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Boxer Dog Price in India (May 2023)

Topic – Boxer Dog Price in India

Hello everyone, Today in Top Pet Products we are going to talk about an amazing and unique dog breed that is  Boxer Dog.

They are very tough, and muscular and are recognized as one of the most fun-loving and happy breeds. They got their name as Boxers because they have the capability to stand on their back legs and can punch through their front legs.

Sounds Interesting !! You will be excited to know that most of the superstars are proud owners of this breed some of them can be named Aishwarya Rai, Tony Curtis, Justin Timberlake etc. So if you are also planning to become the owner of this dog. Then you are in the right place in this article Boxer Dog Price in India we have covered all the detailed information about everything you need to know. So read it till the end!!

Boxer Dog Price in India

The Boxer Dog Price in India can range from 15,000 Rs to 50,000 Rs. But typically you can get a good pet quality puppy for up to 30,000  Rs.

There are a few places where you can get it at extremely low prices like puppy mills and pet shops.

But I do not recommend buying from them especially from a puppy mill as the dogs are completely neglected and are not taken proper care of. Instead, get it from a good breeder.

Location Price(pet qualtiy)
Boxer dog price in Mumbai 15,000 Rs. to 30,000 Rs.
Boxer dog price in Delhi 15,000 Rs. to 30,000 Rs.
Boxer dog price in Bangalore 15,000 Rs. to 30,000 Rs.
Boxer dog price in Kolkata 15,000 Rs. to 30,000 Rs.
Boxer dog price in Karnataka 15,000 Rs. to 30,000 Rs.
Boxer dog price in Pune 15,000 Rs. to 30,000 Rs.
Boxer dog price in Hyderabad 15,000 Rs. to 30,000 Rs.
Boxer dog price in Goa 15,000 Rs. to 30,000 Rs.
Boxer dog price in Chennai 15,000 Rs. to 30,000 Rs.

Factors Affecting The Boxer Dog Price in India

There are several factors that can influence a Boxer dog price in India

1. Breeder’s reputation and experience-

Breeders with a solid reputation for producing puppies of the highest quality frequently charge more for their puppies than those with less knowledge or a lesser name.

2. Location

 The location from where you are going to purchase the can also affect the price,  if you are going buy a boxer puppy from an urban city it is obviously going to cost you more than the puppy purchased from a rural area 

3. Colour-

The puppy’s colour can also affect the price, with uncommon or unique colours like brindle or white can be at a higher price compared to common colours like fawn, etc.

4. Age –

Boxer puppies tend to be sold for a higher price than the adult boxer as the learning capacity of the younger puppies is generally high compared to adult ones

About Boxer Dog Breed

History and origin-

The Boxer comes from German territory and according to current research their predecessors were dogs with very strong bites working alongside butchers and they were used primarily to capture large animals like bulls in butcher yards.

Their unification and the formation of today’s modern boxers took place around Munich in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

They really became popular after World War II when American and English soldiers took home several boxers from the occupied German territories.

Their name also evolved in those times primarily because of their play and fighting style, as boxers tend to move like a human professional boxers while standing on their hind legs. They lean on their opponents with their front legs.


Boxer is a medium to large size dog breed. It has a strong and muscular body with a block shape face and short muzzle it has medium-sized ears hanging on either side of the face which are generally docked to make its ears seem standing. 

It has white colour marking over the chest and neck area. It also has a long tail which is most of the time docked. Its coat consists of short, shiny hair that does not require any major care. They are available in various colour coats like fawn, brindle, white, black, etc.


A remarkably loving, energetic, and silly dog breed is the German boxer. They are always and forever ready to play. 

They are partners in everything craziness, and they frequently start funny and crazy things. They are frequently referred to as the clowns of the dog world. They can be especially categorised as family dogs.

They adore all of their family members and enjoy doing everything together. Additionally, they are a renowned family-friendly breed. 

The boxer does not forget the blood of their ancestors, so when they sense that their loved ones are in danger, they act with incredible power and rush to their defence.

 This kindness inside the family might be misleading to outsiders. They have outstanding senses for protection and guard.

Size and Life span –

A Boxer is a medium-sized dog weighing between 25 to 35 kg with a typical height between 53 to 63 cm or 20 to 24 inches.

Sadly, they do not have a very long life span and their life expectancy typically ranges from 7 to 10 years. However, some can live more.


Boxers have above-average movement demands and due to their intelligence lack of activities can lead to boredom and destructive behaviour.

They are extremely agile dogs who like to move and do everything actively. They love long family walks, enjoy hiking in nature, enjoy jogging with the owner and family, running by bike, and love ball games and porting. 

So the boxer can be an excellent companion for sports-loving people and even in older age they are always open to the ball or stick throwing and catching games.


Boxer is a very intelligent dog who can be trained for almost all purposes and is an ideal companion for active people who like dog sports. 

They excel in agility, obedience, guard and protection work and in almost everything. 

At the same time, their character is characterized by a kind of stubbornness and willfulness. If we force the boxer into something with violence and against their will, they will show their stubborn, wilful side which will not benefit anyone.

 If, on the other hand, you let them feel comfortable and accept the task, you will always have a loyal friend and will be happy to follow the rules of their owners.

Health issues-

If this dog breed has a weak point at all, then their health and short lifespan can definitely be called it.

Unfortunately, Boxers are prone to suffer from various diseases like dysplasia, skin diseases, (Cardiomyopathy )heart problems, allergies and cancers

So, whenever you are getting a boxer pup make sure to not buy from unknown places, only from screened parents and breeders with a good reputation and earlier records. 

This extremely active breed lives actively almost every minute of their lives at very high temperatures.

Things To Know Before Owning a Boxer in India

1. Needs strong owner-

Boxers are loyal easy going and sometimes silly. However, you may also find them to be stubborn especially during training sessions because of this they need someone who is strong but not harsh meaning that the owner should be firm consistent and patient with the training.

Instead of harsh punishments positive reinforcement techniques should be used this includes food rewards play time and praises.

Boxers should know that you’re the head of the household otherwise they will not hesitate to take the role of the leader this can be a problem especially because they are muscular and big once they are fully mature.

Therefore, training should start while they’re still young let them explore different sounds sites and environments and meet new people and animals this way they won’t act recklessly when faced with unfamiliar situations training should not be extremely hard since they are intelligent and eager to please.

But, because of their tendency to be stubborn keep training short and sweet.

2. Needs a lot of your time

Since boxers are dependent on their humans they tend to easily develop separation anxiety this means that they should not be left alone for long periods of time otherwise they will be lonely and bored which can result in depression and anxiety, in addition, they may also develop destructive behaviours such as chewing excessive barking and digging.

If you’re busy but would still want to keep a boxer make sure that you have another family member who is always available to keep your dog accompanied as mentioned these dogs will do well even to elders provided that their daily exercise needs are met.

3. Well-Balanced meal-

These dogs are a powerhouse and to meet their high energy they do need high nutritional food.

So make sure to provide them with the best dog food available in the market. It is better to consult a vet about which dog food is right for a boxer.

And you can also include homemade food in their diet like chicken, beef, lamb, goat, boiled egg, a moderate amount of veggies fruit and a little bit of cooked rice.

Make a fixed feeding schedule and do not randomly feed them throughout the day. 

3. Smelly gas-

If a foul-smelling gas is a big deal for you then you should reconsider having these breeds.

Boxers are notable for their loud smelly gas in fact some boxers are actually scared of their own farts it can be embarrassing if you have visitors.

But at least you have someone to point fingers at!

4. Does not do well in too hot or cold conditions-

These dogs have short shiny hair that is tightly stuck to their body. Their small hair does not provide enough insulation to keep them warm in the winter so do make sure to provide them with some warm clothes during winter. And do also are prone to heat stroke. 

So, do not take them outside during the afternoon when the temperature is the highest instead take them outside in the evening or in the morning when the temperature is low and make sure to provide a fresh bowl of cold water all the time so they can cool down themselves.

5. A Boxer can turn out to be a great family dog-

Kind gentle and affectionate a well-trained boxer is a great family companion. Again, remember obedience training and socialization for these dogs is a must and should not be neglected. 

somehow boxers know how fragile children and elders are so they tend to be extra careful around them they may play with children but they’ll treat elders with respect, of course, it is still important to supervise any interaction between dogs and children in order to avoid trouble that may occur it’s just as important that children are taught how to properly play and handle dogs let them know the limitation of fun and play and that ear and tail pulling should never be done.

6. Frequent Vet Visits-

As these breeds have a very high chance of suffering from different types of health issues throughout their life span even a well-care boxer can suffer from some health issues. 

So, it is a must to take your boxer for a regular vet checkup to ensure everything is fine. It is recommended to go at least two to three times for vet visits in a year. 

7. Pet insurance-

As I have mentioned they are prone to various diseases which can lead to a lot of medical expenses. 

In order to reduce the burden of your dog’s expenses it is better to have pet insurance for your pet dog.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Boxer Dog


  1. One of the most hilarious and funny dog pets you can have.
  2. Very loving and cuddly dogs.
  3. Easy to groom and maintain their hair.
  4. They can be a good companion for older kids.
  5. They are excellent watchdogs and will alert you when the intruder is near your house.
  6. They are super energetic so if you like to go on hiking, long walks, etc then they may be a great companion for you.


  1. Are prone to various diseases.
  2. Can develop some phobia throughout their childhood or adult(can be temporary or can last for a long time).
  3. Needs a lot of exercises and mental stimulation if you don’t provide them then they might develop destructive behaviours like chewing, digging, barking, etc.
  4. Boxers do love to jump over and keep their paws on people as a result they may knock a weak person or small kids. (this habit can be changed with proper training).

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1. What is the cost of a Boxer dog in India?

The average cost of a Boxer puppy in India can range between 15,000 to 30,000 Rs. But can even go up to 50,000 Rs.

2. Can Boxer dogs live in India?

Yes, they can live in India quite easily as their short hair coat makes them ideal to live in the hot and humid climatic conditions of India.

3. Do Boxer dogs smell?

Yes, they can develop bad body smells one of the most obvious reasons which can lead to bad body odour is lack of bathing. 

if a Boxer is not groomed or bathed regularly, it may develop an unpleasant odour due to a build-up of dirt, oils, and bacteria on its coat and skin. Also, if a boxer has an untreated medical condition such as an ear infection or skin allergies, it can develop an unpleasant smell.

 Regular grooming and bathing, as well as good general health care, can help to keep a Boxer’s natural odour under control.

4. Are Boxers powerful dogs?

Yes,  they are athletic and quite energetic they are power pack dogs that love to play, run and go on adventures like hiking, etc.

5. Is a boxer dog right for a First-time owner?

The boxer is one of the few guard and protection dog breeds that can sincerely be recommended for first-time dog owners. Due to their permissive kind and very human-centred nature, they never turn against their owner. They tolerate well the mistakes made by a novice dog owner.

It is also true, however, that you should never forget that the boxer is a tough, strong dog breed that tends to behave dominantly, especially with other dogs. And if this happens, they are formidable fighters as well.

 Therefore, a dog school is definitely strongly recommended for all novice boxer owners, where both the dog and the owner will learn together how to live in a balanced way with each other and their environment.

6. Do boxer dogs need baths?

Boxer dogs should not be bathed frequently because it might cause their skin to become dry and irritated. It is, however, critical to keeping their coat clean and healthy. 

It is recommended that they be bathed every 1-2 months, or more frequently if they become very unclean or smelly. 

To avoid irritating the skin of a boxer, use a gentle shampoo specifically made for dogs while bathing them. It is also critical to properly rinse to remove all soap residue. 

Regular grooming, like brushing and ear cleaning, is also necessary to maintain overall hygiene.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have come to the end of this article Boxer dog price in India, and I want to conclude that boxer breeds are nearly perfect dog breeds that can turn out to be great family members. 

However, there is one major drawback which is their health. they are prone to suffer from various health issues.

There is a study conducted that says approx 38 to 40% of boxers tend to suffer from some kind of cancer in their lifespan. And Make sure to do your own research before buying them. 

Hope, you like this article.

Thank You For Reading.

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