Sugar glider Price In India 2022

Sugar glider price in India(June 2023)- Detailed Information and Much More

Sugar gliders are small unique creatures that look similar to small rodents like rats or hamsters. They were not many popular pets in India before, but they are now gaining popularity. They belong to marsupials (animals that carry their babies in pouch-like kangaroos).  They can become your very cute little pet.  In this article Sugar glider price in India, I have given detailed information about sugar gliders, factors affecting their prices, and everything you need to know before making them as your pets.

Is It Legal To Own Sugar Gliders in India?

According to the law in India, pets which are not native or local to India are perfectly fine to make the pet. As sugar gliders are exotic animals, they are legal in India.

Sugar Glider price in India

Sugar glider Price in indiaSugar gliders are available in the price range of 28,000 to 30,000 rs in pair in India. And the pair of bay sugar gliders(joey) comes in the price range of 18,000 to 22,000 rs.

The price of a sugar glider may vary depending on various factors like color, breeder, location, etc.

About Sugar Glider


They are extremely social and intelligent. They are also very energetic, playful, and curious animals. If they are given constant and ample care, they may form strong ties with their owners.

Life span and size-

When cared for properly, their lifespan is typically 12 to 15 years. They are about 5 to 7 inches in length, (not including their tail), and weigh about 170 gm.


As they are “self -groomers” There is no need for additional human grooming. They are capable of grooming themselves they bath by spitting on their hand and rubbing all over their body. They also have 5 toes in front and two behind the paw. These toes have nails that act s a comb which they use for their grooming.

It is also important to trim their nails as the long nails can get stuck in the sleeping pouch or toys which can lead to injury.

Here, is the best nail clipper that we recommend you to use to trim nails of sugar glider.

Health problems-

Sugar gliders, like other exotic pets, have a multitude of ailments that can affect them. Metabolic, bone disease due to inappropriate nutrition, injuries from getting stuck in gliding, diarrhea from eating too much fruit, and parasites are all commonly seen in pet sugar gliders.


They are extremely intelligent creatures. Their intelligence is similar to dogs. They can understand their name and can even learn some easy tricks by training them consistently and patiently.


They are omnivores, and as pets, they are often fed specific diets that are recommended by experts. They are usually given blended diets using baby food, honey, vitamins, and other ingredients and then supplemented with fresh items such as fruit(apple, grapes), vegetables (cucumber, carrots, etc), and insects.

Things You Should Have Before Purchasing Sugar Glider?


The first thing you’re going to need is a cage. The cage should be at least 4-foot in height and 3-4 feet wide to keep two sugar gliders. It is not necessary to have a huge cage, but bigger is better when it comes to sugar gliders. You want to make sure your cage has half-inch bar spacing or smaller. If your cage has wider bar spacing, then your gliders will slip through and escape into your house.


The other thing that you’re going to make sure you want is lots of different toys. So I swap out my gliders toys every season, and I try to slowly add things and then take some things away and swap things out. They’re like toddlers, they like change. They like new things. They generally don,t care to have a specific they can play with absolutely anything you put in their cage.

Sleeping Pouch bags-

 Definitely going to want quite a few sleeping pouches because they’re the thing that gets the smelliest and dirtiest Adobe. There are lots of different shapes and sizes of pouches. One thing you want to make sure of is you get them from a trusted, approved, tested vendor.

Pros and Cons Sugar glider


  • They Do not chew or scratch things like other small creatures.
  • Have almost no noticeable smell.
  • They also keep themselves extremely clean and never require bathing.
  • As they are nocturnal, they sleep during the daytime so it is not necessary for you to be with them, you can go anywhere, and do your work without pet worries. 
  •  Once they are fully bonded to you and your family, they can go almost everywhere with you in public without being caged.


  • Might be a bit noisy.
  • They can be very messy while eating.


Do sugar gliders fly?

NO, Sugar gliders do not fly. However, they have a gliding membrane similar to a flying squirrel that stretches from their wrists to their ankles, allowing them to glide from tree to tree.

How old do sugar gliders live?

Sugar gliders can live up to 12- 15 years.

Do sugar gliders bite?

Yes, they can bite if they are terrified or feel a threat from you. Their bite usually does not hurt, once they get familiar with you and feel comfortable around you they will not bite.

Can you toilet train a sugar glider?

Some say sugar gliders can be potty trained but the answer is No. But, here is a piece of good news for you that they are very predictable and are very clean. Even when they are born they do not poop or pee in the place they sleep. You can notice their daily routine and can place something where they poop or pee.

Should I get a male or female sugar glider?

Unlike other animals where one gender can be more or less aggressive than the other, the Sugar glider (both male and female) is not very aggressive and have a cool temperament. But each one has its own unique personality.

How many sugar gliders can be in a cage?

It really depends upon the size of the cage, if you have a big cage you can keep two sugar gliders, they are small pets but requires a lot of space to roam around freely.

Can you have just one sugar glider?

Strongly consider keeping more than one glider, if not several of them in a flight cage. Humans cannot offer the same type of companionship and socialization that other sugar gliders can provide to each other. The vocalizations, grooming, and bonding that they provide for each other are irreplaceable by a human.

What is the best age to get a sugar glider?

Before being removed from their home habitat, sugar gliders should be at least 2.5 months old and up to 3.5 months old. That is the age at which they should be weaned, and it is also the period when they should learn to adjust to a new habitat.

What happens if a sugar glider is alone?

They are very social animals. If your sugar glider is alone then they can easily become depressed and bored. Hence, one should spend enough time with them.

How do I keep my sugar glider happy?

You can keep a Sugar glider happy by providing toys like ropes, wheelsswings, etc. which will keep them busy and entertained. You can also keep tree branches(eucalyptus branch, sugar cane branch)in their cage, which allows them to feel comfortable. You should also keep pouches where they can sleep or rest.

Amazing Facts about Sugar glider

Final Thoughts

Finally, we come to an end of this article Sugar Glider Price in India,  I have given detailed information about sugar gliders and their pricing details. They can become your very good pet. Hope you have got all answers to your questions, but if you still have any queries then please comment below, it will be our pleasure to answer you.

Hope you find it helpful.

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