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Budgerigar Price in India 2023

Topic- Budgerigar Price in India 2023

These small size birds are one of the most popular bird pets in the world including in India as well. Many people simply buy these cute little birds without thinking as they are quite cheap in price. And there is a stereotype related to budgies that they are beginner birds and extremely easy to care which is not at all true.There is nothing wrong with getting budgies as your first bird pet but it requires care as much as all the other parrots.

So, in this article, I will tell you about Budgerigar price in India, how to take care of them, the Pros and cons and much more. So, keep reading till the end!!

Budgerigar Price in India- Along with its type

The average budgie or budgerigar price in India ranges from 250- 3,000 rupees in pairs. However, there are different sub-species and colour mutations which can cost you up to 15,000 rs in pair.

Other sub-species of Budgies

Price (in pairs)

Normal Budgie 250- 500-/ Rs.
Opaline budgie 250- 500-/ Rs.
Pied budgie 300-600-/ Rs.
Red-eye budgie(Albino) 400- 600-/ Rs.
Red-eye budgie(Lutino) 400-500-/ Rs.
Red-eye budgie(Fallow) 500- 700-/ Rs.
Spangle budgie 500-800-/ Rs.
Tufted budgie 800- 1300-/ Rs.
Crested budgie 1200- 1800-/ Rs.
Rainbow budgie 1600- 2000-/ Rs.
Show cross budgie 2000-3500-/ Rs.
Helicopter budgie 7,000 - 13,000-/ Rs.
Show budgie 10,000- 15,000-/ Rs.

Note- The price of a budgie can depend more or less on the place you live, sub- species,  availability, gender, etc.

About Budgerigar [Budgie] Breed

Origin and History-

 These birds were first found in the Australian region. Later on, they were exported to Europe in 1840 and in 1950 they were abandoned from export as the Australian government stopped them. But during this period they become very popular in  Europe and also worldwide.

Appearance –

They are small-sized birds(parrots)and are available in various colour patterns and mutations like blue, yellow-green, etc. They weigh around 30 – 40 gm and can grow up to 18 cm in Length. Their tail is approximately half of its body length. 


These birds are generally not aggressive .They are very  loving and playful birds. They can get bonded with you or can get tamed easily but requires some patience and work. They can become great family birds.

Intelligence and trainability-

They are small in size but they are quite intelligent. They have the intelligence of a 2-year-old human. They are easy to train however they are slightly skittish birds. They can learn various tricks and can mimic and sing very well.

Health issues-

These birds can suffer from some common health problems like parrot fever, liver problems(mostly due to fat diets or including too many seeds and nuts in their diet), feather disease, some tumours, etc.

Do regular check-ups of your budgies to keep them away from the above diseases.

Pros and cons of owning a budgie or budgerigar in India


  • They are very affordable and budget-friendly birds.
  • They love music and love to dance.
  • Can learn various tricks and can even learn to speak words.
  • Available in a variety of colours and each one has its own unique personality.
  • budgies are a great pet that is good for anyone who is seeking a companion in a small space.


  •  They are quite messy.
  •  They can take a long time to bond with you.
  •  Budgies can be very loud so don’t judge too quickly just    because they are only a small bird
  • If your looking for a pet that will be with you for many years budgies may not be for you since their average lifespan ranges from 7-12 years.

Basic Caring Tips For Budgies in India

Budgerigar price in india

1. Diet-

The number one mistake that most budgie owner makes is simply bringing a seed mix from the pet store and just giving them that seed mix (that is generally of very low quality on a daily basis). So, if it has sugars, fillers, dyes, all of that sort of stuff, you want to make your own homemade seed mix. Make sure to also give a variety of different foods like veggies(pumpkin, carrots, spinach, beans, etc.), and fruits(mango, apple, banana, etc.)(chopped), and can also include nuts and seeds but in low or moderate quantity.  Also, provide them fresh water all the times.       

2. Cage-

It is important to have a big cage, they might be small birds but do need space to move around freely. So, when you buy a cage make sure the cage is very wide rather than tall as most birds will not utilize the bottom space of a tall cage because birds tend to like to be up high because that means safety instinctively to them. So the wider cage you can get, the more active they will be in that environment.  Instead of going for the cages in the pet shop, you can go for flight cages, or if you have a garden or yard you can also buy or make an aviary for your birds.

3. Keeping in the Cage all the time-

It is important to not keep them in the cages all the time. They might stressed, depressed or may scream  a lot when they are not  happy. It is importatnt to keep them outside the cage at least 2-3 hrs a day.  While you are taking them out make sure to close the fans as they can accidently get hurt. 

4. Measuring weight-

This next one will keep you really in tune with your bird’s eating habits, and that is weighing your budgie every single day. Now, the reason I say every single day is that way you can really get a good read on whether you’re having weight loss or weight gain, and it can notify you of illness before there are any obvious signs when it comes to birds. When there are obvious signs of illness, it’s usually too late. So, getting in the habit of weighing your bird daily is pretty important.

5. Toys or enrichment-

It is important to have tons of toys/enrichments in their cage so they can remain entertained. Please do not give toys made of plastic. Instead, you can go for shreddable toys, rope toys, as well as toys made of wood, do not buy toys with shining bells and before purchasing any type of toy make sure it does not has any sharp edge that can hurt your bird. And remember that budgie simply destroys the toy so you need to purchase new toys every week or month. 

6. Annual blood work-

You should be doing annual exams with your budgie to make sure that everything is looking great. You don’t need any supplements to make any changes to the diet. It’s something that you should be on top of with your birds and make a yearly thing. It’s called an annual exam for a reason, so please be on top of that. It just ensures that you’re doing right by your bird every single year and gives you time to make changes if you need to. 

7. Bathing

I know a lot of people say that their birds don’t like bathing and they tend to try the wrong tactics when it comes to small birds. Small birds, if you notice them in the wild, they tend to find wet grass or they find little shallow puddles and they like to just brush around and roll around in them. Now you want to implement that in captivity. So you can buy wheatgrass, you can sprout your own wheatgrass, and if you just give it some sprits and sprays where it’s nice and wet, usually your budgie will have a great time crawling all around and rubbing itself around the grass and having a good old time, just as they would do in the wild. Also, a shallow dish for bathing goes a long way with budgies. You can tap your fingers in there and splash around a little bit just to get them going. And eventually, you can even use a spray bottle to give them a bath.

8. Mirror-

Don’t do the mistake of giving a small bird a mirror, or any mirror toys, mostly with budgies, but I see it with other small birds too. When your budgie will see in the mirror they might think that there is another budgie and might get obsessed with his/her image. What this does is it leads to extreme hormonal behaviour where birds will actually start regurgitating on the mirrors, and they get excessive egg-laying. They just go into hormone overdrive and it leads to a lot of issues, especially with female birds.

9. Cage cleaning-

As we all know budgies are messy birds. They create a lot of mess in their cage they just dirty the place with their poop, feathers and while eating food. Hence, cleaning is an important thing that needs to be done at least one time every week, clean the cage and its surrounding properly with soap and water. If you place paper at the bottom of the cage it also needs to be changed daily.

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1. What is the price of budgies in India?

The average price of Budgies (in pairs) can range from 250 – 3,000 Rs. but some sub-species can cost you up to 15,000Rs. 

2. How many days does it take for budgie eggs to hatch?

It can take 18-23 days for a budgie’s eggs to hatch.

3. What should we feed a baby budgie?

If your budgie is very young from 1 to 2-3 weeks you can feed Hand Feeding Formula for baby birds which are easily available in the store or online.

4. How often should I clean my budgie’s cage?

As these birds are quite messy their cage might get very dirty so, it is recommended to clean it thoroughly once a time in a week. 

5. How often should I give my budgie a bath? 

It is recommended to give one or two baths a week which will help to clean the dirt, and debris which might be stuck in their feathers.

6. How many times can a budgie lay eggs in a year?

4-6 eggs are laid by budgies in a clutch. Budgies may lay numerous clutches back-to-back in captivity, although this is not advised. In the wild, they can lay up to two to three clutches each year during mating season.

7. What age is best to breed budgies?

They start breeding from 4 months and can breed up to 10 years of age. However ever best age for breeding is between 1-4 years. You should not breed them until they are 1 year old.

8. What type of perch is best for budgies?

Perches are very important to have for budgies. It is the place where they can sit and rest or can do whatever they want. You should not purchase perch made of plastic and you should not go for perches which are made of plain smooth wood. It is better to have perches made of uneven natural wood like the branches of trees.

9. When should I start taming my budgie?

Once you bring a budgie to your home leave them for some time and let them settle in their new environment for at least 1 or 2 weeks then spend some time talking gently to your bird so that they get slightly more comfortable with you.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have come to the end of this article regarding Budgerigar price in India, and it can be concluded that budgies are very beautiful birds that can become your great companion. But before buying them you need to make sure that it has to be given proper care to give them a healthy life. Don’t think that they can be just kept in cages and you can be free. Please follow our mentioned caring tips regularly so that they can live their life happily and to the fullest. Hope you found it helpful!!

Thank you for Reading.

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