Weimaraner Price in India

Weimaraner Dog Price in India 2023 – Silver Ghost!

Topic- Weimaraner Dog Price in India

If you are considering bringing a Weimaraner dog into your life, one of the first things you’ll likely want to know is how much it costs to own one.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Weimaraner dog price in India.

Weimaraner Dog Price in India

Weimaraner Dog Price in India usually range from Rs 50,000 -Rs 80,000 depending on age and pedigree.

Show quality specimens may even exceed Rs 1 lakh! Of course, puppies tend to be more expensive than adult dogs due to their cuteness factor. 

If you’re looking for a bargain then sometimes breeders offer two or three pups together at reduced prices.

No matter which route you go down though, make sure you know exactly what comes along with that adoption fee – vaccinations, spaying/neutering (if applicable), health checks and any other necessary treatments should all be included before signing anything off.

History of the Weimaraner Dog

The Weimaraner, also known as the “Silver Ghost” or “Gray Ghost”, is a breed of dog that has been around for centuries!

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), this breed first originated in Germany during the early 19th century. It was originally bred for hunting large game such as deer, boar, and wolves, but later became popular among hunters for smaller animals like birds and rabbits.

In the early days of the breed’s history, Weimaraners were kept exclusively by members of the German aristocracy who enjoyed hunting as their favoured pastime.

The nobles who owned these dogs often used them to hunt on their extensive estates where they had access to vast tracts of land with plentiful wildlife.

During World War I and II, this breed faced near-extinction due to food shortages in Germany which made it difficult to care for larger breeds like Weimaraners.

However, after both wars ended new breeding programs helped revive the population of this magnificent animal.

Today Weimaraner remains a popular pet worldwide valued both for its loyalty towards humans along with awesome looks!

Physical Appearance of the Weimaraner

The Weimaraner dog is a striking breed that boasts an elegant and regal appearance. They are muscular and athletic with long legs and sleek, streamlined bodies.

The most distinctive feature of the Weimaraner is its unique coat colour which ranges from a stunning silver-grey to a dilute blue-grey.

Their head is relatively long and slender with high-set, floppy ears that hang close to their head. 

Their large, expressive eyes range in shades of amber or blue-grey depending on their coat colouration. 

They have strong jaws that encompass sharp teeth which they use for hunting small prey.

Another notable aspect of these dogs’ appearance is their gait. They move efficiently with gracefulness, confidently exhibiting smooth movements throughout every step.

Weimaraners typically stand between 22-27 inches tall at the shoulder with males usually being larger than females when fully grown. Males can weigh between 70 to 90 lbs and female can weigh between 55 to 75 pounds.

The Temperament of the Weimaraner

weimaraner dog price in India

The Weimaraner dog is well-known for its unwavering loyalty and affection towards its humans. 

Despite being initially reserved with strangers, they quickly warm up to them once properly introduced. 

They are also energetic, alert, and highly intelligent dogs that require moderate but regular exercise to stay healthy and happy. 

Being a hunting breed, the Weimaraner possesses an inherently high prey drive that could lead them into chasing anything that moves.

 However, proper training and socialization can help channel their energy towards constructive activities like running or retrieving. 

Overall, the Weimaraner is an adaptable breed with a friendly disposition perfect for families who love spending time outdoors doing various activities with their pet by their side!

Health Issues of Weimaraner Dog

Weimaraners are robust and healthy dogs, but they can still develop some health issues. In order to ensure the best quality of life for your Weimaraner, it is important to understand these potential problems.

Potential Health Issue Frequency Prevention/ Mangement
Hip Dysplasia Common Weight management & supplementation; regular exercise; surgery (if needed)
Skin Problems Uncommon Regular grooming; veterinary care when necessary
Bloat Rare Feeding smaller meals frequently throughout the day; monitoring activity after eating or drinking too much water at once.

Tips To Take Care of a Weimaraner Dogs


To keep your dog healthy and fit. it is important to feed them high-quality dog food.  Be sure to include enough proteins and fats so they get plenty of energy throughout the day.

You can supplement this with fruits, vegetables and other healthy snacks like boiled eggs or cooked chicken breast as treats.

As the Weimaraners are prone to bloating It is important to provide small meals rather than large ones and always make sure that there’s no rush while they eat.


This breed has a short, sleek coat that should be brushed at least once per week to keep it looking shiny and healthy.  

Additionally, the Weimaraner’s nails should be trimmed as needed since they tend to grow quickly. Bathing your Weimaraner every few months can help keep their skin and coat in good condition. 

When bathing them, make sure you are using dog-friendly shampoo so that you don’t cause any damage to their sensitive skin. 

It’s also important to check your Weimaraner’s ears regularly for signs of infection such as redness, scratching, or discharge. 


Like a powerful engine, the Weimaraner needs plenty of exercises to keep it running smoothly. You can go on walks or jogs.

Aside from walks,  there are various other fun activities. For instance, playing fetch with a Frisbee provides great aerobic exercise while tug-of-war is perfect for developing muscle tone and confidence. 

Agility courses are especially popular among athletic breeds like the Weimaraner too; these exciting obstacle runs give dogs an excellent workout while providing mental stimulation at the same time.

Questions To Ask Before Buying A Weimaraner Dog In India

1. The first question to ask when considering buying a Weimaraner dog in India is where they come from. You’ll want to make sure that they have been bred responsibly and ethically. 

2. Ask if the breeder has any documentation regarding their breeding practices such as health tests or vaccinations records; this will give you peace of mind knowing that your pup was raised with love and care. 

3. It’s also important to find out about any potential genetic issues that may appear later on in life due to poor breeding practices.

4. Another key question to consider before purchasing a Weimaraner puppy is what type of temperament do they have? This breed can be quite active so it’s essential to know how much exercise they need each day as well as how socialable they are around other animals and people.

5. Before investing in a Weimaraner puppy, it’s vital to research all aspects related to its current environment and upbringing including finding out if regular vet checkups have taken place since birth and assessing the overall condition of its living area (such as cleanliness). 

6. Lastly, be sure to take into account the cost associated with owning this breed; factor in food bills, grooming products, toys/treats, vaccination costs etc., and determine whether you can realistically afford them over time without straining yourself financially!

Pros and Cons of Owning a Marmoset Monkey


  1. They are very athletic, and energetic and love outdoor activities.
  2.  Weimaraners are very loyal and bond very closely with their owners.
  3. With proper socialization and training from an early age, they can become well-behaved and obedient dogs.
  4.  Due to their sleek grey coat, many people find them very stylish and beautiful dogs.


  1. They can become restless or mischievous if not exercised enough.
  2. Need extensive training and socialization from an early age.
  3. Weimaraners have a strong prey drive and may chase smaller pets like cats or rabbits. Close supervision is required, especially initially.
  4. They can be challenging for first-time dog owners to handle and train properly


Is Weimaraner available in India?

Yes, Weimaraner dogs are indeed available in India, though perhaps not as common as some other breeds. It’s critical to do research and locate a trustworthy breeder or adoption organisation.

What is the cost of a Weimaraner puppy in India?

A Weimaraner puppy’s price in India might vary according to the breeder, the area, and additional elements like lineage and health warranties. A Weimaraner puppy typically costs between 50,000 and 80,000 rupees or more in India.

Is Weimaraner a good family pet?

Weimaraners are known for being devoted, sharp, and affectionate, making them excellent family pets. They are high-energy dogs, though, so they want a lot of exercise and care. In order to guarantee a well-behaved and content dog, it is crucial to provide proper training and socialisation.

Can we keep the Weimaraner dog with other pets?

Weimaraners do have high prey instinct so it may not be right to keep them with cats or other small pets like birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc.  They can get along with them if they are properly socialized from a young age. But, make sure to keep an eye on your dog when they are with other pets, especially with small pets.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has provided you with valuable information on Weimaraner dog price in India. 

It’s important to remember that owning a dog is a significant responsibility, and the costs can add up quickly. 

Before bringing a Weimaraner dog into your home, make sure you are prepared for the financial commitment and are able to provide the proper care and attention they need.

Hope you found it helpful

Thank you for Reading.

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