Maine Coon Cat Price in India

Maine Coon Cat Price in India 2023

Topic- Maine coon Cat Price in India

Hello everyone Today in Top Pet Products we are going to talk about a very popular cat breed that is Maine Coon Cat. They are very affectionate, loving and powerful cats. They are very popular worldwide. So if you are planning to make them as your family member and you have various questions like their price, caring tips, and things you should know before buying them, then you are in the right place because this article ” Maine Coon Cat Price In India ” we have covered all the information in every detailed manner, so do read it completely to know more!!

Maine Coon Cat Price in India

A Maine Coon cat price in India can vary depending on several factors such as the location, breeder, and the kitten’s age and gender. On average, Maine Coon cat price in India can range from 20,000 to 50,000 Rs. However, prices can be higher for show-quality cats or cats from champion bloodlines. It is important to research and find a reputable breeder in order to ensure that the kitten you buy is healthy and well-cared for.

Location Price
Maine coon cat price in Mumbai 20,000-50,000 Rs.
Maine coon cat price in Delhi 20,000-50,000 Rs.
Maine coon cat price in Kolkata 20,000-50,000 Rs.
Maine coon cat price in Bangalore 20,000-50,000 Rs.
Maine coon cat price in Chennai 20,000-50,000 Rs.
Maine coon cat price in Hyderabad 20,000-50,000 Rs.
Maine coon cat price in Pune 20,000-50,000 Rs.
Maine coon cat price in Kerala 20,000-50,000 Rs.

About Maine Coon Cat Breed


Maine Coons are one of the oldest cat breeds in North America.In the early  1850s  ancestors which were hardworking ship cats which are very related to Norweigan cats were first bought to Maine by some European Seafarers. Later, breeders started cross-breeding this cat with some short hair cats which resulted in a muscular powerful cat with a long tail which is similar to the tail of a racoon hence they got their name ” Maine Coon”. The place Maine which is situated in the US which is its official originated place. These cats were very popular for their cat shows in the 19th century.


Maine coon is a large size cat breed that has a muscular, rectangular-shaped elongated body. It has faced with big expressive eyes and large tufted ears. One of its future is there long fluffy hair coat and fluffy tail. The hair under the neck region and on the tail is comparatively dense and longer than the rest of the body. They are available in various colours and patterns like blue and grey, white, black, cream, bicolour, tricolour, tabby, etc.


These giant cats have very big hearts they are very affectionate as well as social breeds that can get along and other cats as well. They love to be with the owner and will follow you everywhere around the house. Unlike other cats, these cat loves water so don’t be surprised if they are playing in the water. They are very active and playful as well. overall they can be a great family pet for almost anyone. 

Life Span and Size-

On average the life span of a Maine coon cat ranges between 12 -14 years. An adult Maine coon cat can grow between 10 to 16 inches or 0.8 to 1.3 feet in height and can reach up to 40 inches or 3 feet in length.


They have high intelligence and are very trainable as well. By taking short training sessions with patience and repetition your Maine coon can learn simple tricks and commands in no time.


Maine coon’s long fur does shed a lot and is also prone to develop tangling and matting. So, grooming them can be a slightly difficult task. Make sure to brush their hair at least 2-3 times a week to minimize tangling, knotting, etc. And during their shedding season when they shed very heavily, it is recommended to brush them almost daily. Bathing daily is not recommended at all as it is not good for their hair and skin bathing them once every one or two months will be fine.


Generally, these cat breeds are very healthy breed but they suffer from some of the common health issues like hip dysplasia, spine muscle problems which are the weakness of nerves, obesity, kidney problems, etc.
So would suggest you do a regular check-up at least 1 -2 in 6 months to get early detection of any problems.

Things To Expect When You Get a Maine Coon Cat

1. Expect them to get scared-

Think about how you would feel if you just said goodbye to the only home you’ve ever known, to your siblings, to your mom, to your dad, and then you just went to this new location and it’s just hard for any pet to adjust at first.

And cats specifically don’t like change. So your new kitten will probably be scared the first few days that you have them. They will be scared of you, they will be scared of your other pets, and they will need some time to adjust to their new home. They may hide and they may not eat much the first day or two and just let them come to you. But also, don’t forget to show them lots of love by petting them, hugging them, kissing them and holding them.

2. Expect them to be uneasy around other pets(if you have any)-

Cats aren’t like dogs, so it can take them a little while to accept each other and get used to each other. Make sure to keep them under your supervision when your cats are with other pets at first. Slowly they will get familiarised with each other and hopefully will get along. 

3. Expect them to eat a lot-

The next thing you can expect is for your kitten to eat a lot because as they are in their growing stage kittens tend to eat a lot especially if they are Maine coon kittens. Maine coons  are supper obsessed with foods and simply love to eat.

4. Expect them to follow you around-

The next thing you can expect is for your kitten to follow you around the house everywhere you go, even to the bathroom, because Maine coons are needy cats and they do not like being alone. Let me repeat they do not like being alone. As soon as you leave them alone they may start to freak out. They have like separation anxiety.

So, I would say you can expect your Maine coon kitten to meow at you constantly for food or if they just want attention because they are very needy and clingy cats.

5. Expect them to sleep a lot-

 cats sleep all day long, and kittens especially sleep even more than cats, and they are babies, so their bodies need to heal and they grow in their sleep.

Kittens sleep wherever they want, but make sure that your new kitten has a cat bed or a cat tree to sleep on just so that they have a place to call their own.

6. Expect them to be very Playful-

Kittens are very playful and they have a lot of energy. So it’s a good idea to have lots of different toys in your house for them to play with so that they don’t get bored and take out their boredom on other things that you don’t want them to. 

I would say that the first year or two with your new Maine coon kitten is going to be the hardest because that’s when they seem to have the most energy and then usually around the one or two-year mark, they start to settle down.

 But kittens need to play to stimulate their minds and help them get exercise. And also I want to say that it’s important to not use your hands when you play with your kitten because then that could get painful when they get older and they may accidentally hurt you. So try to, instead of playing with your hands, play with toys. So redirect their attention to a toy if they try to play with your hands. 

7. Expect their nails to grow fast-

Kitten’s nails grow faster than older cats’ nails because they are in their growing phase and so their nails will get sharp fast. It’s a good idea to trim their nails once a week when they’re kittens and then when they get older, trim them once every two weeks.

And that way they won’t accidentally hurt you when you play with them or pick them up and will also prevent your furniture from getting.

8. Expect them to be clumsy-

Kittens are still learning and growing, so they will fall off things and bump into things often. So be careful to not let them up on things that are really high in your house because you don’t want any accidents to happen.

9. Expect them to chew and scratch a lot of things-

Kittens go through a teething phase, they will need to chew on things. And so it’s a good idea to provide lots of toys that they can chew on, or they might chew on things that they’re not supposed to, for example.

10. Expect them to be curious about everything-

Cats are curious about anything that moves or anything new that changes in your house, so expect them to be curious and to get into trouble. This is why it’s a good idea to discipline your kitten and to teach them the word “NO” so that they will understand the boundaries in your house and they won’t just get into everything.

11. Expect them to grow fast-

Maine coons are very large cats. They do take several years to grow, but the first year that you have them, I think they grow the fastest. So that’s why I always say to take lots of pictures and videos of your kitten growing up because they grow so fast.

Male Mainecoons especially, grow much faster than females because they are bigger. It seems like they just get bigger every single week. And you think you’ll remember them small, but you won’t. So that’s why I say to take lots of pictures and videos while they’re young. And I have thousands of kitten photos and hundreds of videos of our cats on my computer, and I’m so grateful that I have those because you can never have too many pictures or videos of your cat, in my opinion. 

So just capture and cherish the time that they’re young because it’s going to happen so fast and they’re going to grow up so quickly, and then you’re going to miss those kitten days.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Maine coon in India


  1. Maine coon are a highly intelligent cat breed they learn things pretty quickly.
  2. They are very social and get along with almost everyone.
  3. They are extremely playful Maine coons love to play like kittens well past adulthood
  4. They simply love water. Which makes it easy for you to bathe them.
  5. They have a different wild appearance which makes them quite unique cats to have.


  1. They are huge in size so they require everything bigger than your average cat like a bigger bed, a bigger litter box and cat scratching trees, more food, etc. 
  2. Their coat requires extra care as their coat are prone to getting tangling and matting.
  3. Cat hair everywhere! These long-haired cats do shed a lot.
  4. Due to their high intelligence, they are difficult to keep entertained all the time as they get bored quite easily.
  5. They are quite expensive to buy.


1. Are Maine Coon cats available in India?

Yes, they are available in India. They are moderately difficult to find. You find one in the exotic pet shops/ breeder or can look in the various Facebook groups where you might find one selling these beautiful cats 

2. Can a Maine Coon survive in India?

Despite these big cats being well equipped to live in colder regions they can live in India. As Maine coons are very adaptable cats and live in hotter climate just needs a little extra care.

3. How much do Maine Coon cats cost in India?

The average cost of a Maine coon cat can range between 20k to 50K Indian rupees.

4. Is Maine Coon cat rare?

No, Maine Coon cats are not a rare breed; rather, they are the largest breed of domestic cat that has existed for a very long time and is still widely accessible all over the world.

5. Is a Maine Coon a good pet?

Yes, there is no doubt that they can turn out to be great family pets because of their sociable and affectionate nature. However,  In terms of grooming, they require little upkeep and are renowned for their loyalty and ability to get along well with kids. But before bringing a Maine Coon home, as with any pet, it’s crucial to make sure that it’s the proper fit for your way of life and your living arrangements.

6. Do Maine Coon cats live long?

Yes, they do have a long life that can range between 12-14 years and few cats are recorded to live up to 18 -20 years.

7. Can I leave my Maine Coon alone?

No, it is not at all recommended to leave them alone because they can suffer from social anxiety as they are very social and loves to be with their owner.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have come to an end of this article and would conclude that they can become your great choice as pets for your family member because of their fun-loving, friendly and adjustable nature. They are very happy with any human companion and they enjoy it. Before buying would suggest you do proper research about the breeder and buy them for a legal breeder only. Do follow our caring tips regularly to give them a healthy life.

Hope you found it helpful!!

Thank you for Reading!

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