Vodafone dog price in india

Vodafone Dog Price in India | Pug Dog price in India 2023

The pug dog, also commonly known as the Vodafone dog, is a trendy breed in India. The dogs of this breed are very small and cute. That’s why everyone wants to take care of them. It comes under the category of a small dog breed. In such a situation, if you are also a dog lover and are thinking of buying a pug dog, then this article is going to be very helpful for you. Because in today’s article we will tell you about Vodafone Dog Price in India 2023

 Along with this, we are going to discuss other important aspects as well, so let’s start by reading the whole article carefully.

Vodafone Dog Price in India 2023

Vodafone dog Price in indiaLet us tell you that the price of a pug dog depends on many factors, yet the average price of a healthy and well-bred pug dog can range from ₹ 10,000 to ₹ 30,000 in India.

The cost of a Pug puppy depends on a variety of factors. If you are considering purchasing a purebred pug puppy, be prepared to spend a greater price. Additionally, the breeder’s location has a big impact on the price, which varies greatly among Indian cities. The difference is obvious. They come in a variety of colours, and the cost of each colour pug puppy varies in various Indian towns.

Pug Price As Per Location Price (Rs)
Vodafone dog price in Mumbai 20,000-35,000 Rs.
Vodafone dog price in Delhi 18,000- 32,000 Rs.
Vodafone dog price in Banglore 12,000 - 25,000 Rs.
Vodafone dog price in Chennai 12,000 -25,000 Rs.
Vodafone dog price in Kolkata 15,000 -25,000 Rs.
Vodafone dog price in Pune 20,000 -25000 Rs.
Vodafone dog price in Gujarat 11,000 - 22,000 Rs.
Vodafone dog price in Haryana 11,000 -23,000 Rs.
Vodafone dog price in Tamil Nadu 10,000 - 15,000 Rs.

Factors affecting the price of a pug dog


Demand also has a great influence on the price of a step. As people in less popular cities keep very few dogs, the cost may be lower than in cities where people are very fond of dogs. For example, its demand can be more you more in Delhi than in Mumbai or vice versa. 


The price of a pug or any other dog may increase or decrease according to the location. For example, if you are getting a Pug Puppy in Pune for ₹ 11000, then there is no guarantee to get it in other places  like Mumbai or Delhi for the same price. It may be worth more or less.


They generally available in  different colours like black, silver, fawn , apricot , etc.  Depending on the colouring, their cost may be more or lower.


The price of a Pug dog might vary greatly depending on whether you choose a male or female. Typically, a male Vodafone dog is more expensive than a girl.

White(pug dog) Vodafone dog price in India 2023

White coloured pug dog are unique and extremely rare coloured  pug dog , these breeds are available with great difficulty, the price of a small white pug dog in India can probably be from 80,000 to 1,00000 ₹, although you will see a slight difference in this price in different cities.

Black (pug dog) Vodafone dog price in India 2023

Vodafone dog Price in india

This pug is a also rare breed of dog. but not extremely rare  Therefore, their cost is also high . The cost of a black pug dog can range from ₹25,000 to ₹35000. On the other hand, if you buy its pure breed, then you may have to spend from ₹ 50,000 to ₹ 60000.

About Vodafone dog (Pug dog)


Vodafone or pug Dog is very easy to identify. They are a small-sized dog breed with a flat nose and they have huge eyes which are fart far apart from each. They have short legs and a curled short tail.


They are very sociable and require companionship. They are not aggressive but can be stubborn and will love to cuddle with you.

Coat –

They have a short, dense, and smooth coat. That sheds very much. Brushing Once a week is more than enough for your pug. And don,t bathe them regularly. Bath only when they are dirty.


They do not require much exercise. however, it is important to have a little exercise for approx 20- 30 min a day and it is not recommended to go for long-distance walking. 


Pugs love to eat meat you can give boiled chicken, fish or beef, etc you can also give vegetables like carrots, beans, potatoes, etc. or you can go for Pug dog food that is available commercially.

(Pug dog ) Vodafone Dog Pros and Cons


  1.  They do not bark much which makes them good apartment dogs as they do not make much noise.
  2.  They do not require much space. They can comfortably live in a small home or space without going crazy. 
  3.  They are very cute and are lap dogs they simply love to be around you.
  4.  They do not require much exercise as well as they are low maintenance dog breed
  5.  They get along well with other pets as well as children however early socialization is needed. 
  6.  Pugs are a small breed. Due to their small size, they are easy to carry and can travel by car with them as they do not take up much space.
  7.  Due to their short and smooth hair, dirt does not stick to it and cleaning them is very easy.


  1.  They are prone to get various health issues.
  2.  When left at home for too long they can get depressed or have separation anxiety.
  3.  Pugs can gain weight pretty easily which can lead to obesity as they are very lethargic they simply love to lay around. So make sure to give food in moderate quantity.
  4.  Pugs do not do well in hot climates as they can get easily overheated. 
  5.  Pugs can snore while sleeping which can annoy or disturb some owners while sleeping. 

Pug Dog Maitainance Cost in India 2023 (Monthly expenses)

  1. When we talk about the monthly expenses the main cost difference that comes with owning a big dog breed or a pug is food. A pug is a small-sized dog breed that doesn’t eat much (*normally). A standard quality dog food would cost you 1,500 – 2,000 Rs per month. And a premium quality dog food would cost you approx 2,500- 4,000 Rs per month. 
  2. The cost of vaccination is a little higher for a puppy, as he requires frequent vaccination. On average you have to spend, from 800-1,500 Rs per month.
  3. Deworming medicine is not that expensive, it would cost you 100- 200  Rs per schedule. If you want tips on how to give them deworming tablets read this blog How to Give Deworming Tablets to Dogs?
  4. As said, Pugs shed a lot, but also they love to be groomed and enjoy being with you the most. You can spend 500-1,000 Rs on shampoos, brushes, nail clippers, etc. In order to buy the best grooming tools for your pug read this blog Best Grooming Products for Dogs in India
  5. Leash, collar, bowls, toys, clothes, etc are not something you would buy every month, so I didn’t include their cost here. There’s also a big one-time cost: If you don’t want your pug to have puppies or get into the heat (either male or female), then your dog has to go for a Spay or Neuter Surgery. This surgery will cost you around 4,000-12,000 Rs (depending on the place you live).


1. How much did a Pug cost in India?

On average the cost of a pug dog can range from  10,000 to 30,000 ₹.

2. How can I buy a Pug?

You can buy it from a breeder or can buy it from a pet shop. If you purchase a pug from the breeder it may cost more price depending on the reputation of the breeder.  while it will cost you less money if you purchase from a pet shop. Or you can adopt it from a rescue centre if you want it for free.

3. Is Pug a good family dog?

Yes, it can be a good family dog as it is a small breed and are very social with people as well they are calm and can get along with kids extremely well.

4. Are pugs intelligent?

Yes,  they are intelligent and are very good in adapting as well as they are a quick learner.

5. Can a pug be left alone?

Yes , they can be left but not for a long time. You should not leave them for more than 4 hrs as they might get sad or depressed. Make sure to house train them .

6. Are Pugs easy to train?

Pugs are incredibly intelligent but sometimes quite stubborn. Like any other little breed dog, they are simple to teach. If patience is used, they are extremely teachable and would do anything to get the praise of the people they love.

7. How old do pugs live?

The Average life span of a Vodafone dog or Pug dog can range between 9 to 14 years .

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have come to an end of this article, Vodafone Dog Price in India and I have covered all the detailed factors affecting Vodafone dog price and hope it has cleared all your doubts. These pug dogs are by nature a very calm & lazy dog breed. Hence, they should be taken proper care in order to maintain their health, but they can be your good furry friend.

Hope it helps!! But if you still have any doubts then do comment below.

Thank you for reading.

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