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Shiba Inu Dog Price in India 2023- Japanese Dog Latest Price

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The Shiba Inu is an ancient Japanese hunting dog breed. It is a breed that ranges in size from small to medium. These dogs are ideal for compact places. If you are in this scenario and are considering purchasing a Shiba Inu, this post will be extremely useful to you. Because we will supply you with complete information on Shiba Inu Dog Price in India in today’s article, so let’s get started.

Shiba Inu Dog Price in India

The price of a pure Shiba Inu puppy is determined by its age, breed, and breeder quality. On Average Shiba Inu Dog Price in India can range between 50,000 and 75,000 rupees. If you go for a Shiba Inu which is KCI (Kennel Club of India) registered it can cost up to 1 Lakh Rs and if you go for a High-end aka show quality Shiba Inu it can cost you up to 1.5 Lakh rupees.

Aside from that, its monthly upkeep might range between 8,000 and 10,000 Rs.

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About Shiba Inu Dog Breed

History and origin-

Shiba Inu are a very ancient Japanese dog breed. These breeds were first found and originated approximately 90-100 years ago. There are studies conducted which suggest that Shiba Inu are probably the descendant of the Japanese wolf called Honshu wolf.

Initially, there were 3 types of Shibha Inu (Sanin, Mino and Shinshu). But during World War II this entire breed came to the verge of extinction. The Japanese decided to preserve this breed but it was difficult to save all three breeds simultaneously. So, they started a breeding program in which they bred all three types together Which lead to the birth of the modern Shiba Inu that we know. Modern-day Shiba Inu are the result of years of selective breeding but they still pose some of those natural hunting qualities of the early Shiba Inu.


Its head looks very similar to a fox. It has short erect triangular shaped ears which are slightly tilted forward. It has small eyes which are also triangular in shape and the colour of the eye is always brown. It has curled tail which is very fluffy and has strong sturdy legs. They are available in Red, black and tan, sesame and rarely in cream colour.


To describe Shiba Inu’s temperament in four words you simply say independent, delicate, loyal and slightly arrogant dog. Each dog can have different behaviour. They are quite energetic and love to play. They love to get attention but can be aggressive towards other dogs.

They are companions. However, they have some of their natural hunting and wild instincts.

Intelligence and Trainability-

They can be slightly difficult to train not because they are stupid but because they are quite independent. They will learn or do things when they want to. And if they feel boring with you they might simply walk off.


Shiba Inu has a double coat that is an outer coat and an inner coat. The outer hair coat is slightly firm and straight while the inner coat is soft and dense. The hair is uniformly spread over the body except for the tail the hair in the tail is longer.

Health issues-

Initially, they were a hunting breed, so they are a very healthy and strong breed. But as they get old they may develop some minor health issues such as joint problems, skin problems, mild allergies, and can develop some infections in the ear and eyes.
Overall they are a very healthy breed, and they are less likely to develop any major health issues.

Care Tips To Keep Shiba Inu in India

shiba inu dog price in India

Physical health-

A lot of people like this breed because of its masculine and compact features. Dogs are designed to move and walk around unlike sitting on the couch all day. Moderate exercise is important for muscle and bone development.

A fully grown Shiba Inu has a moderate energy level that requires daily walks and also some form of free playtime. You can let your dog roam in the yard if you have a yard or you can take him to a dog park to run around and also to meet other dogs or friends. If you want your dog to grow up to be masculine and strong looking, you need to dedicate time to exercise him on a regular basis. 

Invest in half an hour to an hour a day to exercise your dog on a daily basis. It will make your dog a lot more calm and at ease. Remember a tired puppy is the best puppy. This is not just a quote, it’s true.


Shiba Inu naturally has short hair and requires minimum grooming. In fact, there is no need to take them to any groomer you can simply do it by yourself. That is how easy to care for Shiba Inu is from a grooming standpoint. A few things you should keep in mind is that Shiba Inu does shed. During shedding season, You should be more diligently brushing him to help remove old fur and encourage new growth but other than shedding and brushing, Shiba Inu’s fur is very easy to maintain. 

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Shiba Inu does not need to be washed frequently in fact. It could damage your dog’s natural skin barrier if you wash it too often. A dog’s skin is different from human skin, most of your dog’s skin does not have pores like humans. So it doesn’t sweat like humans except for its paws and tongue. Therefore your dog should not be smelly when you smell your dog.

You can bathe your Shiba Inu roughly once every three months but do wipe your dog’s paws daily whenever you come back home from outside and occasionally wipe their butt too to ensure there’s no poopoo attached.


It is important to trim the nail if it has grown too long. It is better to have two people when trimming your dog’s nail one person to distract him and the other person to cut, he should not feel anything when you cut his nails as long as you are not cutting them too short but Shiba Inu likes to be dramatic and that’s usually when you see the famous Shiba scream, try to get your dog used to you touching and trimming his nails when he’s young, make it fun and shortly you can also just do one nail at a time and give your dog a treat or a play afterwards to let him associate nail trimming with something positive. 


According to studies,  It is recommended to brush your dog’s teeth every day just like humans. If possible you can brush them daily or at least once a week based on your schedule.

You should consider your own schedule to determine what kind of frequency is durable and sustainable for you. When you brush his/her teeth do remember to use dog-specific toothpaste because human toothpaste is poisonous for dogs. It is also recommended to take your dog to a professional dentist once a year for teeth cleaning so in the long term he doesn’t have serious teeth problems

Mental Stimulation-

Shiba Inu is an intelligent breed and it does need some sort of mental stimulation on a daily basis to keep him from causing trouble. There are two types of mental stimulation your dog needs one is socialization with other dogs and humans and the other is mental stimulation things like solving puzzles, training or learning a new command.


Shiba Inu is a more aloof breed but still needs to interact with its own kind and human on a daily basis it is important to socialize Shiba Inu early on because they are typically more reserved toward other dogs and can get aggressive if not properly socialized so spend some time to take your dog to the dog park once in a while or just as often as you are able to do it will make a difference in the long term especially if you are raising your dog from puppy once it is fully vaccinated you should absolutely take him to meet as many dogs and humans as possible to let you learn the manner when it comes to interacting with different species member.

Medical attention-

In general, Shiba Inu is a healthy breed that should not require much medical attention. However, there are some basic things that apply to all dogs like getting all required vaccines up to date and keeping those records handy a lot of dog boarding places will require those records if you’re boarding your dog also, discuss with your vet whether heartwarming prevention is necessary for your area as well, also flea and tick prevention. It is seen quite a few Shiba Inu known to develop some sort of food or environmental allergy as they age. If you notice your dog starts to itch more frequently than usual take him to a vet to do an evaluation.

Pros and Cons of Keeping Shiba Inu Dog


  1. Can be a funny and entertaining companion.
  2. Shiba Inu is very loyal to its owner there are various stories that justify their loyalty.
  3. They are very less prone to suffer from any severe health issues.
  4. They are great guard dogs as they are bold, fearless and very alert.
  5. They might look small and cute but they are very strong and sturdy.
  6. They look extremely almost like a teddy bear.
  7. They bark but most of the time they remain quiet which is ideal to keep them in the apartment.


  1. Shiba Inu has an excellent capability of learning but they do have a reputation for being quite stubborn
  2. As they are independent, they are very aloof like cats.
  3. As they are bred to be hunters they have the instinct of hunting. They may try to hunt small animals.
  4. They can be quite dramatic when things don’t go their way. they make various sounds aka screams which can be a con for some.
  5. They are very expensive and their availability is less in India.


How long do Shiba Inu dogs live?

The average life span of a Shiba Inu in captivity is between 12-15 years.

Is Shiba Inu a family dog?

It can be a good dog as they are lovely and affectionate but as a family dog, it may not be ideal to be around kids as they are not patient and can easily get provoked by kids. So, early socialization is very important and it is also important to keep Shiba Inu under your supervision when the kids are around them to ensure everyone is safe.

Is Shiba Inu good for the first-time owner?

People simply want to Buy them as they look very cute and elegant. But, most people don’t know that they are a hunting breed they were bred to hunt small animals and birds so they’re bred to kill things it’s a big dog in a small dog’s body this is not a toy breed, this is not a lap dog, they can be quite reactive and it doesn’t mean to say they’ve got a bad Character. They can be very good but requires a lot of work. So, it is a more suitable pet for an experienced dog owner rather than a complete novice.

Are Shiba Inu dogs hypoallergenic?

No, they do not have hypoallergenic properties.  Shiba Inus have two layers of fur on their bodies. Pet dander can enter sofas, furniture, and the air as they shed their fur. This Pet dander has the potential to activate the immune system and produce allergic responses.

Are Shiba Inu dogs available in India?

Yes, they are available but it can be very hectic to find them in India as it is fairly a new breed in India. There are only a few breeders in India that have this unique Japanese dog breed.

Final Thoughts

Shiba Inu are an ancient Japanese dog breed. They are a very friendly, extremely loyal & energetic dog breed. If you have a spacing issue then you can surely go for it. But you need to be aware that as they are ancient hunting breeds they had that hunting nature. So, Sometimes they are unpredictable.  Most of the time they are very friendly and will follow you. But they are independent in nature so, sometimes they might not do things that you want them to do they will do them when they feel like doing them. 

And always keep your Shiba Inu under supervision if they are with kids. Apart from this, they are very happy to be with their owner and they will protect them from every situation. Before buying please do research about the breeder and then only buy them from a legal breeder. Hope have cleared all your doubts in this article Shiba Inu Dog Price in India, but if you still have any then feel free to comment down below.

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