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Topic- American Bully Price in India 2023

American Bully is an extremely popular dog breed and is widely known for its muscular & broad appearance. There are various myths related to this dog breed like Pitbulls and American bullies are the same, they are aggressive in nature, etc. In this article,  American Bully Price in India, I have given very detailed information about this dog breed, its price, things you should know before buying them, the truth about their various myths, and answered some of the most asked faqs about this breed and much more. So, do read it completely to know more and get complete detail about this wonderful dog breed.

American Bully Price in India

The average  American Bully Price in India can range from  20,000 to 1,00000 -/ Rs. Price of an American Bully depends on various factors like type, breed(pure or mixed), gender, breeder, colours, bloodline, etc.

Location Price
American Bully price in Mumbai 30,000 Rs - 100,000 Rs.
American Bully price in Delhi 25,000 Rs - 90,000 Rs.
American Bully price in Bangalore 30,000 Rs - 90,000 Rs.
American Bully price in Haryana 20,000 Rs - 80,000 Rs.
American Bully price in Kolkata 30,000 Rs - 95,000 Rs.
American Bully price in Kerala 30,000 Rs - 95,000 Rs.
American Bully price in Pune 25,000 Rs - 90,000 Rs.

About American Bully Dog Breed


The birth of the American bully dog breed was an outcome of the thought to get a muscular dog the same as a pit bull but of calm nature. Due to the aggressive nature of pit bulls and their high power they were not suitable for keeping as pets. It was first made around 1990. It was officially recognised by the ABKC (American Bully Kennel Club) in 2004. Later on, it was also recognised by UKC which is the United Kennel Club in 2013.


American bullies have compact, muscular, stocky bodies. Their tails can be short, long or kinky and they have huge heads they come in different types depending on their size – Nano, micro, pocket, standard, XL, XXL, etc.

Life span And size – 

The Average Life span of an American bully can range from 10-12 years. And the average height is around 13-20 inches and the average weight ranges from 20 -60 kg. 


Contrary to popular belief, American bullies are not at all aggressive, they have playful and loving temperaments and are highly active dog breeds they get around with children extremely well. They are also extremely loyal and have a protective nature which makes them a great guard or watchdogs.

Colours –

American bullies are available in various Colours. So, there is no shortage to choose from.  Black, White, Grey, Brown, Blue, Tan, Fawn, Red and Pie and the rarest colour is the tri-colour blue. 

Intelligence and Trainability-

They are very intelligent and it is somewhat easy to train but newbies or first-time owners may find it difficult to train them as they can be stubborn and may not follow your instruction blindly. It requires consistent training sessions to teach them. 

Types of American Bully Along With its Prices in India 2023

American bully is of six different types which are Nano, Micro, Pocket, Standard, XL, and XXL. However, according to ABKC(American Bully Kennel Cub ), officially there are only Pocket, standard and XL bully. While Nano, Micro and XXL are not recognized by them. They can be considered  Exotic breeds .

1. Exotic Nano American Bully-

American Bully Price in India 2022

It is an extremely small size and they are very rare. They weigh around 11 – 22 pounds(4.9-10 kg). And can grow up to 8-12  inches in height.

The average  American bully nano size price in India ranges from 70,000 Rs to 1,00000 Rs. It is not produced by natural breeding. It is made using artificial insemination.

2. Micro American bully-

American Bully Price in India 2022

It is also produced using artificial insemination like nano bully. They are slightly bigger than the nano American bully. They weigh around  30 – 50 pounds (13-23 kg). And can grow up to 13- 14 inches in height. The Average American Bully Price in India can range between 60,000 – 70,000 Rs.

3. Pocket size American bully-

They are bigger than both the Nano and Micro American bully. They are not too short and not too big if you do not have much space Pocket size may be the right choice.  They can grow up to 15-17inches in height. The average  American bully pocket size price in India ranges from 25,000 rs – 35,000/- Rs.

4. Standard size American bully- 

American Bully Price in India 2022

 It is also produced using artificial insemination like nano bully. They are slightly bigger than the nano American bully. They weigh around  65 pounds(36 kg) – 85 pounds (39kg). And can grow up to  17 – 20 inches in height. The Average  American bully pocket size price in India ranges from 20,000 rs – 30,000/- Rs.

5. XL American bully- 

American Bully Price in India 2022

They are very big American bullies.  They weigh around 80 pounds (35 kg) – 120 pounds (55 kg). And the height of a XL bully is between 20- 23 inches in height.

The Average  American bully XL price in India ranges from 30,000 rs – 40,000/- Rs.

5. XXL American bully- 

American Bully Price in India 2022

American bully which is larger than 23 inches in height is considered to be XXL. These are the biggest American bullies. They can weigh up to 190 pounds. The Average  American bully XXL price in India ranges from 30,000 rs – 50,000/- Rs.

Caring Tips For American Bully In India

American Bully Price in India 2022
Img Credit- texassizebullies

1. Grooming-

  • American bully is not very difficult to groom. As they are a short-haired dog breed.
  •  Brushing them once every week is more than enough to keep them clean and tidy. And also use pet wipes to clean their whole body. 
  • You should also bathe them 1 or 2 times every 2 months.
  • Make sure to clean the teeth once a week 
  • Also, clean the ears once per week to avoid the build-up of wax or dirt which will prevent any type of ear infection. Make sure to use vet recommended best dog ear care solution to clean the ear.

2. Food-

  • As they are a muscular dog breed. They eat a lot.  To maintain their muscles, they required a well-balanced diet that is high in protein, low in fats and moderate in carbs
  • You can give any commercial healthy adult dog food or can give homemade foods like a boiled egg, boiled meat(chicken, goat, beef), rice(in moderate quantity), boiled potato, veggies, curd, buttermilk, etc. 

3. Exercise-

American bullies are quite energetic and to keep them healthy exercise is a must. You should provide at least 1 hour of exercise daily to your American bully.

4. Bed (optional) –

Although it is not compulsory to buy a bed having it can be beneficial. As your American bully will have a cosy place to rest or sleep. Instead of sleeping on the cold hard floor, it is better to provide a comfortable dog bed.

5. Climatic condition-

  • They can fairly do well in summer. Just keep in mind that you do not keep them outside or go for a walk during day time.
  •  Include curd and buttermilk in their meal to keep their body temp cool.

In winter they require extra care, as they have short hair which is not very useful to keep them warm. Hence, cover them with a blanket or give them clothes.

Tips For The First Time Owing American Bully

1. Know what class or size of bully suits you-

This is very important because if you have a small apartment and XL is not going to work for you, if you have a smaller apartment, maybe a classic or a pocket can work for you. But it’s very important to get this down right because you don’t want a dog that’s too small that you want to be active with. And also you don’t want a dog that’s too big that cannot fit into the standards of your home. So you got to make sure you nail this down right.

2. Common Health problems-

Some of them can have hip dysplasia, and some of them can have skin allergies. There are some of them with joint problems, especially if you’re getting like these so-called exotic dogs(Nano, Micro bully). They can have a really hard time walking around and not be as mobile. So health problems are something we have to factor in if we’re thinking about getting the American Bully.

3. Have a clear diet for your dog-

Maybe you want to go the raw feeding route or maybe you just want to give your dog high-end kibble. One thing you also got to know is if your dog has allergies it may need hypoallergenic food. So, you must have your dog’s diet dialled in. 

4. Know your dog’s limits when it comes to exercising

The smaller classes of the American Bully are not as mobile and don’t have as much movement as the bigger Bully. So know where your dog is in terms of their movement. If they’re a smaller dog, obviously they’re not going to be weight, pulling all kinds of weight and they’re not going to be able to run as fast as possible. 

Just know the movement. The limits and don’t overdo it with your dog because you can overheat your dog and that is something we don’t want because it can be fatal.

5. Don’t get American bully just for dog breeding–  

A lot of people are wanting to start dog breeding programs and the dog breeding business. But I highly advise you to find a mentor if you want to go down this route. I’m not going to say you can’t do it.

But if you’re just jumping in, getting your American bully just to jump into a business and you’re going in just for the money, then I promise you it’s not going to turn out how you think it is.

6. Involved with the community-

 A lot of people are just getting the bully, showing them off on Instagram, showing them off on Facebook. No one ever sees the dog. You got to get out there and start building the community. Have fun with the community.

We need to spread positive vibes with these dogs because a lot of people still view them as dangerous dogs, even though they’re some of the best dogs in the world. Just get involved, and spread positive messages to everybody. Start networking with people. I like to go to bully breed events because I get to meet new people and some amazing dogs that I see out there. And then you can show off your dog, especially.

The monthly cost of owning an American bully in India

American Bully Price in India 2022

Vaccination Cost- 

The average cost of vaccinating an American bully generally ranges from 500- 20,000 Rs per month. Make sure to do proper vaccination which will prevent further health issues.

Accessories Cost-

You will need accessories like a Food bowl, leash, beds (optional), toys, etc. 

The food bowls, leashes and toys will cost you approx 500- 1000 Rs. However, the price of a bed can range from 500 Rs- 5000Rs. You can purchase as per your budget.

Food Cost-

 As they are a very active and muscular dog breed they need lots of energy so a well-balanced diet is a must for an American bully. The average food cost can range between 2K – 8K Rs per month. If you go for the dog food from premium brands like Royal canine it will cost you more than the dog food from standard brands like chappie.

Grooming cost –

For grooming, you will need a hair brush, nail grinder,  pet wipe, toothbrush, and toothpaste all these things will cost you around 1000 – 2000 Rs.

But, if you don’t like to groom your dog by yourself you can go for a professional groomer which will approximately cost you around 500 – 800 Rs per month. As their grooming is easy.

Importing cost –

If you are importing the dog by train in the luggage section it will cost you approx 30 Rs per kg of the dog and if you want to take the dog with yourself it is important to have tickets for 1st AC which will be slightly costly. And If you are importing by plane in India that can cost you around 20,000 Rs. Most domestic airlines charge 70 – 100 Rs per Kg of dog, the cost may differ depending on the plane, destination, etc.

Supplement cost-

You might need some supplements like calcium supplement, liver tonic for digestion or any other which will cost you around 500- 1000 Rs per month. Make sure not to start giving your dogs tons of supplements give the vet-recommended supplements only if needed.

Note – All the expenses mentioned are estimated not to be taken precisely. It is provided to give you an idea about the associated costs.

What To Look For When Purchasing or Buying An American Bully Puppy

American Bully Price in India 2022

The most important part is, who are you? Are you a breeder? Do you plan on breeding or are you just looking for a pet? Are you looking for a dog that’s going to be a working dog? These are the questions you need to ask yourself from the very beginning because they’re going to establish the guidelines for you as to what you’re going to be looking for when it’s time for you to buy your pup. 

Here are a few things that you should look for before buying an American Bully –

1. Look  At The Front-

One of the first things that I look for is that the pup is not east-west.  East-west is nothing more when two front paws are pointing outward.

 It’s a very common fault amongst the bully community, especially on the bigger dogs. Another thing you should look is  the chest ,shoulders and  front legs all the way down to the knees  into the paws to be symmetrical. We’re looking for symmetry. Pasterns, which are kind of like their wrist, if their pasterns are dropped, you probably should not buy that pup.  

2. Puppy’s  Back-

The next thing that you should look at is the top line. The top line is nothing more than the dog’s back. A good straight top line is usually a dominant trait. But, If the front of the dog is higher, in other words, that the rare-end back is on a slight decline, that’s not the worst thing.

You do have to keep an eye out, though, for the back legs as far as what type of angulation they have on the knee and what not. But the one thing you definitely might want to stay away from is high-rear. All it means is that the back rear is taller than the front.

3. Puppy movement-

 You should look if the puppy’s top line moving in a smooth manner. If you see the puppy running and it’s kicking out a back leg or it’s kicking out a front leg, or it’s just kind of wacky in its motion, normally I try to shy away from them.

 4.  Nose or Snout-

Before purchasing make sure to look at the snout if the snout is too short usually do not purchase that dog. A smushed snout will cause breathing issues that can have many negative effects.


Who is the more dangerous American bully or a pit bull?

The answer is very simple Pitbull are the most dangerous dog breed in the world although they are friendly they are quite unpredictable they have caused the most fatal injuries and deaths to people than any other dog breed. While American bully seems intimidating they are lovely and affectionate dogs bred by heart. It is extremely out of their character to attack humans.

When to cut American bully ears?

If you want to do ear cropping of your American bully ear it is better to do it at their early puppyhood age( 6- 12 weeks). As they are too young they will not remember this experience after some time and will not affect your bully.

What is the American bully ear cropping price in India?

The average American bully ear cropping price in India typically ranges from 1000- 5,000 rs. if done by professional doctors.

Can American Bully survive in India?

Yes, they can survive in India. American bully has short hair coat which makes them perfectly fine to live in the hot climates of India.

Is American Bully and Pitbull is same?

Most people think that American bullies and pitbull are the same which is not at all true. Although they may be related and fall in the same category. American bullies and Pitbull are two separate breeds. American bully has a gentle nature while Pitbull can be aggressive. And most American bullies have a more muscular and heavy-boned structure than Pitbull.

Are American Bullies lazy?

They may seem like big muscular lazy dogs but they are not at all lazy they are extremely energetic and playful in nature.

Do American bullies bite?

They are extremely gentle by nature and will generally not bite, attack or hurt humans. However, in some rare cases, they may bite.

Are American bullies good family dogs?

The American bully is a breed that is known for its strength and tenacity. They are loyal, affectionate, and playful. They are also very protective of their family.

The American bully is a great dog for families who want a dog that can provide security and protection but will also be playful with the kids.

Final Thoughts

We can conclude that various myths have been busted about this American bully dog breed. They are very calm, human-friendly and not aggressive as pitbull. So it can become your best pet dog. American bully dog price in India is affected by various factors which have been listed so do read it carefully.  American bully dogs are of various types so buy them from a registered breeder only and do follow the basic tips I have mentioned above to avoid common mistakes before buying them. Hope have cleared all your doubts, but if you still have any then feel free to comment it down below.

Thank you for reading!!

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