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Kaikadi Dog- Facts, Price, Faq and Much More

Today in Top Pet Products we are going to talk about an Indian Dog Breed that has been forgotten the Kaikadi Dog. And most people may have never heard the name of this breed before. And there is little to no information about this beautiful Indian dog breed on the internet. So, in order to create awareness about this dog I have written this article and I have tried my best to give detailed information about Kaikadi dogs, their price, lifespan, history, pros and cons and much more. So, keep on reading to know more!

Kaikadi Dog Price in India

Unfortunately, no one knows much about these dog breeds as well as they are not recognised by any major kennels. Moreover, there is no demand for this breed due to which the price of these amazing Kaikadi dogs is unknown. This magnificent dog breed is simply neglected by us and only a few people know that such a breed exists.

About Kaikadi Dog Breed

History and origin –

The Kaikadi is a breed of terrier from India. The Kaikadi dogs are kept by a nomadic clan or tribe called Kaikadi in Maharashtra. These dogs were used by Kaikadi people for herding live stocks as well as also used for hunting rodents, rabbits, lizards and other small prey, etc. Currently, it is very difficult to get a pure Kaikadi as they have been mixed with other Indian dogs and Indian pariah dogs and moreover, this Indian dog is on the verge of extinction.   


Kaikadi is a medium size dog breed that has a long, lean and athletic body with long legs and a deep chest. Its head is long and narrow with long pointy ears and has a thick long neck it has a tail which is thick at the start but tapers down at the end. Kaikadi dog breeds are available in many different colours like black, white or tan or a combination of these colours.


Kaikadi dogs dog consist of short hair which is ideal to live in the hot climatic conditions of India. As the hair is quiet and does not shed much grooming them is simple. Just brush their hair once a week it will be more than enough. But during winter, make sure you cover them with a blanket or clothes to keep them warm.

Life Span and Size-

The average life span of a Kaikadi dog is around 12-14 years. An adult male Kaikadi dog can grow between 23-25 inches in height while a female can grow between 21-23.5 inches. And male can weigh between 16-20 kg while a female can weigh between 14-18 kg. 


They are energetic, hard-working and independent dog breeds. They are also very fearless and bold. Which makes them an ideal watchdog. As they are herding and hunting dog breeds they are well suitable to live in open areas like farms instead of living in an apartment. They generally do not get along with other pets. However, they can adapt to live with them if they are properly socialised during their puppyhood.  Overall, they can out to be great dogs if you can adapt to their active lifestyle.


They are quite intelligent and are easy to train as they learn things quickly. With consistency and repetition, they will learn things and understand your cue very quickly.

 Health –

These dogs are very healthy dog breeds. And has nearly no genetic health issues moreover, the chances of suffering from any major health issues are extremely low although can develop some minor health issues. But make sure to go for vet visits 1 or 2 times a year even to ensure that your dog is healthy and fit.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Kaikadi Dog in India


  1. Extremely healthy dog breed.
  2. Are great watchdogs.
  3. The maintenance cost of these dogs is extremely low.
  4. Can also get along with kids.


  1. Not suitable to keep in urban cities.
  2. Have a high tendency to nib and chew.
  3. May not be the ideal dog to keep with cats.


1. What is the Bite force of the Kaikadi Dog?

The bite force of the Kaikadi is estimated to range between 200-400 PSI.

2. Is it safe to keep the Kaikadi dog along with small pets?

Kaikadi dog has a high prey drive so it might not be a good idea to keep them with small pets as they may try to hunt them down. It is not recommended however if socialised from an early they may adapt to live with them but never leave your small pet with these dogs alone always keep your small pets under supervision when they are around Kaikadi dogs.

3. How many times should we bathe Kaikadi dogs?

They do not require regular baths but it is recommended to bathe them once every one or two months.

Final Thoughts

We have come to the end of this article, And it is such a shame that we Indians have neglected are Indian Dog breeds and have only given attention to western dogs. Due to this many Indian dog breeds like Kaikaidi dogs are on the verge of extinction. I request all dog lovers to please try and adopt Indian dog breeds if you want to save these majestical Indian breeds from becoming history. I Hope, You like this article.

Thank you for reading.

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