Pet Training Pads Extra Large India 2023 Price: 999.00 (as of 14/10/2021 03:02 PST- Details)

  • 30-count box of disposable carbon training pads for dogs; extra-large size for extended use.
  • 5-layer construction; super-absorbent core turns liquid into gel on contact; carbon component for odor control.
  • Quick-dry surface with built-in attractant; leak-proof plastic lining keeps floors safe from damage.


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Best Pet Training Pads Extra Large India 2023 for the house – Every one of us likes to have a pet around in our house whether it’s a cat or dog, we love to play with them and they bring positive vibes into our houses.

The problem with small pet puppies is they pee and poop anywhere in the house at any time they want and you end up cleaning all the places every time. A bigger aged dog can be taken out on the streets or parks for their daily routine but puppies cannot be taken out every day for these things.

So you need to introduce the pet pee training pads for your puppies, these pads need to be placed wherever the puppy has pooped or peed earlier because dogs usually tend to sniff the place they had done earlier and again get into the same place for the next time.

Placing the pet pee training pads regularly in the places where your pet has performed earlier will give them an alert that it has to use this pad for the purpose. After a few attempts, it becomes a habit for the puppy to do so.

These pet pee training pads will reduce your irritations of cleaning the floor every time just pick up the pad and dispose of it, it’s so simple.

So now if you are looking for the best Pet Training Pads Extra Large India 2023, here we have PetVogue’s puppy training potty pads.

  •       PetVogue pee pads are highly absorbent.
  •       Super quick-drying non-woven pads.
  •       5-8 cups liquid holding capacity.
  •       Diamond quilted design prevents from overflow
  •       Size (60×45 cm) ideal for puppies, dogs or cats.

Why are Pet pee training pads required?

Dog owners are always worried about their pets may pee and spoil places in the house, also if it is unseen for a longer time bad smell may rise in the room which may irritate the family members or guests. Pet pee training pads are useful in such cases when your puppy does not know where to poop or pee in the house and also you don’t have to worry about tracing where the pet has spoiled.

PetVogue pet pee training pads are rectangular in shape mat-like product which can be laid on the floor, it has super absorbent material which absorbs the liquid in a few minutes, and it has a diamond-shaped quilt design which stops the liquid in place to be soaked.

These are non-woven sheets made up of 6 layers-

Quilted top This is the top layer of the sheet on which the dogs sit for their activity. The diamond quilted design immediately absorbs the liquid in place and passes it to the next layer. 

Rapid dry sheet– This layer is just below the top layer which performs the activity of passing the liquid and keeping the top layer dry for the next session. 

Pet attractant-This layer is made of Pheromone attractant to signal the dog where it has to go for the next session. 

The absorbent core-This layer is made up to super absorbs the liquid that has been passed from the above three layers and this is the core of the training sheets. 

Locking layer-This layer holds the above layers in place and keeps the pet pee training pads in place and aligned. 

Protection liner-This is made up of resistant fabrics to protect the sheet from getting damaged due to dragging on an uneven surface. 

These pads are also used for senior dogs who have problems with urine leakage due to age factors or due to health problems. These pads are made for protection against heavy leakages and are durable for up to 3-4 usages of urine, if the dog has pooped the very first time you should replace the pad immediately.

Buying Guide for Best Pet pee training pads 

So before buying any training pads for your pets make sure you think of some basic requirements such as-

 Type of dog pad – There are 2 types of dog training pads,

  •       Disposable dog pads– These pads need to be disposed of after certain times of usage in a day and need to be replaced with a new one.
  •       Washable dog pads– These dog pads can be washed and used again for the next session, but these are washable up to a certain time. They also need to be replaced after the particular number of uses as specified by the brand.

Pad Material

The material of the pad should be durable both from top and bottom so it can take care of the liquid that needs to be absorbed quickly before it leaks or stinks and the bottom surface should take care of the wear and tear if dragged from one place to another. 

Size of the sheet

The size of the pee pet training pads depends on the size of your dog or puppy you have, it is always ideal to use the medium to large size pads to cover the maximum area of the floor from getting spoil. 

Pads with odour

Always choose pee pads that have a carbon-filled odor control layer which will help in eliminating the bad smell from the pet pee pads when used for certain times. Some of the pads come with scents of lavender, eucalyptus and some also have a newspaper print smell. 


  • Protects your floor and floor mats from getting dirty
  • Easy to use and train your dog
  • The absorbent quality helps in maintaining hygiene. 


  • Can become a long-term habit for your pet.


All in all an ideal product, if you have pets like cats and dogs in your house and if you don’t have open surroundings to take your pets out for pee and potty regularly. We hope this article solves your queries related to the best pet pee training pads in India 2023, these training pads are recommended by us for your pet’s daily activities. 

These pet pee training pad sheets are available in a pack of 50 sheets from PetVogue in India.



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