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Dalmatian Dog Price in India(July 2023)- The Ultimate Guide

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Hello everyone, Today in Top Pet Products we are going to talk about an amazing dog breed that is “Dalmatian Dog”.This dog breed was very popular worldwide earlier but now they are losing its popularity. They are known for their unique black and white spotted coats and energetic personalities. They are intelligent and playful, making them great pets for families with children. So, if you are thinking of adding a Dalmatian to your family, then you may be wondering about the price of these dogs in India. In this article, you will get complete information about Dalmatian Dog Price in India, their caring tips, complete information about these dogs, FAQs and much more. So Read it completely till the end!!

Dalmatian Dog Price in India

The Dalmatian dog price in India might vary significantly depending on where you buy the dog. These canines typically cost between ₹.10,000 and ₹.20,000 depending on the breed and age of the dog. 

Prices may even go up if you’re hunting for a purebred Dalmatian. A recognised breeder is the finest place to buy a Dalmatian dog in India. This will guarantee that you receive a healthy, high-quality puppy that has received all necessary vaccinations.

Maintenance Cost of owning a Dalmatian Dog in India

Dalmatian dogs must be groomed, exercised, and have regular medical check-ups to keep healthy and happy. 

The average mostly maintenance cost of keeping a Dalmatian pup in India can range between ₹2,000 to ₹5,000, depending on the size and age of the dog. 

Food can cost between 1,000₹ to 3,000₹, vaccinations, and medical check-ups may cost between ₹1,500 to ₹4,000 each year

Grooming on a regular basis may cost you around ₹1,000 per month. Furthermore, if your Dalmatian requires any specific treatments or surgery, the cost may be greater.

Overall, it is vital to note that having a Dalmatian is a significant responsibility, and the expense of maintaining one should be considered.

I have not included the expense of a water bowl, feeding bowl, leash, etc. as it is a one-time investment and does not need to buy on regular basis.

About Dalmatian Dog Breed

History and Origin-

Being one of the oldest breeds known, the specific origins of the Dalmatian as a breeder is unknown.

It’s unclear where this breed first came from. Some people believe that they travelled with the Romani people, who historically are nomadic. 

However, other people believe that the Dalmatian breed was named after a region in Croatia called Dalmatia. 

There is so much mystery surrounding this breed’s history, especially as spotted dogs have been found painted on the walls of Egyptian tombs, depicted running alongside chariots. 

So it is assumed that they have been around for a very long time. It’s thought that the early ancestors of the Dalmatian were breeds of pointers and spotted Great Danes. The earliest written record of the breed places them in regions of Asia and Europe, particularly in Dalmatia in Croatia, which explains the breed’s name. 

They are a breed that has been used for a vast number of jobs throughout their incredibly long history. 

The Dalmatian has been used in wars, guarding herders, ratters retrievers, circus dogs, coaching dogs, hunting deer, and many others. 

They’re extremely versatile dogs with an immense amount of energy and intelligence, which has made them such impressive working dogs in a large variety of roles. 

It was in England that the breed was developed as a coaching dog. They were bred and trained to run alongside carriages in order to protect the horses from stray dogs and to keep the horses calm.

Since the Dalmatian gets on so well with other animals like horses, this was a well-recognized quality which led them into a different role in the United States, dalmatians were used as firehouse dogs, running side by side with horses to the fire. 

They would guard the equipment during a fire and even rescue people trapped in burning buildings. Many firehouses nowadays keep up the legacy of the Dalmatian’s bravery and the role that they played by having them as mascots. 

Since dogs are more often found as companions and family pets. Now their inquisitive and playful personality makes the Dalmatian a great addition to a family that already has other pets.


Dalmatian is a very athletic medium-sized dog breed that has a slender muscular body. It has big triangle-shaped ears that hang on either side of the face. It has a long tail that slightly curves upwards towards the end. It has a short dense coat which is always white with black or liver-brown spots that are spread throughout its entire body.


The most common adjectives about dalmatian personality and character are usually likeability, high energy level, bright intelligence and above average human centeredness. Well, these adjectives really describe the most important signs of the dalmatian personality. 

 In our time this dog breed already plays the role of a kind of middle-sized companion and a family dog. In addition, dalmatians are extremely sensitive by nature. They find it difficult to cope with harsh treatment. Moreover, through their excellent memory, they remember the bad experiences that have happened to them even years after they have happened. Properly educated and socialized, dalmatians are very strongly attached to their owners and their families.

They want to participate in all family events, preferably at every active hour of the day. Partly because of this, this breed is not suitable for being left alone for long periods of time alone. The frequent absence of the owner can definitely lead to the development of destructive behaviours in their case.


Dalmatians are medium-sized athletic dogs and their weight can range from 24 to 32 kg, depending on their gender and fitness level.

I think the colour of their fur is well known since the emblematic dots with a diameter of 2 to 3 cm on a white background are well known to everyone. What probably fewer people know is that the colour of the dots is not only black but also liver brown. And the interesting thing is that the dalmatian puppies that are born are snow white. The dots begin to form on them only from the second week.


Dalmatians are highly intelligent dogs and learn quickly according to the general opinion of their owners. Dalmatians are usually characterized by natural collaborators and love to meet the expectations of their owners and quickly learn what is expected of them. Let us not forget, for example, how well they once performed as the helpers of firefighters and as coach dogs. All this, of course, is true if the teaching process takes place in a loving and playful form. This breed is not at all receptive and not suitable for the German type of drill.

If they experience such a thing, they can become stubborn and self-propelled, which can give up the lesson to a naive owner.

Activity level-

partly because of their formation in past, and partly because of their athletic structure, the Dalmatian is an extremely active dog breed with enormous mobility requirements, who are not suitable for those owners who want a passive or quieter way of life. They are one of the types of athletes in the dog world who constantly need big walks and long runs playing with other dogs, without which the life of a Dalmatian simply cannot be either happy or complete in the fashion waves mentioned in the preceding part. This was precisely the factor that most of the new owners who decided to buy a Dalmatian dog as a result of the Walt Disney films did not know or did not take into account, and the reason why such a large number of Dalmatians ended up in shelters when the proper management of their activity level became an insoluble problem for many owners.

Health Problems-

fortunately, a Dalmatian who is properly fed and kept can be called a long-living breed, with an average lifespan of 12 to 13 years. But there are many Dalmatians who reach the age of 15 years. There are three things to mention in connection with their health. One of them is a genetically based tendency to urinary stones, which can lead to serious problems, in their case earlier than in the case of other dogs. On the other hand, like other white-coloured dogs, such as bull terriers or Dogo Argentinos, dalmatians are prone to be born with deafness, which should be checked by screenings even at an early age.

Thirdly, Dalmatians are more prone than other dog breeds to different types of allergies, primarily skin allergies as a result of mass breeding due to the aforementioned Walt Disney movies dysplasia has also become more frequent, in their case at an increasing rate.

Tips to Take Care of Dalmatian Dogs in India

Dalmatian dog price in India

1. Choosing a puppy-

First thing first,  buy a healthy puppy while choosing a dalmatian puppy make sure that the puppy is active and playful instead of shy as shy Dalmatians can be difficult to socialize with. Also, check whether the puppy is physically healthy and ask for the health certificate from the breeder. Also, check whether the puppy is deaf as dalmatians are prone to deafness. 

2. Diet-

When you bring the puppy do not feed them any dog food make sure to feed the same dog food that the breeder feeds them a few times then you can slowly change the food you want to give them. But make sure you feed them high-quality dog food specialized for them only. It is better to consult a vet about which dog food is best for your pup.

3. Socialisation-

Socializing any breed of dog is important for them to become a well-adjusted pet. Dalmatians are very intelligent and respond well to positive reinforcement and rewards. Start socialization as early as possible, while they are still young puppies. Introduce them to different people, places, and situations to get them used to different environments. Take them out on walks, to the park, or to doggy daycare. Visit friends, relatives, and neighbours and allow them to meet other people and animals.

4. Grooming-

Despite they have short hair Dalmatians do shed a lot. So, it is important to brush at least 3 or 4 times a week. You can bathe them once every month or as needed. But should not bathe them on daily basis. It is better to brush their hair before bathing to get rid of all the loose or dead hair. Also do check their ears on weekly basis to ensure that are clean and also check teeth and nails on regular basis.

5. Exercise-

They need regular opportunities to run and release their energy. It’s recommended that this breed should have a minimum of 2 hours of exercise every day. Plus they need plenty of play time with you and free time in the garden to vent their energy. Dalmatians are intelligent dogs that need mental stimulation as well as physical exercise. Training sessions at home or in obedience or agility classes are a great way for this pup to keep their brain engaged. All of this physical and mental exercise is needed. Otherwise, the Dalmatian will end up developing destructive behaviours like chewing and making a really big mess of your home.

6. Extra care during winter-

 The hair of the dalmatian is very short and does not have any undercoat.  They do need some care to withstand the winter season. Put some warm clothes on them if it is very cold you also on the heater to keep them warm.

7. Training –

Start training your dalmatian as early as possible and be persistent. Do train them daily for a short duration of time daily. It is essential to keep the training session short as they get distracted easily. They can be stubborn but with consistent and firm training you can train them. But make sure to not punish them or be rough with them as they don respond well to punishment and will not listen at all instead praise or reward them when they do things right.

8. Vet Visit-

As I have already mentioned above that they are prone to some health issues so it is better to go for a vet check-up at least a couple of times a year to ensure that your dalmatian pup is fit and fine.

Pros and Cons of owning a Dalmatian Dog in India


  1. Can be a great watchdog.
  2. Very loyal to its owner and always want to be a part of the family.
  3. Great pets for people who love to be very active.
  4. They can get along with various pets like dogs, and cats as well as with bigger animals like horses. (but do socialize them)
  5. They are generally clean and do not develop bad body smells.
  6. Suitable to live in warm regions like India.


  1. As they are one of the most energetic breeds it may not be ideal to keep them in small apartments.
  2. Can be slightly stubborn.
  3. When not properly socialized can be shy or nervous towards strangers.
  4. They are prone to health issues(deafness, kidney stones, allergies, etc.)  
  5. Unlike other short hair dogs, they do shed a lot.


1. Can Dalmatians survive in India?

Yes, they can easily survive in India’s hot weather since they have short hair and no undercoats, which helps them adapt to living there.

2. Where do Dalmatians come from?

No one knows for sure and everyone has their own speculations but It is considered that they are from Dalmatia(now known as the Republic of Croatia) In Croatian hence they are named dalmatian dogs.

3. Can Dalmatian dogs swim?

Yes, Dalmatian dogs are capable swimmers. They are an active breed and enjoy swimming in both pools and lakes. But if they do have any bad experiences related to water they might not swim.

4. Should you get a Dalmatian?

 It can be stated that among the successful owners of Dalmatians, the key is an active lifestyle, a lot of free time, a positive outlook on life, kindness and friendliness towards the dogs. If a person has most or all of these circumstances and qualities, a Dalmatian can become a trouble-free and devoted future friend for him. However, if somebody prefers a quiet calm and passive lifestyle, or the owner wants to deal with a tough guard dog with a heavy hand and prepare his dog for sharp situations, well, in these cases, the dalmatian is not the best choice.

5. How tall is a dalmatian Dog?

On average, an adult Dalmatian dog can grow between 56  to 61 cm or 22 to 24 inches in height.

6. What is the bite force of a Dalmatian?

The average Bite force of a Dalmatian dog can range between 170 to 200 PSI.

7. Are Dalmatians family dogs?

Yes, Dalmatians are good pets for families. Being devoted and affectionate dogs, they make great family pets.

8. Do Dalmatian dogs smell?

Dalmatian dogs don’t have a strong odour. Since the breed is noted for having a mild odour, there isn’t usually much of a “dog smell” to them.

9. Do dalmatian dogs bite?

Dalmatians aren’t normally considered aggressive dogs but, remember any dog can bite. They are typically nice and gentle if properly handled, socialised, and trained.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion,  Dalmatian  Dog  Price in India can vary greatly, but you can expect to pay anywhere from INR 10,000 to INR 20,000. It is important to do your research and find a reputable breeder, and to be prepared for the ongoing expenses of caring for a new pet.

Hope you found it helpful!!

Thank you for Reading.

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