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Mudhol Hound Dog Price in India 2023- The Indian Hunting Dog

Topic- Mudhol Hound Dog Price in India 

Today, in Top Pet Products we are going to talk about an ancient hunting dog breed of India called Mudhol Hound. Mudhol hound has immense stamina, and known for their amazing hunting skills, and can adapt to live in any situation. Even used in the Indian Army. It is sad that most people don’t know about this amazing breed. So, I have tried to inform each and everything about this breed like its price, care tips,  where you can buy from, faqs and much more, So do read it till the end.

Mudhol Hound Dog Price in India

The Mudhol hound dog price in India may vary based on the breeder’s reputation, availability, and location. On average, a Mudhol dog may often be purchased anywhere between Rs. 7,000 and Rs. 15,000. They are extremely affordable and their maintenance cost is extremely low.

Location Price(Rs)
Mudhol dog price in Mumbai 7,000-15,000 -/Rs.
Mudhol dog price in Bangalore 7,000-15,000 -/Rs.
Mudhol hound price in Pune 7,000-15,000 -/Rs.
Mudhol hound price in Karnataka 7,000-15,000 -/Rs.
Mudhol dog price in Mumbai 7,000-15,000 -/Rs.
Mudhol hound price in Andhra Pradesh 7,000-15,000 -/Rs.
Mudhol hound price in Kolkata 7,000-15,000 -/Rs.
Mudhol hound price in Pune 7,000-15,000 -/Rs.
Mudhol hound price in Hyderabad 7,000-15,000 -/Rs.

About Mudhol Hound

Origin and history-

The Mudhol Hound evolved on India’s Deccan Plateau in the states of Karnataka and Maharashtra, where it was raised for generations as a pet, hunter, and guard dog. The breed was and continues to be popular in Mudhol city of Bagalkote district, Karnataka, where the breed earned its name. The Caravan Hound is another name for this breed. Mudhol dogs were used by the kings and royal families for hunting purposes. Later, It becomes the first Indian Breed used by the Indian army. In 2005, in Indian government released a postal stamp in recognition of these breeds.

Size and Life span-

Mudhol hound is one the tallest Indian dog breeds, On average its height can range between 26 to 31 inches and they typically weigh between 65 to 73 pounds, which is around 29 to 33 kg. Females are often somewhat smaller than males. And the life of these Indian hunting dog breeds is around 12-14 years.


Mudhol dog has a muscular and streamlined body. Its head is long and narrow with a long elongated muzzle and it has triangular-shaped floppy ears with rounded tips. It has a muscular thick neck which is somewhat the same size as its head and has a narrow deep chest cavity. And it has tight smooth skin all over the body.


The coat of the Mudhol hound is short and smooth. In winter due to their short hair, it is important to provide clothes to keep them warm. 

The Mudhol can be found in many colours and colour combinations including white, black, grey, fawn, red or cream.


The Mudhol hound has been bred for generations as a hunter and guard dog, which has influenced the breed’s disposition.

They are quiet and suspicious of strangers, and they have a strong protective sense for their owners and family. This is an exceptional guard dog and becomes very protective When they are with their family, on the other hand, they are very loving, adorable, and affectionate. This is a very clever dog and can learn commands very quickly. However, because of their power and, dominating and independent personalities, they require competent, tough, and patient trainers to effectively teach and socialise them. And remember they are very sensitive dog breeds so while training them be gentle. If you are very harsh on them they may turn out to be very aggressive.

Compatibility with other pets-

As we know, the Mudhol hound is an exceptional hunter. And due to their high hunting instincts, they may not be ideal to keep with small pets like hamsters, rabbits, birds, cats, etc. As they might chase or attack them. However, they can very well get along with other dogs especially when they are raised together from an early age.

Health issues-

Mudhol hounds are extremely healthy breeds and well adapted to live in India’s hot climate. They do not suffer from many diseases although can suffer from some minor issues like hip dysplasia, bloating, eye problems, etc. And they rarely ever face any genetic health issues. Overall, there are nearly no major health issues in this dog breed.

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1. What is the price of a Mudhol dog in India?

The Price of a Mudhol Hound is between 7K- 15K in Indian Rupees.

2. What to feed a Mudhol hound puppy?

This ancient dog breed is very strong and healthy and has been surviving on its own with minimum food. So, feeding it is not a big problem. You can feed them roti(flat bread), cooked vegetables, (cooked) meat, egg, oats, rice, fruits( peeled and seeds removed), cottage cheese(paneer), fish(cooked and bone removed), etc. In all, you can feed this Indian dog almost anything just make sure the food you give does not contain salt, sugar, oil or any other types of spices. Simply give plain cooked food!!

You can also give wet or dry dog food which is easily available at the pet shops.

3. How do you care for a Mudhol hound? 

  1. First thing first as soon as you get Mudhol puppy socialize them with every family member, different types of people, kids, dogs, places, sounds, etc. so, they will be comfortable and not aggressive towards them.
  2. Provide a high-quality diet to your Mudhol dog and provide access to fresh water always.
  3. They are energetic breeds and it is important that your Mudhol hound gets at least 1 hrs of exercise. You can go for walks, can play with toys, etc.
  4. Brush their hair at least once every 7- 10 days to keep it free from dust and derbies. Give them a bath once every month. Check teeth, ears and eyes on a regular basis if you notice any issues visit your vet immediately.

These are some basic care tips you can follow to keep your Mudhol hound happy and healthy.

4. How can I tell if my puppy is a Mudhol hound?

You can tell if your puppy is a Mudhol by seeing its appearance and characteristics which I have explained in detail above.

5. What is the lifespan of a Mudhol dog?

The average life span of a Mudhol Dog in India can range between 12-14 years.

6. How many puppies can a Mudhol hound have?

On average, Mudhol Hound can have 5-7 Puppies in one litter which can be slightly more or less.

7. How fast can a Mudhol hound run?

Mudhol hounds are very fast. They can run at a speed of 50 km per hour.

8. What is the height of a Mudhol hound? 

The average height of a Mudhol hound can range between 26 to 32 inches or 2.1 to 2.6 feet.

9. Where can I buy a Mudhol hound?

It can be slightly difficult to get one but, you can visit a breeder in your area and can ask about this breed, or there are various Facebook groups where people sell Mudhol hounds but make sure to visit in person before purchasing, or can visit Mudhol city in  Karnataka where you can easily find these breed. 

Final Thoughts

Mudhol Hound dogs are an excellent choice for those looking for a loyal and protective companion. They are intelligent and trainable, and they make good watchdogs. May not be ideal for people who have no prior experience. As they may find difficulty in handling this hunting dog breed. Prices for Mudhol Hound dogs in India vary depending on the breeder and the dog’s pedigree, but they are generally affordable. And last but not least I want to say that, everyone in India goes for western dog breeds and no one knows or buys  Indian dog breeds. So, I suggest you to try keeping an Indian dog breed, you will be amazed at how grateful we are for having these dogs in our country.  

Thank you for reading!!

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