Toy Pom Price in India

What Is The Toy Pom Price in India? (September 2023)- Complete Guide

Toy pom is one of the cutest dogs and smallest dog breeds in the world. It is quite popular in the United States. However, this breed has gained popularity in India as well. So, if you want to own this beautiful dog breed make sure to read the article to know about the Toy pom price in India, what to look for in the pom before purchasing, caring tips and much more.

Toy Pom Price in India 2023

Commonly Toy pom price In India ranges from 30- 50K Rupees. However, depending upon the quality, health and various other factors Its price can go upto 70- 80K.

About Toy Pom Dog Breed

 Origin and History-

Pomeranian is believed to have its origins in an area of Europe called Pomerania. It was the land that bordered Germany, Poland and the Baltic Sea. The area still exists today and is found in Poland but the name it goes by is Gdańsk. The Pomeranians were once very different to the small, cute and fluffy dogs we know today. Their ancestors were large sledge dogs that used to weigh around 30 pounds (14 kg) and were completely white.

They were thought to have been related to the spitz, chow chow, Alaskan malamutes and the husky. They were also relatives of wolves and have many of the same characteristics as wolves. They were heavily relied upon for multiple reasons including sledge, pulling and protecting livestock. The Pomeranian was bred down for these large bits breeds and didn’t gain the name Pomeranian until 1974.


It is a small toy dog breed and has fluffy hair and small erect ears. Its muzzle is small and has a tail that curls over its back. It has a lot of hair around the neck area which keeps them warm in the colder regions.


These small dogs are playful and friendly. Don’t fall for their size they are fearless when you are taking them for a walk they may fight or bark against big dogs. They can be a wonderful pet for the family with kids and with other pets when socialize properly.

Hair coat-

It has a double hair coat inner hair coat is short and quite dense while the outer hair is long and smooth and they are moderate shedders. Brushing them 1-2 times a week is important to keep their hair clean, dirt and tangle-free.

Health issues-

They can suffer from some health issues listed below-

  • Knee Joint problem-
    In this the patella or knee of the dog becomes slightly weak and gets loose from connected tendons hence dog will find difficulty walking. Commonly known as patella luxation.
  • Hair Problem-
    Sometimes they may suffer from hair loss problems in their body.
  • Breathing problem-
    In this trachea of the dog become weak and narrow which leads to difficulty in breathing.

Always do a regular health checkup of your dog to prevent them from any health issues and visit your vet if you find any unusual change in behaviour in them.

Caring Tips for Toy Pom in India

Toy Pom Price in India?

1. Exercise –

Pomeranians are small dogs with moderate energy levels so according to the kennel club, 30 minutes of exercise a day should be sufficient. Pomeranians do best on short walks so ideally you would want to give your pom two walks a day of about 15 to 20 minutes each. 

2. Potty break-

So, even though Pomeranians don’t need too much exercise. They do however need to pee quite often so if you don’t plan on training your pom how to use potty pads inside. I recommend you to take your pom out about 4 to 5 times a day for them to relieve themselves.

3. Diet-

Aim for feeding three to four times a day for puppies and two to three times a day for adult poms. If they don’t finish their food, remove the bowls that way you’re teaching them that if they don’t finish it the food is gone and they won’t have access to it anymore the more disciplined you are the less fussy your pom will grow up into. Also scheduled feeding helps you to establish a reliable potty schedule for them which then translates into a lower chance of your pom having accidents in the house. To know more about what to feed your pup and want a proper diet plan check the article  best food for pomeranian puppies in IndiaMake sure not to overfeed them as they can get fat.

4. Wipe tear stains-

Pomeranians are prone to tear stains under the eyes. I highly recommend wiping the tear stains at least one to two times a day with cotton or makeup cotton pads or can use pet wipes to avoid discolouration and to keep the area under the eyes dry and clean,as wet fur can be a breeding ground for bacteria to develop.

5. Mental enrichment-

Providing sufficient mental stimulating activities throughout the day is just as important as physical exercises, as it keeps the dog from getting bored and avoids behaviour problems. There are a few things you can do, such as 

  • Spending about ten minutes a day which can be broken down into some 1 to 2 minutes short training sessions to work with some old tricks as well as training the new tricks. 
  • You can also try providing your pom with some sort of dog food puzzle for them to work on under your supervision. 
  • And also make sure you have a lot of toys around the house for your pom. And try to spend time playing with them no matter how busy your day has been because it’s good for your pom’s physical and mental well-being and also it’s an excellent way for you to relieve stress.

6. Dental/Oral care –

 According to a study conducted by IPSOS in 2016. Just 8% of dog owners brush their dog’s teeth daily the number is pretty alarming. Brushing their teeth daily is the key to preventing tartar from building up, Preventing tooth decay, and Tooth loss, bad breath and so on.

And another you should brush your pom’s teeth daily is to minimize the number of times you have to bring them to the vet to get their teeth cleaned the reason is that Pomeranians do not do well with anaesthesia as the older they get the riskier it is for them to be put under anaesthesia.

7. Brushing-

So, during heavy shedding seasons, it’s often recommended that you brush your pom’s coat daily. Other than that, two to three times a week is totally fine. If your dog is still a puppy, it might move around constantly, making it very hard to brush the coat. One way to go around this is to get a bowl of dog food to eat. And the goal is to get your dog distracted when trying to eat those foodies and buy you some time to brush your puppies without them moving around like crazy. 

8. Clean the bowl-

According to the 2011 Germs Body conducted by NSF International, the pet bowl is the fourth Germiest item in your house, just behind your kitchen washing sponge, kitchen sink and toothbrush holder. So ideally that food and water bottles should be washed daily to prevent the growth of mould and fungus which can accumulate and cause infections. You should also provide them with fresh water every day.

9. Wipe your dog’s bottom part-

As pomeranian dogs are prone to poop butt problems as they have long hair make sure to trim the hairs around the area so that when they poop anything does not get stuck to their hair and also wipe and clean that area if possible daily or once a week at least which will prevent them from developing itchiness in that area.

Basic Things To Look For Before Buying Toy Pom Puppy

Toy Pom Price in India

1. Parents- 

Whenever you are going to purchase a pomeranian puppy ask the vet to show the parents of that pup. Check the parent’s hair quality (whether they have long or short hair) as well as ask the breeder whether the parent is healthy and also check the temperament of the parents. Then if you feel everything is right about the parent then only consider buying their pup.

2. Health-

Make sure to ask for the health certificate of the pup you are purchasing to ensure they are healthy and do not have any kind of hereditary disease.

3. Structure-

It is important to check the structure of your pom puppy to ensure that it does not have any structure deformity like knees bending externally, and should have a straight back and also see whether they are walking or running properly.

4. Age-

It is always important to buy from a genuine breeder so, you can purchase the pup of the right age. Do not purchase extremely small age puppies because it is important for them to be with their mother. So, purchase a pup which is at least 1.5 to 2 months old.

Pros and Cons Of owning a Toy Pom Dog Breed in India


  • They are a small dog breed and do not need a lot of space to live comfortably.
  • They are easy to carry due to their small size.
  • They are excellent watchdogs and are fearless.
  • They are intelligent and can learn various things when trained patiently.
  • The expense of maintaining them is quite low.
  • Full of energy and always ready to play.


  • Poms can be aggressive if they are not properly socialized.
  • They are quite fragile.
  • Poms are prone to excessive barking when not trained or corrected properly.
  • Make sure to clean their teeth as they are prone to periodontal disease.


What is the difference between Culture Pomeranian and Toy Pomeranian?

They are exactly the same the only major difference is the size. Toy Pom size is smaller than the culture pomeranian. Toy poms are getting very popular due to their small size they are also known as mini pom.

Can Toy Pom survive in India?

Yes, they can survive in India as they are very adaptable. They are ideal to live in colder regions than in hot regions. However, they can also live in hotter regions of India with some care like do not keep them outside or go for a walk during day time, lightly trimming their hairs, including buttermilk, and curd in their diet by following these simple tips for your dog, they will live quite comfortably and happy.

How big is a Toy Pomeranian?

The average height of a Toy Pomeranian is around 18-11 inches and can weigh around 2-3 kg.

Is Yeontan a toy pom?

Yeontan is the name of a pet dog owned by a BTS member (a famous south Korean band) and yes, Yeontan is a black and tan-coloured toy pom.

Should I get 2 Pomeranians?

It depends, it might be hectic for you to manage two poms but if you can manage to do so go for it. if you go to work, It is good to have two poms as they can interact with each other and will keep each other entertained while you are not at home. Otherwise, a single toy pom may get bored and sad when left at home alone.

What is the life span of a toy Pomeranian?

The average life span of a Toy pom can be around 12-17 years. When cared for properly they can even live more. 

Are Toy Poms hypoallergenic?

No, they are not hypoallergenic but they generally do not cause allergies to most people, but if you are very sensitive it can cause some allergies.

What is the bite force of toy pom?

The bite force of a toy pom is approx 200 PSI.

Final Thoughts

In this article What is the Toy pom Price in India?, we can conclude that  Toy Pom are a wonderful dog breed and if you have a space issue and you still want to own a dog then toy pom is best suited for you. They almost look like teddy bears. Please buy it from a registered breeder only and also check your toy pom’s health and vaccination status before purchasing. Do follow our mentioned caring tips to give your lovely toy pom happy and healthy life. We really hope that we have all of your questions answered, but if not, please leave a comment below. Thank you for Reading !!

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