Sulcata Tortoise Price in India

Sulcata Tortoise Price in India 2023- Ultimate Guide

Sulcata is an African tortoise species. It is also called an African spurred tortoise and an African desert tortoise.  It is the third largest tortoise species worldwide. Most of you are not aware of this amazing breed and it was not so popular in India, but nowadays it is gaining popularity. In this article you will get to know about this new tortoise breed, Sulcata Tortoise Price in India, caring tips, things to know before buying and making it as your pet and much more. So if you are planning to make a tortoise as your pet then do read this article completely to know more.

Sulcata Tortoise Price in India

They are slightly difficult to find in India and the average  Sulcata tortoise price in India ranges between 25,000 – 35,000 -/ Rs. Contacting the exotic breeders and pet shops you can find Sulcata tortoises, it just requires a lot of work to find them and the price of a Sulcata tortoise may differ depending on the locality, age, male or female, rarity, etc.

About Sulcata tortoise


Sulcata has a shell which is a tan brown  to dark brown in colour. the colour of the body or skin is  pale yellow. They have small spikes or spurs on the behind legs   hence it is also known as African spurred tortoises.


Sulcata tortoises are calm but curious in nature. They can create a bond with their caretaker and can come to you for food or for stroking their shell or head. They are not generally aggressive and can be good pets even for kids. But they are territorial, especially males can be aggressive towards another male Sulcata.

Origin and History-

The term Sulcata is Latin for sculpted, and that animal definitely looks sculpted. If you look at his front legs, they have a lot of furrows and a lot of ossification on the scales. they are found in the northen africa.In the wild, this little guy would hide and dig a small burrow to get out of the extreme sun of the Sahara, which is on the southern fringe of the Sahara Desert. So these are semi-desert species to desert species.

Lifespan and Size-

The average life span of a Sulcata tortoise is around 70 years and don’t surprise they even live up to 90- 100 years. They can grow up to 2- 3 feet in length and can weigh up to 100 pounds(45 kg) or even more.

Health problems-

 Below is the list 

  1. Respiratory Problems-
    They can get these problems if they are kept in a very humid and cold environment.
  2. Kidney Failure-
    Most people think that they don’t require much water. But this is a myth. Less water intake can lead to renal problems and failure.
  3. Shell problems- Their shell may become soft or rotten because of fungal infections.
  4. Pyramiding- This is the problem in which their scutes grow in height in their shell and they get obese which causes many renal problems. This is due to high protein intake. They need fibrous food so avoid giving proteins.

Care Tips For Baby Sulcata tortoise in India

1. Enclosure-

For the enclosure, you can buy a commercial tortoise house which you can easily find in pet stores or online.  Another alternative you can use bathtubs, or plastic tubs. 

Whatever you choose, ensure it is up to 2-3 feet in length.

Fill the bottom of the enclosure with the potting soil and add the substrate with the soil as well. 

2. Basking place – 

Basking place is nothing but a place where they can sit and enjoy the sunlight. You can place a plain rock in the enclosure where they can bask. 

3. Hiding place – 

It is essential to have a hiding place in their enclosure. So, they can relax in the shade when it is hot outside.

4. Diet- 

You can give them hibiscus leaves, mulberry leaves, coriander, spineless cactus, zucchini(a little bit), various leafy vegetables and fruits, etc. when feeding the hatchlings finely chopped the leaves or fruits, and veggies you are giving to them. Feed them in low quantities one time a day. Don’t feed them fruits daily, feed them maybe once or twice a week.

5. UVB Light-

UVB light is very necessary for the tortoise. Make sure to install a UVB light in their enclosure especially if you have placed the enclosure inside the house. Place UVB light right above the basking place in their enclosure.

6. Sunlight-

Taking the tortoise outside in the morning sunlight for half an hour or more is essential as sunlight is a natural source of UVB which will help them to keep healthy.

7. Water bowl- 

Always provide access to a fresh bowl of water. You can slightly dig the soil in the enclosure and can place the bowl of water in that hole.

8. Supplements-

You can give them calcium supplements so that they do not develop calcium deficiency. You can give them calcium supplements two times a week just sprinkle the calcium supplement over their food.

9. Soaking –  

Every morning when they get to wake up, you can take a small tub  and place the tortoise on that tub and fill the tub with lukewarm water, the water level should not be above their chin.  As they are cold-blooded animals soaking in lukewarm water will give them a metabolic boost. You can also clean them during this time with the help of a toothbrush be gentle while brushing, cleaning them once-twice a week is enough.

Caring Tips For Adult Sulcata Tortoise.

sulcata tortoise price in india


Once they have grown you can not keep them in a small enclosure like the hatchlings it is important to have a fenced big yard or garden.

Also, plant some trees so they can rest in the shade of the trees also add a few huge plain rocks where they can sit for basking beside trees you also want to add some hiding places.


When they become an adult majority of their diet is eating the grass in your yard. You can give them fruits, and veggies, along with tortoise food pellets twice a week.


It is important to build a small insulated home which will keep them warm during winter and dry during rain. When it is heavy raining or it is very cold outside you can place the Sulcata tortoise inside that house. It does not have to be fancy just build a simple home and place a UVB Light in that house.


They do not need to be soaked daily like the younger tortoises. soaking them once a week is more than enough. the procedure is the same you will just need a huge plastic tub to soak them. 

Things to know before getting Sulcata tortoise

1. Long life- 

Sulcata tortoises have an extremely long life and may outlive you probably, so are you ready to take care of them for such a long time? Who will take care of them when you are gone? So ask this question and think about it.

2. Too big-

You might think they are too small as babies but these babies can weigh up to 100 pounds (45 kgs) even more after becoming adults. 

3. Space-

When they become an adult they are very huge and you can not keep them inside the house. You should have a big yard or garden where they can freely move and graze the grass.

4. Can dig- 

They might dig huge burrows in your garden. If you don’t like anybody digging huge burrows in your garden it might be not the right pet for you.


Is Sulcata legal to own In India?

Yes, it is 100% legal to own Sulcata tortoise as it is not an Indian species of tortoise and by Indian law, you can make an animal your pet which is not native to India.

How much does a Sulcata tortoise cost in India?

Sulcata tortoise costs in India can range from 25,000 to 35,000 Rupees.

Is Sulcata tortoise rare?

Sulcata tortoise falls in the vulnerable category which means it is rare and is on the verge of falling into the endangered species.

What do Sulcata tortoises eat?

They can eat all veggies like hibiscus leaves, dandelion leaves, spinach, lettuce, mulberry leaves, etc. You can give them fruits like strawberries, mulberry, peaches (without seed), apricots (without seed), pears, etc. But fruits have to be given only as a treat due to their high sugar content.
For baby tortoises, you can feed them every alternate day.

Final Thoughts

We come to the end of this article Sulcata Tortoise price in India, It can be concluded that they are no doubt an amazing legal tortoise breed to own as pets. But before buying please think carefully once because they are completely different from usual pets like cats and dogs. You cannot take them as cats and dogs. You should only expect that they will come closer once they are familiar with you nothing more. As I have already mentioned they are the third largest tortoise breed so they will require a huge space, so you must have it. In the initial stage, they are small but they grow very quickly, so you need to give them food accordingly and take their proper care. So lastly I would say that if you are ready with this responsibility then go for it.

Thank you for Reading!!

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