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Saint Bernard Price in India 2023- A Beginner’s Guide

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Hello everyone Today in Top Pet Products we are going to talk about a wonderful dog breed that is ‘Saint Bernard’. They are well known for their very kind and helpful behaviour around the world and they are widely used as rescue dogs which makes them highly popular worldwide.

So if you are also thinking to make them as your family member, but confused about its prices, whether it is a good choice, things to know before buying and much more doubts then you will get answers to all your queries in this article ‘Saint Bernard Price in India ‘ because it covers all the detailed and valued information about this breed which is going to ease your task. So do read it till the end! So let’s get started. 

Saint Bernard Price in India

Several factors, including the breeder, location, and canine quality, might affect the Saint Bernard price in India. A Saint Bernard puppy often costs between 30,000 and 80,000 Indian Rupees, or more. However, premium puppies from reputable breeders or specimens with show-quality pedigrees may command a greater price.

It’s critical to keep in mind that owning a Saint Bernard requires considerable time and financial commitment. Dog owners will need to set aside money for food, medical care, grooming, and other costs in addition to the dog’s original purchase price. It’s crucial to conduct extensive research on the breed and the breeder before making a purchase to make sure the dog is healthy, well-socialized, and a suitable fit for your lifestyle.

About Saint Bernard Dog Breed


The history of the saint bernard dog breed leads back to the 14th century when the swiss clergy realized that the travellers of their region are many times in danger because of the robbers of that time when realizing this they founded an asylum house where monks were living and working and they had large bodied dogs from the first moment .

The ancestors of the saint bernard dogs began to be formed from the 1600s when some alpine mastiffs were obtained by them and from whom they began to create and breed the saint bernards originally they selected these dogs for guard and protection purposes and they choose those dogs to include them in the breeding program who had a stable nerve system who were large-bodied and could tolerate cold weather very well.

These dogs were used for many purposes and it soon turned out that as they have a very good smell they are excellent at finding people who were covered by snow or fell into ice caves so they began to use the ancestors of saint bernards mainly for these purposes the dogs were used in pairs and when they discovered somebody covered with Snow one of the dogs stayed with the discovered man and heated him with its Body and the other dog went back to the asylum house for help.

So, these dogs were used as rescue dogs. But today in our times, Saint Bernards are primarily kept as family dogs and there is a trend that they are used more and more for therapy purposes.


Saint bernard is a dog with a massive and muscular body. They have huge heads with square-shaped muzzles or snouts and hanging ears that are set high on the head. they have droopy eyes and huge massive loose hanging jowls. 

Some do have black over the eyes and they have deep chests, both rare and fronts legs are perfectly proportionate they have fluffed tails with type. They have double coats which can be either short or long. They are available in white and red or white or brindle. 


This dog breed has a very special character namely that they are very sensitive to sharp and loud noises if they hear anything like this and they see that humans are frightened by the Sound they try to relax humans with their body language and by getting closer to the human.

These giants are relaxed, loving, cuddly dogs. They get along with other pets. They are very patient due to which they are excellent dogs for the kids as well. They are slightly extra cautious around kids to not hurt them. 

The saint bernards do have some guard and protection instincts in them although they are friendly and family-centred they guard their territory similarly to other dogs. Although you can never say whether they let the stranger come in and lick him or stand in their way and block his way usually they do not bite but they stand between the stranger and you as a physical barrier.

Lifespan and size-

The average Life span of the saint bernard dog can range between 8 to 10 years. 

Male saint bernards are usually bigger than female ones in both size and height. A male saint bernard’s weight can range between 63 to 81 kg and can grow between 28 to 30 inches or 2.3 to 2. 5 feet in height.

 While the weight of a female Saint bernard can range between 55 to 63 kg and can grow between 26 to 28 inches or 2.1 to 2.3 feet in height.


They are very trainable as they are very smart and can learn things pretty quickly. They just need regular small training sessions and they will learn things eventually.  Remember you have to be very consistent.

Relationship with other pets-

These giant dogs are not too aggressive and territorial so they can get along with most pets whether it is a dog or cat. But, sometimes can show their aggression toward the other pets if they are not properly socialized.


They can suffer from several issues throughout their life.  the most common is hip dysplasia so make sure to choose the line which has been tested for it.

 They can also suffer from epilepsy obviously not something that you want to be having a dog of this size. 

Cancer also seems to be an issue. A number of giants do seem to suffer from bone cancer. They can also be prone to developing bloating(twisting of the gut) which is a serious issue and should not be taken lightly. 

Tips To Take Care of Saint Bernard

1. Food-

These big dogs have big diets. You can feed them high-quality giant-breed dog food can consult a vet to know which dog food pellet will be good for saint bernard.

 I do not recommend feeding them commercial dog food only also make sure to include homemade foods like meat, eggs, veggies, etc. 

You can also add a few supplements like fish oil to keep their joints and hair coat healthy. However, I suggest consulting a vet before adding any type of supplements to their diet.

2. Exercise needs-

They are not too active. They spend most of their days sleeping and they sleep at least 15 hours every day.

 This is why they definitely need a place where they can rest, a place which is cool and where sunshine does not reach them directly, and where they can sleep for long hours. 

However, they do need some exercise. Just, half an hour of daily exercise will be more than enough to keep them healthy and happy.

3. Grooming-

Whether you have short hair or Long haired saint bernard both need grooming. If you have a short-haired bernard 2 to 3 times of brushing will be enough and if you have a long-haired bernard it is recommended to brush at least  3 to 4 times a week.

 Their coat does get dirty quite easily so it is recommended to bathe them at least every couple of months depending on their lifestyle.

Also, check their ears for wax build and do clean it as required if anything serious like an infection does consult a vet.  Also, remember to cut their nails every 20 to 30 days or as needed using a clipper or a dog nail grinder

4. Training –

Training should be started from an early age because a dog this size who does not in control of you can be a problem.

So, make sure to train them from an early and use the same cues or commands that you have decided on a regular basis with consistent training they will learn eventually learn things.

 Also, let them know their restriction like they can not sit on the sofa, or bed, or can not jump on people, etc. 

Also, leash trains them so they are comfortable on a leash as a dog this size can easily pull you wherever they want. In short, start training them at an early age to have a well-behaved mature dog.

5. Pet insurance –

As I have already told they do tend to suffer from several diseases or health issues. Which can cost you from hundreds to thousands of rupees for medication. 

So, it is not a bad idea to have pet insurance which will help you to cover some medical expenses of your pet dog.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Saint Bernard Dog


  1. Does not need a lot of exercises.
  2. Excellent with kids as well as other pets.
  3. Due to their sheer size, they can scare away intruders. So they can turn out to be great guard dogs or watchdogs.
  4. They do not excessively bark.
  5. Loves to please their owner.


  1. They need huge space and hence are not suited to keep in an apartment. 
  2. They are prone to suffer from several health issues.
  3. These big dogs come with huge maintenance expenses( you should be financially stable to take care of these dogs.)
  4. One of the most slobbering dogs.

Amazing Facts About Saint Bernard Dog

  1. Saint Bernards are known for their excellent sense of smell and have been used in avalanches to locate buried victims.
  2. It is a common belief that they carried brandy so that the saved persons could drink it and get warmer unfortunately it is not true it is a Misconception the truth is that it was painted first at the beginning of the 19th century by Edwin Landseer who was a popular painter of his era. 
  3. Saint bernard is the national dog of Switzerland.
  4. There was a saint bernard who saved the life of at least 40 people.


1. Can St Bernard’s dog live in India?

Indian residents can indeed own Saint Bernard dogs. However, because the breed was developed in the Swiss Alps and is well-suited to cold climates, it is crucial to take into account the climate and surroundings in India. Saint Bernards need to be protected from the heat and humidity of India, and they also need access to shade and lots of water. Additionally, it should be carefully considered before importing one to India due to the breed’s potential difficulty adjusting to the country’s various cultural and environmental norms.

2. What is the cost of Saint bernard dogs in India?

The cost of the saint Bernard can range from 30,000 Rs to 80,000 Rs in India

3. Is saint bernard recommended for first-time owners?

Yes, you can but usually, it is not a breed to start with as an inexperienced owner as these dogs are absolute giants and if you do not properly train them a dog of this size can be a problem. And moreover, you need to have financial resources as a dog like this really needs extra size for everything, not only for food but medicines as well, which will multiply your expenses. So, do your own research or I would recommend starting with a  smaller dog to gain some experience before moving on to St bernard dogs.

Final Thoughts

My conclusion about the Saint Bernard breed is that no doubt they are very loving, caring, calm and gentle dogs and they quickly get adaptable with kids and family members so they are completely trusted pets. 

Maybe for the first time, they can be a little cautious toward strangers but later they become quite friendly with them.

 These dogs do not need a lot of exercise and since they have a short span of life it can be a sacrificing aspect to keep them as your companion. 

I have tried my best to give you all the detailed information about Saint Bernards but it is recommended to do your own research before buying a dog breed and buy them from a reputable breeder only. I hope you found it helpful!

Thank you for Reading! 


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