Axolotl Price in India

Axolotl Price In India 2023- Care Tips, Places to Buy

Axolotls are also known as Walking fish are one-of-a-kind animals. most people think it is a fish which is not at all true. 

They belong to the salamander species.  Axolotl looks like a mysterious creature out of a movie.  

They are already very popular pets in Western countries however, it has also started gaining some popularity in India as well. 

So, I have written this article to inform you of Axolotl Price in  India. As well as where you can find them and has mentioned caring tips and much more. So, make sure to read the entire article.

Is Axolotl legal in India?

Yes, they are legal in India, and perfectly fine to keep as your pets. As they are not an Indian species and they do not come under Indian Wildlife Protection Act.

Axolotl Price In India

The average axolotl Price in India can range from 3,000/- Rs to 8,000 Rs depending on the colour, size and location. These Axolots are quite rare in India. but, you might get them in exotic pet shops near you. or if it is not available you can ask these exotic pet traders if they can arrange them for you. Here, are some pet shops, breeders, or sellers where you can get axolotls for sure.

  1. Drogo pets(Powai, Mumbai)- Highly recommended. 
  2. Karnataka aquarium( Bangalore)- has a youtube channel 
  3. Singh exotics– has a youtube channel



Axolotl price in Chennai 3,000- 8,000/- RS
Axolotl price in Banglore 3,000- 8,000/- RS
Axolotl price in Mumbai 3,000 - 10,000/- Rs
Axolotl price in Delhi 3,000- 8,000/- RS
Axolotl price in Kerala 3,000- 8,000/- RS
Axolotl price in Kolkata 3,000- 8,000/- RS

About Axolotl

Axolotl price in India


The origin of the axolotl was in Mexico in the lake named Xochimilco and Chalco. Once they were found in abundance but now they are extinct in the wild and are only available in pet shops,  aquariums, breeders or as a pet at homes.

Size And Life span- 

Axolotls can live up to 7 years in the wild but In captivity, with proper care, the average life span of axolotls ranges between 15- 20 years.


The axolotl is a unique species that somewhat look like aliens that do not belong to this planet. They have broad flat bodies with large heads. they have gills on their head which look like worms. And They look like they are smiling. they have legs which are not very useful to walk on land.


They are solitary i.e they simply love to be alone. They can be aggressive if you do not give them food in proper quantity(underfeeding), or if you have kept them in a crowded tank. 

Health problems-

They can have health problems like fungal infection, loss of appetite, bacterial infection, etc. If it seems like your axolotl is depressed or shows any sign of illness make sure to visit the aquatic vet as early as possible. In most cases, the root cause of health problems in axolotl is due to their setup(keep in the proper tank, maintain water parameters, etc.)


They are available in different colours like white albino, pink, black, golden, blue, cyan, copper, mosaic, etc. However, in India, they are generally available in  golden,  white, or black.

Carings Tips To Keep Axolotl in India

1. Tank Size –

A 10-20 gallon fish tank is an absolute minimum for keeping one axolotl. Although you can get away with a ten-gallon tank, you should probably try and get a 20-gallon long because it is easier to keep good water parameters. 

2. De-chlorinated water-

Make sure the water is chlorine free. You can dechlorinate water using any water de-chlorinator available in the market for fish. The chlorine in the water can be toxic to these unique creatures.

3. Maintaining Ph level- 

The ph level of the water must range between 6.5 – 7.5. To check the ph of the water, it is important to have a ph meter. No need to check the ph level of the water daily just check it once a week.

4. Temperature maintenance-

The ideal temperature of the water should be between 14-24 degrees celsius. Do not place your setup or enclosure in the sunlight as the water can get heated and they also do not like a lot of harsh lightings. 

To maintain the temperature, you can keep the fish tank in an AC room or simply pour a bottle of chilled water from your refrigerator to lower the temperature. 

5. Filtration – 

They do not like too much flow in water. They like to live under still water. So, make sure to use filters that make minimum disturbance in the water as possible. Do not use any type of wave maker.

6. Feeding –

Axolotls are opportunistic eaters and they are carnivores so,  you can feed them various types of worms generally night crawlers are the best to feed them, you can also give prawns just finely chop before feeding them, or you can give axolotls food pellets.

7. Handling –

They do not like to get handled. Just admire it from a distance. Handle them only if it is necessary, and before handling them make sure to clean your hand in distilled water or were clean gloves. and do not handle them roughly.

8. Aquarium floor-

You can keep the bare floor. But if you find that your  Axolotl is not getting enough traction to walk. You can place aquarium safe sand on the floor. Do not place gravel or small stones as they can accidentally consume the stones which will be very harmful.

9. Juveniles- 

Don’t keep juveniles ( baby axolotls )in the group as they can eat each other’s limbs. Once they grow up to 4-5 inches you can keep them together but make sure to not crowd the tank.

10. Hiding places- 

Make sure to place some hiding place like a tunnel, plant, etc. So, they can hide. If there is no hiding place in the tank they might get stressed.

Amazing Fun Facts about Axolotl

Axolotl price in India
  • Most people mispronounce the name of the axolotl.  It is actually pronounced as asholot.
  • Axolotls can grow any part of their body including the brain and the heart.
  • They can change their colours depending on the environment , food you give them, etc.
  • They are highly resistant to cancer.
  • There are some axolotls which have two colours split straight down the middle with one side of its body showing one coloured trait and the other half showing the other coloured trait it is known as Chimera colour .which is pretty rare.


1. Can we keep an axolotl with other fish?

Although we can I do not recommend it. As the gills of the axolotl may seem like worms floating in the water to fish. So, fishes might harm the gills of the axolotl.

2. Do they Breed in captivity?

Yes, they do breed in captivity very well, just maintain the environment parameters suited to them.

3. Can we keep more than 1 Axolotl together?

They do not need any partners to remain busy and entertained. But, if you keep more than 1 Axolotl make sure they are somewhat similar in size and keep them in a spacious tank.

Final Thoughts

Finally, to conclude this Article Axolotl price in India, you can make this wonderful animal as your pets as they are low in maintenance just need to focus on few points-

  • Keep in the spacious tank with dechlorinated water.
  • Maintain the temperature parameters.
  • Give quality food.
  • Use a filter that makes the least disturbance in the water.
  •  Handle them carefully only if necessary. 

If you follow this you are going to be a good axolotl owner. Thank You for reading.

Hopefully, you found it helpful!

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