Rampur Greyhound Price in India

Rampur Greyhound Price in India 2023- All You Need to Know!

Topic- Rampur Greyhound Price in India

Hello everyone,Today in Top Pet Products we are going to talk about royal indigeneous dog breed named Rampur GreyHound.This royal native dog breed was once very popular in 1950’s  but then after few years they lost their popularity in year 1967 due to hunting prohibition. Most  people are not aware about them or some might have not even listen their name also. So, I have written this article Rampur Greyhound Price in India to give detailed information about this breed and create awareness and make people remember about this royal dog breed which is on the verge of extinction today.

So ,Let’s get started!

Rampur Greyhound Price in India

Rampur greyhound is a very inexpensive dog breed. The average price of a Rampur Greyhound can range between 5,000 to 10,000 Rs.  And the cost of maintaining these dogs is quite inexpensive as well. price may vary depending on the factors like age, gender, health, breeder, place, etc.

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About Rampur Greyhound Dog Breed

History and Origin-

Rampur Greyhound is a strong dog that is found in the northern part of India i.e in the Rampur region of Uttar Pradesh. It is quite an old breed that was bred by king Ahmed Ali Khan. He was the one that named this dog” Rampur hounds”. Rampur greyhounds came into existence by breeding Tazi dogs and English Greyhound dogs. It was mainly for the purpose of guarding and hunting. These dogs were used to hunt down bigger animals like bulls, leopards, jackals, deer, wild boars, etc. There is a popular saying that a Rampur greyhound can single-handedly kill a 25-30 kg wild boar. Currently, these dogs are kept as companions. However not as popular as they were. The government has also issued a postal stamp after their name.

Image of Rampur greyhound postal stamp issued by government.


The Rampur greyhound has a unique appearance. It is a dog with a sleek, athletic body with a deep chest and long thick neck, its head is triangular shaped i.e broad head with a narrow long muzzle, oval-shaped eyes and small ears. It also has strong and long powerful legs and a tail that is quite thick at the start and gets thin towards the end. They are available in various colours like fawn, brindle, black, grey, etc. regardless of whichever colour they are in their nose is always black in colour.


These dogs are a courageous, fearless and loyal breed. They are good with all the family members but they are one-man dogs so they do get really attached to the owner the most. They also get along with kids as well. They may be shy or aggressive towards strangers and may not get along with other animals. 

These dogs have an amazing guarding instinct and can turn out to be great dogs for your home or any property.

Life Span and Size-

The average lifespan of a Rampur Greyhound can range between 9 to 15 years. A male dog can grow between 30 to 32 inches in height while a female dog’s height can range between 27 to 29 inches. And they weigh between 27 to 30 kg.   


They are energetic dogs and they do requires daily exercise. It is important to take them on long walks/ jogs and make sure to always keep them on a leash when they are in public. Because they can be aggressive towards strangers and may chase small animals like rabbits, squirrels, cats, etc. if you have a secured garden/yard or farm with plenty of space let them run around freely.


Most people think that Rampur Greyhound is not intelligent which makes them difficult to train which is not at all true. These hunting dogs are very intelligent they just may not listen if they do not respect or trust you. So, in order to train them you have to gain their respect first. Hence these breeds can be difficult to train for novice owners. If you are unable to train by yourself you can always seek the help of professionals.


Grooming a Rampurhound is not a big task as their grooming needs are very minimal. These short dogs are generally very very clean and require only occasional brushing, and it is recommended to bathe them every 2 months with warm water and mild dog soap or shampoo. And just check the ear, teeth and nails and clean and cut them as needed.


Rampur GreyHound are a very healthy dog breed and they are not prone to any serious health issues but sometimes, unfortunately, some puppies may get some genetic disorders which is rare, sometimes they can suffer from bloating problems which arise if they are not fed food properly, so you should break their meals to at least 2-3 times, soreness problems.

This minor problem can easily be avoided if they are taken properly care of. 

Pros and Cons of Owning a Rampur Grey Hound Dog


  1. They do not bark a lot.
  2. Amazing guarding instinct.
  3. They have immense stamina and can run at a fast speed.
  4. Maintenance is quite minimal.
  5. Extremely well adapted to live in Indian Climates


  1. Generally does not get along with strangers( they may get along but require a lot of socialization).
  2. May not be an ideal pet to keep with small pets like rabbits, cats, birds, hamsters, etc.
  3. Has high exercise needs.


What is the speed of Rampur Greyhound?

Rampur Greyhounds are one of the fastest dogs in the world and can run at a speed of over 40 mph or 60 km.

What is the price of Rampur Greyhound?

The Price of a Rampur Greyhound can range between 5K to 10 K in Indian Rupees.

What is the Bite force of the Rampur Greyhound?

The average Bite force of a Rampur Greyhound can range between 200 to 300 PSI. But,  no one knows for sure. It is just an estimation which is made by looking at the dogs that look quite similar to Rampur greyhounds.

What is the litter size of the Rampur Greyhound?

The average litter size of the Rampur Greyhound can range around 6 to 9 puppies which can be slightly more or less.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have come to the end of this article and it can be concluded that Rampur Greyhounds are a majestic dog breed and are a great heritage of India. They have a great guarding nature and have an amazing quality to become a great family member. In addition to this, they rarely fall ill and are a very healthy dog breed and have a very low maintenance cost as compared to exotic foreign breeds. So make the initiative to preserve our Indian dog breed by making them your pets and helping them in their growth. So share this article with everyone so that we can make this deserving Indian popular across the globe.

Hope you found it helpful!

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