Indian Spitz Price in India

Indian Spitz Price in India (May2023)- Care Tips, Faqs and much more.

Today in Top Pet Product we are going to talk about a dog which was one of the most popular dogs in the past in India and was used in one of the most famous Bollywood movies “Hum Aapke hai Kon” none other than  “The Indian Spitz”. Indian Spitz now is not as popular as it used to be but they are still very popular. If you looking to add this dog to your family then you are in the right place. In this article we have informed about the Indian spitz price in India, care tips, the Pros and cons of owning them and much more.  So, keep reading to Know more about the Indian Spitz!!

Indian Spitz Price in India

The average Indian Spitz Price in India can range between 4,000 to 10,000 Rs.  The Indian spitz price in India may differ depending on 

1. Where you purchase from-  If you purchase an Indian spitz puppy from a puppy mill or pet shop the price of that puppy will be very cheap compared to a puppy purchased from a well-known breeder. But I Highly, recommend purchasing from a breeder even if it cost slightly more. 

2. The location you purchase it from- location can also make a difference in the dog’s price.  The price of Indian spitz will be more in urban cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Banglore, etc. While the price will be comparatively low if you purchase it from a normal city.  

3. Quality of the Dog- Indian Spitz comes in two qualities that are pet quality and show quality. Pet quality dogs will cost you less as compared to show quality. 

About the Indian Spitz Dog Breed


During British rule, Britishers brought various dogs including the German spitz as the German spitz was finding it very difficult to adapt Indian environment. Britishers decided to breed German spitz with other Indian local breeds to create dogs which can live in India after years of selective breeding Indian Spitz was born which is well adapted to live in Indian climates. In short, the Indian spitz is not an Indian breed it is the descendant of the german spitz.

Appearance – 

Indian spitz is a small to medium size dog breed. They have somewhat wolf-like faces with almond-shaped eyes and a canonical nose. They have triangular-shaped sharp ears. And it has less hair on its head compared to its body. It also has a fluffy tail that generally curls over the body. Indian spitz can be found in different colours like black, white and  Brown among which white is the most common.


Indian Spitz is a playful, loyal, curious and alert dog breed. They are extremely loyal to their owner and also get along with kids very well but early socialization is important.

 They are quite suspicious towards strangers and will alert you with their barking. however, they are not generally aggressive towards strangers which makes them ideal watchdogs. 

Size and Life span-

The average Life span of an Indian Spitz ranges between 10- 14 years and they can weigh between 5-10 kg(Lesser Indian spitz) and 12- 20 kg (greater Indian spitz) and a Lesser Indian spitz can grow up to 20-25 cm in height while a greater Indian Spitz can be 35-45 cm in height.


Although there is no scientific study that shows their IQ levels. However, they are pretty smart and Intelligent.  As they can learn various things quickly. They are free-willed and sometimes stubborn so it requires effort and patience to train them.   

Compatibility with other pets-

The Indian Spitz gets along well with dogs and cats and with other animals also. However, Socialization is the key. It is important to familiarise your pet dog with other pets or people from an early age.

Health Problems-

The Indian spitz is a very healthy dog breed and is well adapted to live in India. However, can suffer from some diseases like Patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, Progressive retinal atrophy, etc. 

Pomeranian vs Indian Spitz

Indian Spitz Price in India
  • The Pomeranian is a small dog breed. In both height and weight, it is considerably smaller than the Indian Spitz.
  • The ears of a Pomeranian dog are not as sharp or long as those of an Indian Spitz.
  • Indian spitz dog has a cone-shaped snout. While the pomeranian’s face is much flatter than that of an Indian Spitz.
  • The coat of a Pomeranian is often denser, thicker and fluffier. Individual hairs are frequently difficult to see. The coat of an Indian Spitz, on the other hand, is far less thick, and individual hair strands are much more noticeable.

Tips to Take Care of Indian Spitz in India

Choose the right food –

When it comes to feeding your Indian Spitz, you’ll want to choose a high-quality dog food created exclusively for little breeds. This will guarantee that your dog receives all of the nutrients that it requires to be healthy and active. You should also stop feeding table leftovers to your dog since this can lead to obesity and other health issues. Because Indian Spitzes are energetic dogs, you must ensure that their nutrition matches this. One cup of food every day, split between two meals, is a good rule to follow.

Provide lots of water –

It’s important to provide your Indian Spitz with plenty of fresh, clean water. They should have access to water at all times, and you should make sure to change it out daily. You can also add some ice cubes to their water bowl on hot days to help them stay cool. Indian Spitzes are relatively active dogs, so they’ll need more water than a less active breed. Make sure they always have a full bowl and check it often to ensure they’re staying hydrated.

Brush your dog regularly –

Brushing your Indian Spitz regularly is important for their coat and skin health. You should brush them every other day, using a soft-bristled brush. Start at their head and work your way down their body, being careful not to miss any spots. Pay special attention to their undercoat, which can get matted if not brushed properly. If you find any mats, gently brush them out with your fingers before moving on.

Give your dog a bath only when necessary –

It would be best if you only gave your Indian Spitz a bath when necessary, as bathing them too often can strip their coat of natural oils. When you do bathe them, use a mild dog shampoo and make sure to rinse all the soap out thoroughly. Avoid getting water in their ears, and be careful not to slip on the wet floor. After the bath, brush them again to help detangle their fur.

Take your dog to the vet regularly –

It’s important to take your Indian Spitz to the vet for regular check-ups and vaccinations. You should also brush their teeth regularly or at least once a week and trim their nails when needed. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on their weight, as being overweight can lead to health problems.

Provide lots of exercises –

Indian Spitz is an active dog, so they need plenty of exercises. A good way to provide this is by taking them for daily walks or runs. You can also play games with them in the yard, or take them to a nearby dog park. If you don’t provide enough exercise, they may bark excessively.

Play with your dog daily –

It’s essential to play with your Indian Spitz every day. This will help them stay active and healthy, and it will also strengthen the bond between you and your dog. There are a variety of games you can play, such as fetch, catch, or tug-of-war. You can also simply spend time petting and cuddling with your dog.

Provide a comfortable place for your dog to sleep –

Your Indian Spitz will need a comfortable place to sleep, such as a soft bed or a padded crate. Make sure their sleeping area is in a quiet, safe location away from drafts. You may want to put a blanket or toy in their bed to make it extra cosy.

Pros and Cons of Owning an Indian Spitz dog


  1. Extremely budget friendly in fact one of the cheapest dogs.
  2. The monthly maintenance cost is quite low compared to other dogs.
  3. Indian spitz dogs are well adapted to live in India and do not often fall ill.
  4. Extremely good watchdogs.
  5. Excellent pet if you live in a small apartment.


  1. Indian spitz can suffer from separation anxiety.
  2. They shed a lot.
  3. Do bark a lot.
  4. They are choosy eaters.


1. How to check the purity of an Indian Spitz puppy? 

There are a few things that you can look into check whether the Indian Spitz is pure or not.

  •  The puppy should have long fur over the body and should feel soft when touched. if the dog has short hair which feels hard when touched then it might be a mixed breed.
  • The puppy should not have very much hair over its face.
  • The puppy should be white, black or brown in colour but, black and brown are extremely rare to get they are mostly available in white colour only. puppy of any other colour is a mixed breed.
  • The tail of the puppy should also have soft hair and the tail should be thick at the start and thin towards the end and should be curled.  

2. Is Indian Spitz aggressive?

No, the Indian spitz is not considered an aggressive dog breed. But they do bark a lot at strangers.

3. How many years does an Indian Spitz live?

Indian spitz does have a long life and they can live somewhat between 10-14 years.

4. How much does an Indian Spitz cost?

An Indian spitz can cost between 4K to 10 K in Indian rupees.

5. Is Indian Spitz or Pomeranian better?

Both are amazing pets and a great addition to any family.  It depends on the Individual. If you want a budget-friendly, playful dog you can go for Indian spitz. Pomeranian is also extremely playful and looks extremely adorable but they can be expensive. So, it really depends on yourself and your specific needs. Make sure, to do your own research and accordingly decide which breed is right for you.

6. Do Indian Spitz dogs bark a lot?

Yes, they do bark. Indian spitz is loud canines that enjoy showing off their bark, especially on strangers. They are excellent apartment pets if you train your dog not to bark excessively.

7. What is the height of Indian Spitz?

The height of a greater Indian spitz is around 35-45 cm in height. while a smaller or lesser Indian spitz is around 20- 25 cm.

8. Does Indian Spitz dog bite? 

Can not tell for sure as almost every dog can bite. They are not aggressive but have some natural urge to nib or playfully bite during their puppy age.

9. What is the bite force of Indian Spitz?

As Indian spitz is a small to medium size breed. They do not have a very strong bite. the bite force of an Indian Spitz can range between 100- 190  PSI. 

10. What is the weight of Indian Spitz?

By now, you know that there are two types of Indian spitz i.e Lesser and greater. The weight of a lesser Indian spitz is between 5 to 7  kg and the weight of a greater Indian spitz is between 12 -20 kg.

11. Is Indian Spitz a family dog?

Yes, they are a great addition to the family as they are adorable and loving towards family and kids and can be kept with other pets also. Moreover, they are extremely good watchdogs or alarm dogs they will alarm you with their loud bark if they feel any suspicion or danger. 

12. Why is my Indian Spitz not fluffy?

There are a few reasons your Indian Spitz may not be fluffy

  • Genetics- Maybe the parents of that Indian spitz do not have fluffy coats due to which your dog may not have a fluffy coat as well.
  • Diet and supplements- a poor diet can also negatively affect hair quality. Make sure to get plenty of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids in their diet or can give supplements as well(always consult your vet before giving any supplement.)

13. How many puppies can an Indian Spitz have?

Indian spitz can have between 1-5 puppies in one litter.

Final Thoughts

We have to the end of this article Indian spitz price in India and I want to conclude that the Indian Spitz can be a great pet even if you live in a small apartment.  Just give them basic training(sit, stay, come, etc), remember to groom them daily, socialize them, feed high-quality diet and spent time with them following these basic tips will make them happy and healthy and this dog will become inseparable part of your family. And lastly, purchase it from a registered breeder and not from a pet shop or puppy mill.

Hope you found this article helpful

Thank You For Reading!!

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