Star Tortoise Price In India

Star Tortoise Price in India (May2023 )- Complete Guide

The Star tortoise is a very wonderful tortoise which is found in India. It is also found in various other countries like Sri Lanka and Myanmar. These are medium-sized tortoises. In this article Star tortoise price in India, I will try to answer all the queries that might arise in your mind before purchasing them like Is it legal to own in India? What’s its price? Caring tips?
And much more…So, make sure to read the entire article to know more about these unique beautiful breeds of tortoise.

Star Tortoise Price in India 2023?

The first thing you need to know is that a star tortoise is illegal to keep as a pet at home in India. However, they can be easily available as they are sold illegally in the Indian market.
The price of a star tortoise in India can range from 500-5000rs.

Can We Get A Permit or License To Own A Star Tortoise in India?

No, you can’t get any specialized license or permit to own this wonderful native tortoise. There is simply no way to make them your pet legally. However, if you are a huge tortoise lover and you want them as a pet then there is only one way i.e if you have a friend or relative in the forest department or animal rescue organisation. then, they might come across some turtles or tortoises which are injured or need some care, in that case, you can ask them to keep it in your home until they can completely recover and become healthy again. But once they are recovered,  you have to giveit back to them so they can release in the wild. That’s the only way out where you can spend some valuable time with these tortoises without falling into any legal issues.

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About Indian Star Tortoise


Indian Star tortoise got its name because of the star-shaped pattern on its shell. The shell can be dark black or brownish in colour and the stripes that make a star pattern on the shell are yellow. Male can grow up to 5 inches while female is slightly bigger and can grow up to 8 inches. 

Life span- 

As most of you know that tortoises and turtles are generally known for their long life span, Indian star tortoise is no different, it also has a life span of about 40- 80 years in the wild. While under proper care and with no worry of being eaten they can live up to 100 years or more.  


Star tortoises are cold-blooded, slow, and not at all aggressive animals. They simply love to lie in the sunlight. They are generally very active during the daytime in sunlight than at the night. 

During winter they might be very lethargic make sure to keep them warm by keeping them inside under the UV light and can also cover them in a blanket to give extra warmth during colder times. And they might not eat much food during winter.


They can eat almost all vegetables and fruits(like apples, papaya, mango, etc. only in small quantities). You can give vegetables like spinach, cauliflower, fenugreek, carrots, lettuce etc. but, avoid giving them citrus fruits(orange, sweet lime(mosambi), etc.).

Also, avoid giving them tomatoes or if you want to give tomatoes provide them in small quantities occasionally. You can also give commercial tortoise food once a twice a week.

Health issues-

These wonderful unique Indian tortoises can suffer from some health issues which are as follows-

1. Shedding or shell rot-

In Shedding or shell rot the shell of the tortoise might get damaged or develop cracks on the shell due to some bacterial infection.

2. Eye infection-

They might develop an infection in the eyes, in that case, they might develop symptoms like watery eyes or can also develop swelling around the eye. Make sure to consult a vet for a proper cure. 

3. Runny nose syndrome-

It is a bacterial disease that develops a constantly running nose. 

4. Metabolic Joint disease- 

This is a disease that might develop in tortoises if their meal does not contain an appropriate amount of calcium. So make, sure to give them well-balanced meals to prevent this health issue.

Caring Tips For A Indian Star Tortoise

star tortoise price in india
  1. Include calcium supplements into their diet especially for baby tortoises (hatchlings) to ensure proper development of their shell, bones etc.
  2. It is important to keep them in sunlight at least 20 -30 times a day as it will be a good source of vitamin D. Avoid keeping them during afternoon sunlight as they can get overheated. keep during morning sunlight.
  3. If you want to keep them inside, it is important to install UV lights if you can not keep them outside in the sunlight.
  4. Don’t always give them the same vegetables and fruits all the time. Make sure to keep changing their diet by including different veggies and fruits
  5. You can give meals 2 or 3 times a day and make sure to not overfeed them.
  6. Make sure fresh water is available for them to drink all the time. It is important to change the water 2 or 3 times a day.
  7. Make sure to keep them inside the house during the night. As it might be cold during this time. 


1. Is a star tortoise legal to own?

No, it is not legal to own a tortoise as a pet at home. As it is punishable under the Indian Wildlife Act. If you found this tortoise you can get jailed for up to 7 years. And might have to give a huge fine.

2. Is Indian Star Tortoise rare?

Yes, they are rare as it has become an endangered species due to illegal smuggling, destroying their habitats, killing them for their skin or shell, etc.

3. Can an Indian star tortoise bite or harm you?

They are very peaceful and calm in nature. It is extremely rare that they will bite you.

Final Thoughts

Finally, I have to conclude that the Star tortoise is a very rare and endangered species. These breeds are not legal to own. Despite this, they are being sold and purchased illegally in the market. Most people still make them their pets. But I highly recommend you not to own it as you can get into legal trouble. If you found one then please submit it to the forest department. Hope this has cleared all your doubts but if you still have any questions please comment, it‘s our pleasure to answer them.

Hope it was helpful!!

Thank you for reading

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