Ragdoll Cat Price in India

Ragdoll Cat Price in India(June 2023)- Complete Guide

Ragdoll Cat Price in IndiaRagdolls are a wonderful and sweet cat breed. They are often called puppy-like cats. They have very shiny coats and blue eyes. You might be wondering why it is named Ragdoll?

This cat when picked up tends to lie back and get completely relaxed like your ragdoll toy, Hence they are named this. They are very lazy and attention seekers.  In this article, Ragdoll Cat Price in India I have given detailed information about the Ragdoll cat and all the factors affecting it. Let’s find out.

Ragdoll Cat Price in India

Ragdoll cat is an expensive breed and On average, they are available in the price range of 25,000 rs to 35,000rs. Price can go as high as up to 60,000 – 70,000 rs.




25,000 -30,000 Rs


30,000  – 40,000 Rs


35,000- 60,000 Rs


30,000 – 45,000 Rs


25,000 -30,000 Rs

Factors Affecting Ragdoll Cat Price in India

1. Breeder-

The reputation of a breeder plays a huge role in affecting the price of a ragdoll. If you purchase a cat from a famous breed it tends to be more costly/expensive than the cat purchased from a less known or local breeder. 

2. Adult vs Kitten-

The ragdoll kittens are slightly more expensive than the adult ones. But, we highly recommend purchasing kittens as they can get trained easily and will form a strong bond with you.

3. Region- 

The price of a rag doll cat from one location to another location. for e.g-  a cat may be more or less expensive in Mumbai than in Delhi.

4. Quality of the Breed-

The quality of the breed plays a huge role in the price of a ragdoll cat. If you go for the show quality ragdoll then it will be more costly than the simple pet Ragdoll.

5. Microchip cats-

A microchipped Ragdoll is somewhat more expensive than one without. A microchip is a small chip that is placed inside the cat usually around the shoulder area. These chips provide complete information about your cat by simply scanning it. 

History of Ragdoll Cat

annbaker ragdollThis breed first emerged in the early 1960s thanks to Anne Baker of Riverside, California. The breed appeared after crossing a long-haired white cat which could have been a purebred Angora or a Persian mix with a ColorPoint Burman or Burmese-type cat. She bred these cats for their temperament as much as their appearance. Anne started her breeding program with other breeders who then created their own lines. The kittens of these breeders helped establish the rag doll’s breeding standard, which the FCI officially recognized in 1991.

About Ragdoll Cat Breed


Ragdoll has medium size head and almond-shaped eyes that are always blue in colour. It has a long hair coat. They look way bigger than they are due to their fluffy hair coat. They are available in various different colours like seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac. These cats can grow up to 9–11 inches tall and are usually 17–21 inches in length (not including the tail). They weigh around 4.5 kg – 10 kg (9 -10 lbs).


Ragdolls tend to be a more social breed by following their owners from room to room. They don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time. A Ragdoll’s calm nature makes them great pets for families with children or other pets.


Ragdolls have long hair coats so it’s important to brush them regularly in order to minimize matting and avoid hairs getting tangled. As long as you keep their hair clean and tidy there is no need for a bath. Make sure to keep their ears clean.


Ragdolls are intelligent and are easy to train cat breed. They can easily do some tricks in no time with some patience and proper training.

We recommend training them from a younger age.

Basic Tips to  have a proper training session with your furry friend

  1. Have a fixed training time every day.
  2. Have a short training during the session. By training them for a short duration they will not get bored or tired.
  3. Reward them by giving them treats when they do the things you want them to do.
  4. And lastly, have patience, and keep the session short and sweet. Show love and affection, don,t force them.

Health problems-

Ragdolls are prone to developing a serious health issue called HCM. HCM causes the progressive thickening of the heart’s left ventricle and can lead to sudden death. The condition isn’t curable, but the medicine can prolong the affected cat’s life if it’s detected early enough. Sadly, doctors haven’t been able to identify all the genetic mutations that cause disease. But you don’t need to worry as this is a genetic disorder, generally, they are a very healthy cat breed.

How To Take Care of Ragdoll Cats

Time –

 These cats can easily get sad or depressed when kept alone so, make sure to spend time with your ragdoll, or if you don,t have time you should consider having another pet with a ragdoll or two ragdolls so they can interact or remain busy.

Feeding the cat-

Ragdoll requires a very high quantity of protein-rich diet to keep them healthy. Hence one should choose cat food which is rich in proteins and nutrients. Before purchasing cat food you should check the nutritional values of the pack. You can also feed salmon, chicken, etc to your cats. You can also give this commercial food Best High Quality Protein Cat Food India 2022


 Provide an easily accessible litter box. Ragdolls need a litter box to eliminate in. Make sure your ragdoll knows where to find its litter box. Keep it in a somewhat open space like a closet that’s always cracked open, so your ragdoll can use the litter box if necessary. Ragdolls are a bigger breed, so opt for a larger, deeper litter box. A covered litter box may not work for such a large breed. If you get a ragdoll kitten from a breeder, ask the breeder what type of litter they use. Use the same type of litter. So, your Ragdoll does not get confused about a new litter box. 

To know more about litter boxes look into the article Best litter boxes for cats.


Make sure to purchase a lot of toys. Toys will help to keep them entertained and active. They love to play ball fetch so make sure to purchase a ball for your ragdoll.


Ragdolls do not require much exercise. They usually love to simply lie back. At least 20 mins of exercise/playtime will be more than enough for your cat.

Get your Ragdoll vaccinated.- 

Whenever you buy a ragdoll cat from a breeder then you should always take vaccination records from them to keep a check of what all vaccination has been given to them. You should discuss this vaccination record with your vet so that missed doses can be given and make them fully vaccinated against all diseases and make them healthy.

Health checkup-

Make sure to have a regular health checkup every 5- 6 months. This way you will be sure about the health of your cat and if there are any underlying health issues they can be cured earlier.

Pros And Cons of Ragdoll Cats


  1.  They’re loving fluff balls and look very appealing.
  2. They typically love meeting new people. Since they’re pretty laid back. They don’t get scared by people they don’t know.
  3. They don’t require much exercise. This is a huge plus for most people as adulting keeps us very busy.
  4. They are smart. They quickly learn your habits, for example, your morning routine. But that’s not all. Ragdolls can even understand when you’re not feeling well and can come to comfort you, their wise eyes and intelligence won’t ever stop surprising you.
  5. They are simply gorgeous and are typically Hardy, healthy cats.
  6. They are great for kids and get along pretty well with other pets, so if you have a large family, a ragdoll Kitty would be a fantastic addition.


  1. They shouldn’t be left alone for too long. That’s why it’s best to have another furry companion for your ragdoll if you don’t work from home.
  2. The adorable but lazy rag doll is prone to obesity highly dangerous condition that can lead to diabetes and heart disease.
  3.  Since they’re smart, ragdolls can learn undesirable behaviours such as finding a way to destroy your plants or opening your drawers and eating all the food they can find.


Do Ragdoll cats shed?

Yes, they do shed some hair but not very much as the other long hair cat breeds, but hair shedding of a ragdoll may vary depending on the location, and climatic condition you live in.

Are Ragdolls indoor cats?

Yes, they are indoor-only cats. A rag doll’s relaxed temperament means they are typically not fighters so, they should not be allowed outside unless supervised. Ragdolls tend to have a more dependent personality than other cat breeds.

Do Ragdoll cats get stolen?

Ragdolls are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world and also one of the most stolen cats . Their popularity may be one of the reasons they are stolen so often.

Are Ragdoll cats loyal?

Yes, there is no question that they are very loyal to their owners.

Do Ragdolls like water?

As almost everyone thinks that cats don’t like water. but, it is not the case for these cat breeds they are a few of the breeds that love to be in the water.

Do Ragdoll cats jump?

They are not considered jumpers as they are mostly lazy but, like most cats they can jump 9 times their height when they are playful or active.

How do I keep my Ragdolls cool in the summer?

Here are some tips that you can follow in order to keep them cool in summer

  1. Give plenty of fresh clean water to drink.
  2. Do not keep them outside keep them inside the house.
  3. You can also keep them in Ac if it is very hot.
  4. Try giving them some cold treats.
  5. You can slightly trim their hair (it is important to not shave the coat just slight trimming )

Can Ragdolls survive outside?

No, as I have explained they have a relaxed temperament and are very sensitive, and cannot protect themselves from the dangers on the outside. So, it is better to keep them inside, or if you want to take them outside always keep them under your supervision.

Do Ragdolls like cat trees?

Yes, they do love cat trees as they like to sit on the top of the cat tree to have a full view from the top. Here, are some of the best tree scratching posts you can purchase for your lovely cats.

Do ragdoll cats jump on counters?

Yes, they do jump on counters as they are extremely social they may follow you and the other can be that they love to sit on some height to view the whole surroundings.

Do Ragdolls scratch furniture?

Yes, they can scratch furniture but not very much unlike other cat breeds.

Are all Ragdoll cats born white?

Yes, all the ragdolls are white during the time they are born, they get a dark colour as they continue to grow in age.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have come to the end of this article Ragdoll Cat Price in India, and I have given you very detailed information about ragdoll cat breeds. You should always buy from an authorised vendor even if it is not so cheap instead of buying from the unauthorised vendor at a cheaper price. Because authorised vendors will have a complete health checkup of cats.

If you have some doubts then please ask them in the comment below, it will be our pleasure to answer them. Thanks for Reading

Hope you find it helpful.

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