Best Muzzle For Aggressive Dog India 2021

Best Muzzle For Aggressive Dog India 2021

Dog muzzle is an arguable topic. As it is associated with “Aggressive Dogs” and  “Attacking Dogs”. Meanwhile Dog muzzles play an important role if your dog is aggressive it  prevents them from biting or attacking other persons or animals.  In this article, I have tried to explain everything about dog muzzles and have listed the best Muzzle for aggressive dog India 2021.

And Numerous number of  questions arise When talking about dog muzzles like  “Is dog muzzle safe  “,does it hurts to wear dog muzzle, etc. I have tried my best to answer similar questions in our FAQ section

Dog Muzzle Pros and Cons


  1. Stops your dog from attacking another person, dog or any other animals.
  2. Prevents your pet from eating scrap off the road that he/she shouldn’t .
  3. Help to warn other people that your dog is in need of space.
  4. When a dog gets hurt in an emergency, it is instinctive for them to defend their wound rather than allow a person to check it. A muzzle can protect both you and the medical workers.


  1. Others could ignore you and your dogs.
  2. Your pet dog  can’t defend himself if he needs to.
  3. There is a negative stigma attached to use of a muzzle.

Types of Muzzle For Aggressive Dog

1. Basket muzzle-

Basket muzzles resemble what they name like: a basket tied around your dog’s nose and mouth. They can be constructed of leather, metal, plastic, or even rubber. Many dogs appear to be comfortable in basket muzzles. Dogs can open their jaws to breath, drink, and eat in most fashions. Some even include openings along the side for training reasons, allowing you to slip bigger treats through the bars.

Best Muzzle For Aggressive Dog India 2021

 2. Soft/Occlusion muzzle-

Soft muzzles are often made of cloth, such as nylon or mesh, or leather, and wrap over your pet’s mouth to keep it shut.

These muzzles are meant to keep your dog from panting. They should only be used for short amounts of time.

Best Muzzle For Aggressive Dog India 2021

3. Short snout muzzle-

As the name implies short snout muzzles are suitable for short snout dogs like  Bulldogs, Pugs ,Shih tzus, Pit Bull Terriers, Chow Chow, Mastiffs, Boxers, etc.

Best Muzzle For Aggressive Dog India 2021

4. Homemade dog muzzle-

When you don’t have any other choices and need to muzzle your pet, such as in an urgent situation or when your dog has been harmed, you can construct a muzzle out of things you already have on hand. This is only suggested if you have no other option, and your DIY muzzle should only be worn for a short period of time. You can find online tutorials for making a handmade dog muzzle out of a roll of cloth, a pair of stockings, or even your pet’s leash, but this isn’t the best option.

Best Muzzle For Aggressive Dog India 2021

Best Muzzle For Aggressive Dog India 2021-Buying Guide


Size is an important aspect while buying a right muzzle for your dog. Size is directly related to comfort .Before buying you must look at the size chart and purchase accordingly.


There are various types of muzzles that we have already discussed in details above . You can buy according to you and your dog’s preference.


You must look for this feature while buying a muzzle. If your muzzle is adjustable it helps to adjust the size of the muzzle according to your pet’s size  to ensure proper fitting.

Materials – 

Make sure the material used for making a muzzle is safe for your pet and should be durable and long lasting. You can go for muzzles made of nylon, plastic (BPA free), metal, rubber, etc.

Best basket Muzzle For Aggressive Dog India 2021

Customer Rating on Amazon

Main Features-

  • It is made of plastic .
  • It includes a fast release buckle and an adjustable strap.
  • Buckles are constructed of metal and are long-lasting.


  1. It is very cheap .
  2. Easy to wear.


Design of the product can be improved.

Customer Rating on Amazon

Main features –

  • It is made of natural resin rubber which is safe for your pet .
  • It has ventilation holes that allow your pet to pant, drink and even eat small treats .
  • It has a Nylon neck strap which is adjustable. 
  • It also has a head strap for extra safety .
  • It is available in a number of sizes From extra small to large(XS,S,M,L).


  1. It is made of 100% toxic free material
  2. It is very comfortable.
  3.  It can be widened or narrowed according to your pet’s size.
  4. It is very durable and long lasting


Quality of the strap can be improved.

Best Soft/Occlusion Muzzle For Aggressive Dog India 2021

Customer Rating on Amazon

Main features –

  • It is made of nylon mesh which is very sturdy .
  • It has straps which are adjustable. 
  • It is available in a number of sizes From extra small to extra large(XS,S,M,L,XL).


  1. fitting is very good.
  2. fabric used is soft and does not hurt your pet
  3. It is made of lightweight material.


The buckle is not very durable.

Customer Rating on Amazon

Main features –

  • It is constructed of high-quality polyester.
  • It has an adjustable snap push clip.
  • Straps are made of high quality  nylon.
  • Muzzle has soft padding from inside .
  • It is available in a lot of  different sizes From small to extra large(S,M,L,XL).
  • Along with the muzzle you get a dog id tag bone shape worth rs 150 for absolutely free.

(You will get dog id only if you purchase medium, large or X-large muzzle not available for small sizes)


  1. It is affordable .
  2. It is very comfy .
  3. The fabric used is waterproof.


Colour can get slightly after using for some time

Best Short Snout Muzzle For Aggressive Dog India 2021

Customer Rating on Amazon

Main features –

  • It is made of nylon .
  • And has transparent mesh for your pet to see.
  • It has one huge hole that allows your pet to breathe properly.
  • It is available in a number of sizes From small to extra large(XS,S,M,L,XL).


  1. It is very easy to use
  2. it is very strong and sturdy


Buckle is slightly difficult to use.

Customer Rating on Amazon

Main features –

  • It is made of Breathable mesh  .
  • It has an adjustable neck strap that allows you to improve the fitting at your will.
  • It is available in a number of sizes From small to Large  (S,M,L)


  1. User friendly 
  2. It gets fitted and does not fall off  easily. 
  3. Mesh is very soft and does not hurt your pet dog.


It is very expensive.


1. Are dog muzzles a good idea?

There is no specific answer but it should be used for protection when needed but if your dog isn’t dangerous then don’t make them uncomfortable for no reason

2.Are dog muzzles safe?

A muzzle may be worn by any dog! Muzzles are safe, practical tools that may help even the warmest dogs get through stressful circumstances properly. They prevent your dog from eating trash or eating any other unwanted thing.

3. Do muzzles hurt dogs?

When used correctly, a well-fitting muzzle must never cause distress to your dog. Once used to their correctly fitting basket muzzle, dogs may pant, drink water, and even take treats with comfort.

4. Is a dog muzzle cruel?

Yes, it may be cruel if the improper muzzle is used—for example, if it prevents the dog from panting. Muzzles do nothing to alter, modify, or fix the cause of  behaviour issue; they are only a safety device that avoids bites and, in many situations, aids in the implementation of a behaviour modification programme.

5. Is it fine to muzzle a dog all day?

Although we don’t recommend to muzzle them for such a long duration, you can if you use a basket muzzle so they can easily pant and eat . We don’t recommend using a soft muzzle for long duration as it completely shuts the mouth and they cannot pant.

6. Should I muzzle my dog to stop barking?

No. Muzzle’s  only primary purpose is  to keep a dog from biting. They’re not going to quit barking. You should employ a trainer to show you how to properly train your pooch.

7. What size muzzle should I buy for my dog?

The table below might assist you in determining the appropriate size muzzle for your dog.

8. When should dogs wear muzzles?

If your canine is aggressive and/or has previously bitten another dog or an individual, a muzzle might be used for security.

Final thoughts

Finally want to conclude this article  Best Muzzle for aggressive dog India 2021  ,I have tried my best to explain about muzzle ,its types and when to use it and have also listed some of the Best Muzzle for aggressive dogs available online.

If you have a question please  Comment down below we will try to answer it as soon as possible.

Hopefully you found it helpful!

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