Somali cat price in India

Somali Cat Price in India (April 2023)- How to Care Guide and Much More

Somali Cat Price in IndiaThe Somali cat is a breed of domesticated house cat found in India. This breed is known for its long, flowing coat and friendly personality. Somali cats are typically medium to large in size. They come in a variety of colors.

Somali cats are popular pets due to their easy going nature and low maintenance requirements. 

In this article, I have given a well-elaborated answers about the Somali cat price in India and have also answered various other related questions about this breed.

Somali Cat Price in India

Somali cats are a relatively new breed of domesticated cats that have become popular in the United States and Europe in recent years. They are known for their long, flowing coats and friendly personalities. Somali cats typically sell for around $1,000 in the United States, but the price can vary depending on the breeder and the location.

In India, Somali cats are not as well-known as they are in other countries. As a result, they typically sell for much lower prices. Somali cats can be found in India for 3,000 to 15,000 rupees (roughly $40 – $200 USD).

About Somali Cat


The Somalis have earned the moniker “Fox Cat” due to their bushy tails, huge almond eyes, and big pointy ears. Their ticking coats seem to be very fine in texture, with between four and twenty colors per hair, making them gentler to the touch than other cat breeds.


Somali is extremely playful and loves to socialize with anyone. They are extreme attention seekers and they can socialize even with dogs.

Size and Lifespan-

Somali cat breed can grow up to 7-11 inches and can weigh around 6-10 pounds(2.5 -4.5 kg). It has a life span of about 9-13 years. On average, they live up to 12 years. In order to prolong their life, you should take proper care of them along with regular health checkups.


Like all the other cats, Somali cat is no different they are natural meat eaters and it is a must to include meat in their diet you can give meats like chicken, beef, goat, etc.


You will require some accessories like nail clipper or nail grinder, litter box , tooth brush/paste(optional), hair brush/combs and toys to keep them entertained.

Health Issues-

They are a very healthy breed and do not often fall ill. However, there are some genetic health issues that a Somali cat can inherit, make sure to consult your vet to check for these. They include 

1. Pyruvate kinase deficiency-

This inherited disease can cause the genetic deficiency of the enzyme called pyruvate kinase which can lead to anemia.

2.  Myasthenia gravis – 

This disease can cause neuromuscular issues in which nerves and the muscles can’t properly interact with each other which can lead to weak muscles.

3.  Progressive Retinal atrophy –

It is also a genetic disease that can lead to blindness in cats.

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Somali cat History

This long-haired variety of the Abyssinian was first noted in the early 20th century and probably came about when breeders introduced long-haired cats into their breeding programs to augment their stock. This is a common occurrence, especially after World War II, when Abyssinians and most cat breeds were.

The Somali cats weren’t developed as a breed in their own right until the 1960s and 1970s. They were given the name Somali as a tribute to Somalia’s geographical position as Ethiopia’s next-door neighbour. Formerly known as Abyssinia. This is a medium-sized cat. Except for the additional length, the Somali has the same thick coat as the Abyssinian.

Somali cats Pros and Cons


  1. They are similar in intelligence to dogs and have excellent learning abilities.
  2. Has an amazing appearance and are extremely friendly.
  3.  These animals are in excellent health. And they rarely get sick.
  4. Almost complete absence of malting.


  1. Requires constant attention.
  2. They can easily get obese.  So, it is necessary to keep an eye on the diet.
  3. Not suitable for people that have a busy lifestyle.

How To Take Care of A Somali cat?

Spending time-

The first and foremost thing to take care of your Somali is to simply spend time with them. they simply love to interact and socialize and if you live them alone for longer they can depressed. So, if you have a busy lifestyle and don’t have any time to spend simply don’t buy this breed they are not for you.


The Somali’s long fur and dense undercoat require frequent brushing to keep it clean and disentangle. While you don’t really have to brush your cat every day, brushing it every other day will reduce the likelihood of knots forming. Brush your cat using a fine-toothed brush or a lengthy metal comb. And trimming your pets nail is also important because if  the nails grow too big there is a risk of breaking the nail.

Inspect and clean your cat’s ears-

Look for redness or dirt and filth in your cat’s ears on a weekly basis. If your cat’s ears get unhygienic or itchy, clean them using a soft cotton cloth and a cleanser made specifically for the cat’s ears

Dental care-

Somali cats are vulnerable to periodontal disease, thus cleaning their teeth on a regular basis is essential. Use a pet toothbrush and toothpaste that is approved for use on cats. These products are easily available in pet stores or can be purchased online. Additionally, you should schedule occasional teeth cleanings with your vet for complete dental treatment.

Playing –

Somali cats are active and playful, and they require plenty of exercises, so make sure to provide them with lots of toys and a scratching post. They are also very vocal and like to talk to their humans, so be prepared for a lot of conversation.

Regular Checkups- 

You must go for regular checkups about every 2-3 months to ensure is perfectly fine and healthy.


Are Somali cats smart?

Yes, they are very smart and can learn tricks very well, and are intelligent enough to be very gentle with small kids/toddlers.

Is Somali cat rare?

Yes, they are one of the rare cat breeds and this is one of the reasons that might affect the price of Somali cats.

What Colour are Somali cats?

Somali cats come in 28 different colors among which  4 colors are most common which are red, ruddy, blue, and fawn.

Do Somali cats shed a lot?

No, a Somali cat’s hair does not shade much and generally, requires combing once or twice a week.

How long do Somali cats live?

Somali can live up to 9- 13 years. And can live slightly longer when taken proper care.

Are Somali cats lap cats?

yes, they can be considered lap cats, as they simply love to sit on the lap of the owner and curl up and makes purring sound.

Do Somali cats have ear tufts?

Yes, They do have ear tuffs on them.

Do Somali cats get along with dogs?

They are very social cats and love to interact with not only humans but dogs as well. they can easily socialize with most of your pets.

Are Somali and Abyssinian the same?

It is somewhat same in Appearance. However, the main difference is the hair.  A Somali cat has long hair as compared to an Abyssinian cat.

Are Somali cats hypoallergenic?

Hypoallergenic breeds mean the breed that can be well suited even for an allergic person. And sadly Somali cats are not hypoallergenic.

Where are Somali cats found?

The origin of these long-haired Somali cats is in America(USA). It is believed that the Somali cats are the result of cross-breeding Abyssinian cats with some long-haired cats.

Amazing Facts And Pampering session of Somali cats

Final Thoughts

We have come to an end of this article, Somali cat price in India and I have tried to explain each and everything about this cat breed. Make sure to consider all the things that are required to be an owner of this beautiful cat before purchasing it. Hopefully, you found this article helpful if you have any queries please comment it down below. Thank You.

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