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Caucasian Shepherd Dog Price in India (September 2023)- WOLF KILLER

Topic- Caucasian Shepherd Dog Price in India

Today in Toppetproducts, we are going to talk about a huge, powerful and extremely ancient dog breed called the Caucasian mountain dog, caucasian shepherd or Ovcharka. 

It is a formidable dog with immense size presence and courage that has mustered a fearsome reputation for being able to kill wolves and bears and defend his family and flock from all that threatens. In this article, we are going to know about Caucasian Shepherd Dog price in India along with things you should be prepared for before getting one, and have also answered various related questions. So, do read the article completely to know more about these breeds.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog Price in India

The average Caucasian Sheperd Dog Price in India can range between 60,000-1,50000 -/ Rs. An imported Caucasian Shepherd Dog can cost you even more.  The price of a Caucasian Dog in India can vary depending on Age, health, colour, location, Breeder, etc. 

Recently a man from Bangalore named Satish, a breeder, purchased this majestical beast for 20 crore rupees to know more read the article.

About Caucasian Shepherd Dog Breed

History and origin-

Caucasian Shepherd is an ancient dog breed that originated in the Caucasus region nearly 2,000 years ago. No one knows for sure about their ancestors some say they are bred from Tibetan sheepdogs and some say they are related to mastiffs. one thing is for sure these breeds are exceptional guard dogs and were used to protect livestock from big predators like wolves, bears, etc. In 1900 they are used in Russia as prison guard dogs and later it was used to protect the berlin wall in east Germany.

These giant dogs in recent times have been commonly used as a companion and watchdogs.


A Caucasian shepherd dog is a large dog breed with a muscular body and a large head with a wide jaw and hanging triangular-shaped ears. It has big oval-shaped eyes. They have thick dense double coats which are mostly large in size but can also be small or medium. Most of the time you will not see them with ears as their ears are generally cropped.


Caucasian shepherd dogs are extremely confident, independent, fearless and loyal dog breeds.  They can be very territorial and suspicious towards strangers. They have a reputation as absolute killers and aggressive dogs. But this is not the case when properly socialized from a younger age.  They can be very calm, and well-behaved with other people, kids and other dogs as well. They get strongly bonded to their owner. They always remain alert and scan they’re surrounding and look for anything suspicious.

Intelligence and Trainability-

Caucasian shepherds are extremely intelligent but can be difficult to train as they are independent and sometimes quite stubborn. It is not at all suitable for people who have no experience in keeping such big-size guard dogs. It requires a lot of consistency and patience you have to be like their leader whom they look you up to for commands. if they do not respect you they might not listen to your commands. And If you have not properly socialised and trained them they can turn out to be very destructive or aggressive towards other people and pets.


They are moderately active dog breeds. Providing 1 hrs of daily exercise is more than enough for them. You can go for a walk or if you have a fenced garden or yard let them run freely and tire themself out. These will keep them physically and mentally stimulated.


It can be difficult to groom them as they have a dense double coat. It is important to brush their hair daily or on alternate days to keep their hair free from getting tangled and matted and also to keep them clean.

No need to bathe them regularly once every two months is more than enough. If your dog or pup is getting aggressive or biting while grooming you can use a muzzle. Read this article – the best muzzle for aggressive dogs in India to get the best muzzle for your pet dog.


These dogs require a high-protein diet to become huge muscular beasts. You can feed them meat, cooked rice, pasta, cooked veggies(moderate), and fruits(peeled and seed removed). You can also go for high-quality commercial dog food. 

Feeding them a well-balanced diet twice a day is more than enough. You can also give them treats and snacks in between in moderate quantities as they can get obese. 

Health issues-

They are some of the hardcore dog breeds but they can suffer from some genetic issues like hip dysplasia, cataracts, and heart problems. 

How to prepare for a Caucasian Shepherd


Before purchasing such a large dog, it is critical to perform thorough research on the breed. Because I’ve seen many people get such a dog because they enjoy them, but they don’t realise that these dogs require exercise and a large room. As a result, it is critical to undergo the breed study in order to understand what to expect from these dogs. Another topic to consider is why you want this type of dog. It’s critical!!


They require room to move. They require adequate areas to play and protect the property. Because they are lively dogs who require a lot of mobility, especially in their puppyhood. It is critical to the growth process. It is also crucial to understand that they are not apartment dogs. They are dogs who require mobility. So, I don’t recommend keeping them in the apartment.  on second thought, You can keep them indoors, but it’s necessary to go on walks with them every day to introduce them to various places, people and dogs.


First of all, you need to continue with the food that the breeder recommends. And here’s why. Because as puppies, if you suddenly change their food, they may get stomach upset. So it’s important to continue for a few months with the exact same food that the breeder was feeding them. And another factor is the water. Make sure that you have fresh water for them all the time.


They don’t require any specific advanced training. In our opinion, teaching them basic commands and keeping them disciplined will be more than enough. As they are intelligent enough, you can teach them basic commands like stay,  come here, don’t do that,  etc. And it’s critical to start training them as early as possible so that as the dogs get older, they will be more obedient, and simpler to manage.   We don’t believe you need a specific trainer, but if you want to go with a trainer, it would absolutely helpful. However, with practice and lots of patience and repetition, you can teach them from the beginning without the help of a professional trainer.

Friendly or protective- 

It’s critical to understand if you want your Caucasian shepherd dog to be more sociable or protective. They are, of course, good family pets and may be very affectionate. You must, however, have to train them for this. To train means that you have to properly socialize. It means going and meeting new pets and people. Accompany them in new situations so they can become more social. Generally speaking. If you want your caucasian shepherd dog to be more protective, socialisation isn’t as vital. It is necessary, but just once or twice a week will do the job.

Pros and Cons Of owning a Caucasian Shepherd Dog


  1. Extremely good at guarding the property as they are quite territorial.
  2. When socialized they can be comfortable around other people and pets as well.
  3. Very confident and loyal Dog.
  4. Does not barks all the time it barks only when it is necessary.


  1. Can be very stubborn.
  2. They are huge in size and it is important you have space for them.
  3. They do shed a lot so regular brushing is important.
  4. Can be aggressive or destructive when not trained properly.


1. Can a Caucasian shepherd dog kill a lion? 

No not at all, the Caucasian shepherd is fearless however lions are too massive and powerful they weigh up to 200 Kgs while a caucasian shepherd can weigh between 70-80 kg or sometimes 100 kg at max and an adult fully grown lion’s bite force can be between 900-1000 PSI and that of a caucasian shepherd is between 500- 700PSI. Although, a Caucasian shepherd might inflict some damage but there is no chance they win against a lion.

2. Can a  Caucasian shepherd really kill a wolf?

Although,  a Caucasian shepherd is very capable of killing a wolf and there are various video all the internet that shows they can kill a wolf but it is not guaranteed that they will always win. Caucasian shepherds are fearless and will stand their ground no matter what.

3. Are Caucasian shepherds available in India?

Yes, they are not very common but they can be found in India. You can find a dog kennel or a breeder that has these breeds online or can look for Facebook groups where caucasian shepherds are sold. Always remember to buy these dogs with proper paper works only.

4. How much Caucasian dog cost in India

The cost of a Caucasian dog in India can range between 60 K to 1 lakh -/ Rs

5. What is the bite force of a Caucasia Shepherd dog?

Caucasian Shepherd has an amazingly strong bite that tears apart things very easily. They have bite force that can range between 500- 700PSI

Final Thoughts

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog breed is known for its loyalty, strength, and courage. The price of the dog depends on a number of factors, including the Dog’s size, age, and temperament. If you are considering purchasing a Caucasian Shepherd thoroughly do your own research and think whether it is the right pet for you, please do comment and let us know what you think.

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