Can Husky Survive In Delhi

Can Husky Survive In Delhi? Everything You Need to Know

Husky is not an Indian breed as we know it is a foreign breed. They are known for their thick fur coats which protect them from the frigid cold weather of Northern Canada where they originated from. Unfortunately, when it comes to surviving India’s heat and humidity, their coats may not be enough protection from the sun and mosquitoes. In this blog post Can Husky Survive in Delhi? We will explore whether or not huskies can survive in Delhi In India and will try to answer many similar questions.

What is the Siberian Husky?

Initially, there was a myth that the Husky is related to the wolf family but it has been found that they are not at all related to the wolf family, The Siberian Husky is a member of the Spitz family, a group of dog breeds that are tall and have thick fur. They tend to be very outgoing towards strangers but do not like being left alone for too long. Huskies usually weigh around 40-50 kg and stand up to 60 cm at the shoulder. Typically, their coat colour ranges from white with grey patches on the head, back and tail to black with white markings on the chest. To know the price of this dog read this article”Siberian Husky price in India

Climatic Conditions in Delhi

Delhi is one of the hottest places in India. Climatic conditions are extreme. During winter(November-Feb) it is a very cold place and the temperature can vary from 20 – 5degree celsius. And in the summers (March-June)Delhi becomes an extremely hot place it can have temperatures ranging from 25 deg celsius to 45 deg Celsius during summers. And during the rainy season, there is not much rainfall in Delhi.

Can Husky Survive in Delhi?

As we Know huskies are animals well adapted to living in cold weather and pretty much can adapt to most places in the world. But can they live /survive in Delhi? The answer to this question is yes or no, During winter it is easier for them to live and requires minimum care. But, During summer times you have to take extra care of the huskies so they can comfortably live during the summer season and do not get ill.

Precautions to keep the husky healthy in the hot temperatures of Delhi

1. Going for walks at colder times of the day-

Huskies require regular exercise to keep themselves fit and healthy, but as we know, Delhi becomes extremely hot, so avoid taking your huskies during the afternoon instead take them outside early morning or during the evening. And if you take them for a walk during the afternoon they might get heatstroke and can get overheat additionally their paw can become rough and can have cracks on the surface of the foot due to walking on hot asphalt or roads.

2. Keeping them hydrated-

Huskies generally require more water than other Indian dog breeds. During the summer season in Delhi, huskies can get easily dehydrated so make sure you give enough water to keep them hydrated which will also help to prevent overheating.

3. Can keep AC or fan on to keep them cool-

AC is one of the important devices that you must consider buying. It works extremely well for your husky to remain cool in these hot temperatures. If you can not afford AC you can go for coolers which are very low in price.

4. Inflatable swimming pool –

In summer, If you have a backyard in your house or you have enough space at your home you can buy an inflatable pool and can place it inside the house or in the backyard and can have a little pool fun with your husky.

Can We Cut Hair to keep them cool in this hot temperature of Delhi?

You might think to cut or shave the hair of the husky so they do not feel hot during summers. But make sure you never trim the hairs of the husky as the hair coat of the husky plays an important role in regulating the body temperature.

Tips on handling a Siberian Husky

Huskies are known for being energetic and tough. This means that they need to be trained well before being allowed to roam in public areas. Huskies also need space to stretch their legs out. This can be achieved by allowing them to walk on a leash, giving them a large backyard, or even taking them for walks around the neighborhood. The most important thing about Siberian Huskies is that they require humans to be consistent in their interactions with them.

Best place to buy Husky Dog In Delhi

I have listed some of the best shops on the basis of reviews from the Just dial site. On their site, they listed over  100 shops so you can have a Look My Top 5 recommendations
  1. Sikander Pet Shop(Recommended)
  2. Dogshog
  3. Pups World 
  4. The Pet World
  5.  Jimmy Puppy Kennel

How much does a Husky cost in Delhi?

In Delhi, Siberian Husky can be available in the price range of approx 50,000rs to 70,000 rs. It is an expensive breed and before buying a husky you must know that its maintenance is also expensive and you have to take extra care of this pet. However, it is a nice breed and it is not very aggressive in nature and can get socialized easily.

Some Amazing Facts About Husky

Here are some amazing facts you might not know , have a look you might found it interesting!

Note- Make sure to ask vendor everything about the husky (where it is from, age, vaccination, registration) before purchasing.

Final Thoughts

We come to the end of this article “Can Husky Survive In Delhi? ” And we have come to the conclusion Yes, Siberian huskies can survive in Delhi. However, you have to take care of huskies in order to survive. They are very adaptable animals who can adjust to the weather and will be comfortable as long as they have a good shelter and enough food. They also do not like being in hot temperatures.

 So, if the weather is too hot, they may need a fan to help them cool down. It is recommended to buy huskies that are born in India and not those that are born in foreign colder regions because then they will find it very difficult to adapt because it will be a very drastic change for them. GO buy a Husky and have fun!! 

Hope this has helped you.

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