Birman Cat Price in India

Birman Cat Price in India 2022

Topic- Birman Cat Price In India

Birman cats are unique cats with a deep history. It’s said that Mayanmar (Burma) is the origin of Birman cats. It is also called the “sacred cat of Burma“. this cat breed is not very much popular. However, they are gaining some popularity in India. If you’re thinking about getting a Birman cat, you’re probably wondering how much they cost. In this blog post, we’ll explore the price of Birman cats in India.

Birman Cat Price in India 2022

Birman cat price in India can range from Rs. 15,000-20,000 in India. This breed is quite rare in India. Its price may differ depending on its colour, breed quality, location, etc.

About Birman Cat breed


They are medium-size cat breeds and have a strong and wider body than the average cat. they have a medium-long hairy coat without any undercoat. The texture of the coat may differ from cat to cat for e.g one Birman cat can have smooth silky hair while others can have fluffy hair. Their body is light in colour with darker colour sheds on the feet, face, ears and,  tail. And have bright blue-coloured eyes.


Birman cats has generally a white or cream body, but they have points or shades which are in various different colours. However, when they are born they all are white and later as they grow they develop their colour and patterns which remains throughout their life.
Patterns or shades of Birman cats include Seal, Blue, Lilac, Red, Cream, Chocolate, Seal Torti (female only breed), Seal Tortie Tabby, Blue Tabby, Seal Tabby
And one of its features that makes it easier to distinguish from other similar-looking cat breeds is its paw. No matter what colour they are their paw will always be white.


These breeds are not very active and are has calm, composed and devoted nature. They can be extremely good pets for kids and families as a whole due to their relaxed attitude.


Birman cats do not shed much hair. however, they leave some hair here and there. Brushing them once or twice per week is more than enough to keep their hair tangle free and clean. Make sure to trim or cut their nails, and maintain hygiene in the ear by cleaning them. And weekly tooth brushing.

Intelligence –

Birman Cats are very intelligent and are capable of learning various tricks and for healthy stimulation, you can provide them with puzzle toys which are easily available at the store as well as online.


Their diet should include a large number of proteins and a moderate amount of fats. There is various cat food available in the market which you can go for. Always consult a vet to know which food is best for your cat.

Health –

If you have a cat with a high-quality family tree you can be pretty sure you got yourself good genes and of course fewer problems for any genetic disorders which happens often if parents repeat too much in the past. birmans are prone to a certain disease called hypertonic cardiomyopathy if I translate this for you it could lead to heart failure. They also can gain weight pretty easily so do not overfeed them. But, no need to worry they are generally a very healthy breed


They do not require any dedicated exercise activity. You can simply play with them for some time and can provide them toys, scratch towers, etc.

Pros and Cons of Owning Briman Cat


  • They are a low-maintenance cat breed.
  • Very calm and easy to handle.
  • Looks extremely gorgeous and attractive.
  • Playful and can bond with kids and other cats and dogs.
  • They are generally healthy cat breed


  • As they do not have undercoat  they may need extra care during colder temperature in order to remain warm .
  • Can get obese pretty easily.


1. Is Birman Cat friendly?

Yes, Birman cats are great companions and make wonderful pets. They are also known for being very social and enjoy being around people. Birman cats are typically very friendly and outgoing, and they love to play and cuddle.

2. Are Birman cats lazy?

Yes, you can say so as they are not much active they simply love lo lie down. However they are playful.

3. How old do Birman cats live?

Birman on average has a life span of 11- 14 years . but, proper care they can live up to 16 years.

Final Thoughts

Finally we have come to an  end of this article Birman cat price in India,  and I hope I have cleared all you doubts regarding Birman cat breed and have tried to give very detailed  information about this wonderful  cat breed. If you still have some doubts then do comment below ,its our pleasure to answer it.

Hope it was helpful!!

Thank you for reading .

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