Kangal Dog Price in India

Kangal Dog Price in India(April 2023)

Today, we are going to talk about a Turkish dog breed “Kangal”. There are a few breeds in the world who are known as formidable flock guardians, one being the feared and immense Kangal claimed to have the size, strength and ferocity to kill wolves in order to protect their flock, claimed to have the speed and launch power of a Ferrari and suggested to have a bite force that is the most powerful out of every dog breed there is. In this article, we will give information about Kangal dog price in India, Will Answer various exciting questions like  Are these huge herding dogs mindless killers or simply protectors of the innocent? Are they suitable as pets or best left as working dogs? And can they really kill a wolf? Or are they simply effective wolf deterrence? And much more.

So, keep reading till the end to Know more about this amazing, powerful breed.

Turkish Kangal Dog Price in India

Kangal dogs can be difficult to find in India as only enthusiastic pet owners know about them but now it has started to gain popularity in India. The average Turkish Kangal dog price in India can range from 30,000- 70,000 Rs. It’s estimated price range can be more or less depending on various factors.



Kangal dog price in Mumbai 30,000- 80,000 Rs.
Kangal dog price in Delhi 30,000- 60,000 Rs.
Kangal dog price in Kerala 30,000- 70,000 Rs
Kangal dog price in Tamil Nadu 30,000-70,000 Rs.

Factors affecting The Price of Kangal

1. Lineage

Lineage is a very important factor that affects the price of Kangal if a Kangal is of a show quality its prices tend to be more than that of a Kangal from a pet quality line.

2. Purchased from 

Where you have purchased the dog also can severely impact the price of a Kangal dog. If you purchase from a pet shop or private breeder it will cost you less as compared to a high-end breeder.

3. Imported- 

If a Kangal Dog is imported it can be very costly compared to a Kangal that is bred in India.

3. Pure or mix bred- 

It is the most common factor that affects the price of a dog. A pure quality Kangal is obviously going to be much costlier than the mix breed Kangal. 

About Kangal Dog breed


Kangal is native to the Sivas region in Turkey. It is believed that nomadic tribes migrating from Asia to Anatolia brought dogs with them and bred them with local dogs to create the Anatolian Shepherd dogs or Kangal dogs we know today.  Some stories even suggest that actual wolf blood runs through their veins.

This Turkish breed is used as guard dogs for centuries by the people to protect their livestock from wolves and other large predators. 


Kangal Dog is a large dog Breed. It has a long body with a wide head. It has big almond-shaped eyes and it has triangle-shaped floppy ears but with round edges. And It also has a curled tail. It has black colour around the muzzle which looks like a mask.


A good Kangal is a completely solid temperament, basically calm until roused. They are very alert and curious dogs. They can be confrontational if they consider that there’s something outside of what they perceive to be their flock, their family, their garden, or their area. If anything kind of threatens that, then yes, they do come alive. It’s very well documented that they are exceptional with children, literally, because for centuries they’ve had to grow up in villages with children running around and they can’t show any undue aggression, otherwise they would be fiercely treated.


Kangal dog is trainable. They are very intelligent and become free-willed or independent thinkers as they grow. So, Just make sure to socialize them from an early age with strangers and kids and generally, they do not need to be trained but if you want can give them basic training nothing more. They are natural guard dogs and are extremely good at it. And always keep them under your supervision.

Hair coat-

Kangal has a double hair coat which is quite very thick and dense. This dense double coat helps to survive in the winter season of turkey where temperatures can go below –20 deg celsius. Kangal coat’s colour can vary from pale fawn to wolf grey.


Grooming them is not a tedious task as their coat has short hair. Brushing their hair once or twice on a weekly basis will be more than enough for them. Just check the ears and teeth on a regular basis to know if there is any issue. And give them a bath after every 1 or 2 months or when they get extremely dirty.


You can feed them raw meat like beef, lamb, goat, chicken, eggs etc. you can also feed them grains in moderate quantities like cooked rice, barley, oats, etc. You can also include veggies in their diet, broccoli, carrot, pumpkin, beans, peas, etc. Also, give them fruits like bananas, apples, berries(strawberries, cranberries, blueberries), peaches, etc. can give dairy products like cottage cheese, ghee(clarified butter), buttermilk, curd, etc. Can give boiled bones to adult Kangal one-two time a week. If you want you can also give dog food pellets available commercially.

Health Problems-

This historic dog breed is very strong and sturdy, Kangal dogs are one of the toughest dog breeds out there. They generally do not fall sick easily but some common problems can be listed as hip joint deformities that as hip dysplasia, eyelid problems, lump formation problems, etc.
 It is advisable to take your Kangal for a health checkup at least once a year to know that they are healthy and fine.

Things to Know Before Getting a Kangal

Kangal Dog Price in India
  1. They are ideal to keep as pets in the countryside where there is largely open space. They can also be kept in an apartment but it is important to have a big yard or garden outside.
  2. May not be suitable for all the owners they are big and powerful and can be sometimes difficult to handle these dogs. A purebred Kangal is generally extremely calm and docile in nature. But, when they feel that there is some threat, they might switch to their protective beast mode and it might get difficult to handle them.
  3. They are an energetic dog breed but do not need long grinding walks. But they do need to exercise on a daily basis. 
  4. When outside they are extremely alert and will always scan around and assess the situation. They are very loyal and ferocious while protecting the owner.
  5. They are excellent diggers and can dig the garden or yards to create a pit to sleep.
  6. They have natural instinct for protection and so they might found difficult to socialize with other pets and strangers. But, it is important to socialize with them as early as possible.
  7. They have the strongest jaw among the dogs with an amazing bone-crushing bite force of 743 PSI.

Kangal vs Wolf

It is a toss-up in the air. But, most of the time wolf might win. Kangals have a better chance of defeating small wolves like a Eurasian wolf, red wolf, etc. but they might not have a good chance against massive wolves like a northwestern wolf.  There is a reason Kangal owners tie spiked collars around the neck of the Kangal to protect their neck from wolves. So, Kangal can win but most of the time is the wolves.

Kangal VS Lion

Can not be told for sure, people say that Kangal has a Bite force more than that of a lion. But, the bite is just not enough, lion is extremely massive and is extremely powerful. So due to their immense strength and size Kangal will lose almost every time.

Kangal vs Pitbull Terrier

Kangal is a lot bigger than a pit bull terrier. Kangal weighs 50 -70 kgs while pitbull 16- 27 Kg. Moreover, Kangal bite force is approx 743 PSI while that of a Pitbull terrier is around 240 -300 PSI. So, most of the time Kangal will win although we can not underestimate the determination of pitbull they will never quit and can fight till they die. 


Are Kangal dogs legal in India?

Yes, Kangal dogs are legal in India and you can have them without facing any legal issues.

What is the cost of a Kangal dog in India?

The average price of a Kangal Dog in India can vary between 30 K – 70 k Indian rupees or can be even more.

Is Kangal dog available in India?  the place from where you can Purchase?

Yes, Kangal dogs are available in India but they are not easy to find. However, there are some kennels and breeders where you can get Kangal Dogs. If you want to Buy a Kangal you can visit Jackal Hunter Kennel which is in Bangalore they are the best in the business and they have import lines coming from Turkey and Russia. In India, this kennel is as authentic as it comes for breeds like Kangal and Alabai.

What is the Kangal dog bite force?

The bite force of the Kangal dog is a whooping 743 PSI strongest among the domesticated dog breeds.

How long do Kangal dogs live?

The average Life span Of a Kangal dog ranges between 12- 16 years which is a very long life span for a large breed dog.

Can the Kangal dog survive in India?

Yes, can survive in India without a doubt. they are some of the most hardcore and sturdy dogs that can survive in the hot as well as cold temperatures of India.

Is a Kangal bigger than an Alabai dog?

A male mature Kangal is 29-31 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs between 60 and 65 kg. They are massive, muscular, and aggressive canines. A mature male Alabai reaches 28-30inches tall at the shoulders and weighs between 60-89kgs. They are massive, hefty, and commanding dogs.

Is the Kangal the strongest dog?

Kangal is definitely one of the strongest but not the strongest dog in the world they are other dogs caucasian shepherd, Tibetan-mastiff, and Alabai, to name a few.

Is Kangal a family dog?

Yes, they can be good family dogs. Besides being a beast while protecting they also have another side which is very gentle, calm and affectionate. They will take care of the owner, and children as they will consider you as a part of the pack and will take care of lives tocks for sure. So, these big giants can also be a good family dogs but having them is a great responsibility.

Final Thoughts

So, we finally come to the end of this Kangal Dog Price in India, And before Owning them remember that it requires great responsibility to have this dog. These dogs are ideal to make as pets if you live in rural where there is farm and livestock. They may not be the right pet for an apartment lifestyle. But, if you have a big garden or yard you can consider them making as pets in the apartment. If you don’t have any prior experience to handle bigger dogs I recommend you to not go for it. I Hope, this article was helpful to you.

Thank you for reading.

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