hundreds of different colours or morphs. But generally, they are red,  brownish yellow or orange in colour with red colour patches with a black outline around them and the belly of the corn snake has black white pattern scale similar to a checkerboard. 

Life Span and Size-

If you take care of them properly the average life span of a Corn snake can range between 15 to 20 years and they can grow between 3-5 feet in length and sometimes up to 6 feet. An adult corn snake can weigh around 900 gm.


The corn snakes are not at all aggressive and are generally cool and calm snakes. Although can be slightly nibbling when they are young but as they mature they do not bite at all and even if they do it is very rare.

In short, they are one of the calmest and most laid-back reptiles in the world.

Health problems-

Corn snakes can suffer from some diseases like respiratory issues, mites, Stomatitis or mouth Rot, vomiting, skin issues, constipation, etc.

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Tips To Take Care of Corn Snake in India

Cage Setup-

You can use an aquarium as their cage and it must be a minimum 30-40gallon aquarium and a maximum can be as big as you want corn snakes will simply love a big enclosure. Make sure you have a basking place for them and can place wood and branches in their basking area. And also add a hiding place in the enclosure you can use cardboard boxes as their hiding place.  You can decorate their cage as you want using branches, plants etc.


As a substrate, you can use a paper towel or newspaper, which will be cost-effective, but I recommend you use aspen shavings that will allow your snake to burrow which will also provide more enrichment. 

Temperature requiement-

The temperature of the enclosure should be between 26 deg celsius to 29 deg celsius. And the temperature of the basking place should be between 29 deg celsius to 31 deg celsius. And at night the temperature of their enclosure should not go less than 24 deg celsius. You must install heating pads and to regulate the temperature you should install a thermostat and also add a thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature inside the enclosure. 

Humidity inside the enclosure-

Normally, the humidity inside the house is 40- 50 % which is enough for them. However, if you want the best for your snake the humidity inside the enclosure should be 60 %. Humidity should not be more than 60 % as mould will start to develop inside the enclosure.


Corns snakes eat mice. So, you can buy frozen mice and can feed them but, before feeding place the frozen mice in warm water so it comes to normal temperature.  You don’t need to feed them daily just feed them one or two mice once a week. And after feeding them let them chill and leave them alone for 2-3 days for digesting. Otherwise, there’s the possibility that they could regurgitate or vomit their food. Also, provide access to the bowl of fresh water all the time. The bowl should be big enough that a corn snake can also sit in it for soaking.


It is important to clean their enclosure. So, I recommend to spot clean their enclosure as often as possible probably every day and thoroughly cleaning their enclosure every 3-4 months.

Handle these snakes gently, best way to pick them is to place one hand under their head and another hand under the body. Do not grab them roughly be as gentle as possible. Do not handle them too long 10- 15 mins is more than enough otherwise their body temperature will reduce and they may get stressed.   

Pros and Cons of Owning Corn Snake in India


  1. One of the best snake pets for beginners to start with. 
  2. Among all the snake corn might be the easiest to care for.
  3. Requires minimum attention.
  4. You can leave them for 1-2 weeks alone if you’re going on vacation. (with proper preparation only).
  5. They do not grow too big.
  6. Comes in a variety of patterns and colours.
  7. They produce nearly no harm to humans.
  8. They are not fussy eaters and are easy to feed.


  1. When they are babies they might nib or bite nothing serious. (mostly will become calm as they grow).
  2. When you handle them they will move around and are fast, especially babies which makes them slightly difficult to handle. 
  3. Are prone to respiratory disease.
  4. They are great at escaping so do make sure the tank is properly secured.


1. Are Corn snakes legal to own as pets in India?

Yes, these beautiful snakes are completely safe and legal to own in India. As this species does not belong to India. According to Law, any species which do not belong to India are legal to own as pets in India. 

2. Is a Corn snake a good family pet?

Yes, this reptile can be a great family pet. As they have docile nature and non-aggressive behaviour they can get along with everyone and even kids (aged 5+) can hold and play with them as they will not bite but of course under your supervision only.

3. Do Corn snakes love their owners?

Corn snakes or any snakes do not love or form a strong bond like dogs or other pets do. However, Corn snakes are comfortable and will enjoy human company as long as you provide them with food and a proper enclosure to live.

Final Thoughts

We have come to the end of this article Corn snake price in India, I want to conclude that corn snakes are not for everyone. However, if you want to have a snake as your pet then the Corn snake is the best snake for the first-time owner. I have tried to mention everything about these snakes but I still suggest doing your own research and understanding what you are getting into before buying them. If you have decided to have a corn snake as your pet make sure,  to purchase a healthy specimen from a well-known breeder only. Hope you have found this article helpful.

Thank You For Reading!!  

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