Best Dog Sanitizing Wipes India 2021

Best Dog Sanitizing Wipes India 2021


What are dog sanitizing wipes?

These are specially designed wipes for dogs that help to sanitize and clean them. It helps to keep them free from germs and bacterias.

Importance of Dog Sanitizing Wipes

Dog sanitizing wipes are vital, especially during these covid times. It has been found that this disease not only affects us but it also affects our pets, etc. As a pet owner, you don’t want your lovely pet to suffer from this disease .so I have written this article   Best Dog Sanitizing Wipes India 2021 to provide you with the best sanitizing dog wipes online.

Can we use human sanitizing wipes instead of dog sanitizing wipes? 

No, dog skin is slightly more sensitive than human skin, human skin Ph level is slightly acidic. while the dog’s skin ph level is alkaline. so if human sanitizing wipes are used to sanitize your pet it can cause irritation on their skin or can have other ill effects on them.

Best Dog Sanitizing Wipes India 2021-Buying guide

1. Ingredients-

While buying make sure the wipes do not contain any type of harmful chemicals. It should be made with high-quality, preferably natural, materials that will not bother your pet. If your dog is sensitive to smells, use unscented wipes.

2. Portability-

Portability is another important factor that you should consider before buying. Many individuals like traveling with their pet dogs. and after using they can not carry wipes on their hand all the time. The size of the wipe thus becomes an important consideration in evaluating whether it will fit in your pocket or handbag.

3. Price range – 

These sanitizing wipes come in the price range of 200 to approx 700 rs at max. You can purchase it as per your budget.

Top 2 Best Dog Sanitizing Wipes India 2021

Saincan pet sanitizing wipes are India’s first-ever sanitizing wipes for pets. These wipes are vet recommended and Ph balanced especially formulated for your pet. Research has proven that it prevents your pet from bacterias, germs, and viruses including coronavirus.

Customer Rating on Amazon

Main features –

  • It is an alcohol-free sanitizing wipe.
  • It contains Benzalkonium Chloride that helps to kill 99.99% of the germs.
  • It contains natural ingredients like essential oils of Basil, Lavender, Lemongrass, Soothing Aloe vera, and Glycerin.
  • It can be used to sanitize the paw, coats, or other affected areas.
  • The container contains 80 wipes. 
  • It is suited for both dogs and cats.


  1. It does not contain any harmful chemicals and is 100% safe for pets.
  2. It completely inactivates SARS-Cov-2 within seconds.
  3. The fragrance is mild and not overpowering.
  4. The tissue is soft and does not irritate the pet.
  5. Easy to use.
  6. Highly Portable.


No negative points observed yet.

Customer Rating on Amazon

Top dog sanitizing wipes are also proudly made in India. These wipes are alcohol-free and It is a veterinarian as well as FDCA approved for effectiveness.

Main features –

  • It is a lavender-scented dog sanitizing wipe.
  • It contains Pure Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil that has a calming effect on your dog.
  • It is also enriched with vitamin e & aloe vera.
  • It contains 80 wipes in a container.
  • It is suitable for dogs.


  1. Keep the dog clean from germs and other stuff after taking walks or any outdoor activities.
  2. It aids in the removal of unpleasant smells.
  3. User-friendly and extremely portable.
  4. Smells really good. most of the dogs also like the smell.
  5. It also acts as an insect repellent for your pet.
  6. It does not contain any harmful additives.


It is somewhat costly.


1. Is dog sanitizing wipes safe?

Generally, dog sanitizing wipes are safe, but make sure that it does not contain any harmful chemicals like alcohol, paraben, sulfate, or any other harmful additives.

2. Can we use dog sanitize wipes daily?

Yes, you can use Dog sanitizing wipes daily especially during these covid times it helps to disinfect your pet as well as it helps to remove the odor and helps to keep them fresh. But they should have a bath once per week.

3.How to use dog sanitizing wipes?

On a regular basis, the sanitizer can be applied to the pets’ feet and coats. It dries quickly and provides rinse-free protection throughout the day. Lightly spray the Pet Sanitizer on your pet’s paws and fur to rapidly disinfect them from deadly bacteria and prevent germs transfer. The Instant Pet Sanitizer is a spray-based product that is free of irritants and has a relaxing and calming impact on your pet.

Final thoughts

We have finally come to the end of this article, I have tried my best to give you a detailed explanation about  sanitizing wipes. It is a must-have product during this covid time.

I have listed some of the best sanitizing wipes that are available online to ease your task. If you have any questions comment down below we will try to answer them as soon as possible.

Hopefully, you found it helpful

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