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Corgi Price in India(September 2023)- Care tips, Pros and Cons and much more

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Hi, Today in Top Pet Products we are going to talk about very unique dog breed that is Corgi dog breed. They are a very popular dog breed worldwide. They are small size dogs and are very strong. So if you are planning to make them as your family member and have doubt about its price then you are in the right place. In this article, you will get to know complete information about Corgi Price in India, their caring tips, the most asked FAQs and much more. So read it till the end. Let’s get started.

Corgi Price in India

A corgi price in India may range between 25,000 Rs to 1,00,000 Rs. Corgi dogs are quite expensive as they are mostly imported. Corgi price in India may differ depending upon the factors like breed type(Pembroke or Cardigan), breed quality(pet or show quality), age(Puppy Or adult), location, demand, breeder quality (popular or local breeder), etc. 

Location Price
Corgi price in Mumbai 25K - 100K Rs.
Corgi price in Delhi 25K - 100K Rs.
Corgi price in Kolkata 25K - 100K Rs.
Corgi price in Kerala 25K - 100K Rs.
Corgi price in Chennai 25K - 100K Rs.
Corgi price in Bangalore 25K - 100K Rs.
Corgi price in Hyderabad 25K - 100K Rs.
Corgi price in Pune 25K - 100K Rs.

About Corgi Dog Breeds

1. History-

Even medieval chronicles mentioned a shortlegged, extremely agile Welsh herding dog, which was used to herd almost all farm animals and could certainly have been the ancestor of the corgis. In Wales, two breeding centres were once established Pembrokeshire and Cardiganshire, where the two corgi varieties were eventually separated, giving birth to the better known smaller Pembroke Welsh corgi, which is covered in this part, and the slightly larger, stronger Cardigan Welsh corgis. In the 20th century, the popularity of corgis grew steadily, but they became really popular when these special small fellows appeared in the vicinity of Queen Elizabeth II of England. She got her first corgi in 1933 and has been keeping and even breeding them continuously ever since.

2. Personality/ Temperament-

Corgis are often described by the English as large dogs in small packs or suits, and this is really true of them.

Corgis are small-sized dogs who are blessed with an outstanding intellect and intelligence and at least as much ego and will. In addition to being able to easily fit into almost any environment, from apartments to large-scale homesteads, they are basically herding dogs in the depths of their souls to this day. They always try to find something to keep themselves busy. Although sometimes they seem to be primarily companion dogs, they’re more working dogs with very strong self-will.

3. Size and Life span-

Corgi is a not very large breed of dog. Their height is typically 25 to 30 cm to withers and they are weighing not more than  13 to 17 kg. Due to their past, they have effective weather-resistant thick furs and their undercoat is also well developed, so they require frequent care.

The colours of their coat can be several, the most common being deer-brown and red, but there are also black and tan, black and white and blue colour variations.

4. Trainability-

Because the corgi is a working dog, they learn extremely fast, and because they are incredibly greedy, they can be highly motivated with all rewards that can be eaten. In addition to this, almost all corgi owners and breeders also mention that they can be very stubborn and willful so in their case.

Early socialization is important, and certainly, the dog nursery cannot harm them either if they are not socialized and accustomed to people and other animals. In time, corgis tend to herd them in the direction they favour, even by pinching the heels of children living in the same household with them. This behaviour is instinctive and can be corrected in time.

5. Activity-

despite its short legs, the corgi is an agile dog breed that specifically requires activities. Despite their small stature, they are able to run at lightning speeds and a well-maintained corgi can easily join an evening jog.

They can also be good in dog sports. They often show up on agility tracks as dog dancing partners, but to this day they still stand their ground as herding dogs, which is hard to believe for an outside observer until they saw them at work. Due to their special physique, special attention is needed in case of movements related to level differences in their case so that their joint structures don’t suffer.

6. Health Problems-

Fortunately, the corgi is a healthy breed with a long lifespan, with an average of 15 years. As mentioned, they are a terribly greedy breed, so they are quite prone to obesity, for which owners need to pay close attention to dysplasia and degenerative.

Myelopathy, a type of paralytic disease, occasionally appear in certain breeding lines. For all this, responsible breeders filter their dogs.

Types of Corgi Breed

1. Pembroke Welsh Corgi-

corgi price in India

Pembroke welsh Corgi is a small size dog with a long body and hs overall square-shaped structure its faces look similar to that of a fox with small erect ears. They weigh around 30 pounds or 14 kg. they have no tails or extremely small tails despite their small bodies they are very quick and athletic. They are available in tan, red, brown, black colour, etc. and can be with or without white markings.

2. Cardigan Welsh Corgi –

corgi price in India

Cardigan Welsh corgis look very similar to Pembroke welsh Corgi but they are some key differences they are heavier(weigh approx 17 kg or 38 lbs) and bigger in height as well as they have long tails and it has more round or curvy back ends. They come in more colour varieties like Brindle, Brindle and white, black and white, Sable, red and white, blue merle, etc. however they are less popular compared to Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Tips To Take Care of Corgi in India

corgi price in india

1. Diet-

It is super necessary to keep an eye on Corgi’s diet as they can gain weight pretty easily. When you bring the pup to your home make sure to feed the same dog food that the breeder was feeding and do not immediately change the food as it can lead to stomach upset. If you want to change their dog food do it slowly. it’s got to be kind of a slow change where you start with, like, a fourth of the new kibble with ¾ thof the old. Slowly add more of the new kibble or food and less of the old so that they don’t get a stomach ache. You can also soak the kibbles in the water for a couple of minutes before feeding your puppy as the kibble become soft and moist which will be easy to chew. besides, the commercial dog food you can also feed them a raw diet(meat, a few veggies, fruits, etc. make sure to not overfeed them and consult your vet about your corgi’s diet if you are confused about what to feed your fur friend.

2. Exercise-

Corgis need a lot of exercises. Now, this exercise varies from corgi to corgi because some corgis are way more high energy and some corgis are a little bit more low energy.

But the thing is, exercise is really great for keeping them in shape. There are a lot of great ways to keep your dog in shape. Give them plenty of exercises and keep them stimulated.

Mentally structured walks, like making sure they’re healing, staying next to you, or even walks where they’re able to sniff things and enjoy the environment. Those are all really mentally stimulating for them while also being a great exercise for them. Some dogs don’t really enjoy walks, though. So you can go to the park and play fetch it is a really great way to give them exercise. Some ways that I stimulate her mentally are with treat puzzles.

These require them to use their nose and their brain to sniff out and figure out how to open the puzzles and then get the treats, which is ultimately what they want to do is eat. So, really great ways to stimulate them mentally and keep them away from doing things like destroying your house, tearing up your couch, etc. 

3. Training-

Corgis require a lot of training and structure in their lives and now this may vary depending on the corgi so just be aware that when you are getting a corgi they need all the training that you can get usually it actually is helping them to live a lot more stress-free because they know what to expect they have that structure and they’re not having to worry about like taking care of controlling the house they need to know that you are the alpha and that they don’t have to be in charge all the time. Here are a few tips you can follow this tips to let them know that you are their leader-

  1. Making sure your dog can’t walk through a doorway before you is a great way to show them that you’re the alpha.
  2. Have them walk next to you on a leash don’t let them pull you down the street. Also,  make sure they are really good at recall so if you call them and they’re off without a leash they come right to you that is super important.
  3.  making them wait and watch you before they’re allowed to take a treat or eat dinner those types of structural things that you put into their life totally reduce their stress and just make them a much more well-rounded behaved corgi.

4. Grooming-

Grooming a corgi is not that difficult but yes they shed.  Corgis actually have a double coat so this means that they shed more than the average dogs. Brushing their hair once every week will be quite sufficient it will help get rid of loose or dead hair, dust and derbies.  Make sure that you don’t fully bathe your corgi or dog more than one time a month because it starts to dry out the skin and they just really don’t need it every once in a While. If you notice that their paws, underbelly or any other part just clean or wash that instead of giving them a full bath remember they don’t need a full bath more than once a month or two to three months.  Also, their nails should be trimmed once a week or at least once a month because if their nails start getting too long it starts putting pressure on their like metacarpals and carpals and stuff and it starts making their paws hurt and can lead to arthritis and joint issues so whether you are able to cut or trim your dog’s nails on your own or take them to a vet or a groomer to get them trimmed is super important.

Pros and Cons of owning a Corgi Dog in India


  1. They are super smart dogs.
  2. They are very food driven which can be very helpful while training them.
  3. These little dogs are super athletic.
  4. They are full of personalities and can turn out to be a very entertaining partner.
  5. Corgis are a very social and confident breed.
  6. Corgi loves playing and going on adventures like hiking.
  7. Easy to groom.
  8. They can get along with other animals.
  9. They have a long life as a result you will be with your pup for a long time. 
  10. Corgis are undeniably adorable.


  1. They are stubborn and want to do things in their own way.
  2. They can get overweight quite easily so make sure to keep an on their diet and weight.
  3. As they are very energetic they need mental and physical stimulation otherwise they can turn out to be destructive or bored.
  4. They don’t like to be left alone.
  5. They need constant and consistent training.
  6. They do shed a lot.
  7. They can be very vocal.
  8. Due to their stature, they can develop health issues like joint problems and back problems.

Amazing Facts About Corgis

  • Some  Pembroke Welsh Corgis are born without tails.
  • Corgis have been ranked as the 11th smartest dog.
  • Queen Elizabeth II owned approx 30 corgis in her lifetime. 
  • Every year, in Southern California annual corgi beach day, is conducted and nearly 500 corgis attend.
  • Corgis mean ”Dwarf” in welsh.


1. Is Corgi available in India?

Yes, they are available but can be slightly difficult to find as they are not very popular in India and do not has a very high demand.

2. Is the corgi ideal for novice dog owners?

 The answer to this question is clearly yes. Corgis have found their place as family dogs almost all over the world, and living with the family has replaced the former herding work. In addition, they are especially effective in signalling dogs with their voice, which is relatively deep compared to their body size. They are always signalling the approach of a stranger to the owners in time. At the same time, they are definitely human-centred, longing for human company. They are highly intelligent, small-sized dogs who are great to live with if they are socialized at the right time and in the right way.

Teaching and educating them isn’t the easiest, but whoever devotes the right time and energy to them and also goes to dog school with them can find the ideal four-legged companions in the corgis.

3. Is Corgi a lazy dog?

Despite their small body and structure, they are very energetic dogs in the past they were used as working dog that used to herd cattle so it is a very active breed that loves to play and go on adventures, etc.  there is no way that they are lazy dogs

4. Can Corgis be left home alone?

They are a social and affectionate breed that gets attached to their owner. So if you leave them alone they might develop separation anxiety. 

5. Are Corgis child friendly?

Yes, these dogs can get along with children and can form a special bond with them and as they are loyal they will try to protect your kid.

6. Do Corgis smell?

Corgis are clean dogs and do not know for having bad smells. Even if they do smell it is tolerable. But if you do not clean them for a long extended period of time it is obvious that they will be smelly. But overall they are very clean and do not develop a bad smell.

7. Are Corgis vocal or talkative?

Yes, they are very talkative and quite expressive as well. They will make various sounds like barking, howling, growling, etc. and if somebody is coming they will let you know.

8. Do Corgis protect their owners?

They are big dogs in small dogs’ bodies and they are extremely loyal to their owners and will try to protect and guard them when needed.

9. Do Corgis eat a lot?

Corgi’s stomach is like a well that has no bottom. They have huge appetites and they will keep on eating if you keep on giving the food. So, make sure to give the diet in moderate quantity and do not overfeed which can lead to obesity and various health issues. 

10. Is Corgi easy to train?

They are super intelligent and smart but they are quite stubborn and most of the time will do things on their term. However, with consistent and persistent training they can learn pretty quickly.

11. Are corgis needy dogs?

 Corgis are quite affectionate and loving but they are not very needy in fact they are an independent breed that does not seek attention all the time. However, they need some attention and care when it comes to playing, grooming, etc.

12. Why are Corgis so bossy?

Yes, they can be bossy and can make their own rule set and can do things as they like if you neglect training. So make sure you train them and let them know that you are a leader.

13. How strong is a Corgi bite?

Corgi is a small dog that has a weak bite force that ranges between 100 -200 PSI.

14. Are Corgis aggressive?

Corgis are not at all aggressive by nature but corgis and even other dogs that are well-trained can show some aggression when feel feared or threatened.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have come to the end of this article Corgi Price in India, and we hope that you have cleared all your doubts and have got complete information about this breed. They are very tough and small dogs and they can get easily mingle with your family members if they are socialised properly. They are very calm in nature and are also suitable for apartments. So they do not require much maintenance cost. As they are not much popular in India we would suggest you do proper research about breeders and then buy them from a genuine breeder only.

Thank you for Reading!!

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