Best Tree scratching post for cats India 2021

Best Tree Scratching Post For Cats India 2023

Topic: Best Tree scratching post for Cats India 2023

If you are the owner of a lovely fur cat, you might suffering from the habit of scratching your expensive furniture or other things, it is a completely normal and healthy habit of any cat they do scratch to mark their territory or to remove old material from the claw. Scratching posts can be your solution to these problems. I have answered various things like whether it is worth it, buying a guide and much more. So, keep Reading!

Is it important to have a tree scratching post for cats?

Yes of course, it is a must-have product for cats, Any healthy, well-adjusted cat needs a scratching post. Cats need somewhere to scratch, so installing a scratching post will spare your furnishings, draperies, and carpets from being destroyed. And it will also keep them entertained and busy. I have listed some of the Best Tree scratching post in India .

Types of Scratching Post

1. Vertical scratching post-

Vertical scratching posts are designed to look like tree trunks, which cats use as ideal clawing surfaces. These are excellent choices for cats who enjoy scratching the arms of sofas, gate jambs, and furniture stands. Their back and shoulder muscles get much-needed exercise from the vertical height.

Best Tree scratching post for cats India 2021

2.Horizontal scratching post-

If your cat enjoys clawing on flat surfaces such as rugs and floors, a horizontal scratching post is your best choice for diverting his scratching.

3. Cardboard scratching post –

These are constructed from thick cardboard. They like the texture of the surface as well as the sound their claws create as they scratch. Corrugated cardboard is frequently utilised in the construction of flat and inclined cat scratchers. Cats like the inclined posture, which differs from the traditional vertical and horizontal posts. As more muscles are engaged, it allows for more stretching. The scratcher’s position allows cats to scratch forward or backwards, which is ideal for both physical and psychological stimulation.

4. Cat trees-

Cat trees are meant to give vertical and horizontal scratching areas while also providing a secure location for cats to relax and stay at a vantage point. Place a cat tree near a window so your feline can see what’s going on around him, both inside and out.

Best Tree Scratching Post For Cats- Buying Guide


Scratching posts for cats come in a variety of sizes and forms. The ideal construction for you will be determined by your available area as well as the size of your kitty companion. If you have more than one cat, you may desire a larger one , but if room is limited, smaller versions may be a suitable match.


Most of the scratching post is made of sisal as cats appear to prefer sisal fabric, which allows for greater shredding. Cats can effortlessly drag their claws down the cloth while maintaining a firm grasp. The cat’s paws and claws love the texture and resistance.


scratching post  should be strong and sturdy so while cat use it does not fall down that can lead to some accident moreover cats does not like post that wobbles the want strong and sturdy thing to scratch 

Characteristics –

Generally, most tree scratching post is only used for scratching There are various different scratching posts that provide many characteristics like some have toys attached to them for entertainment purpose and some provides space to relax or climb. Assess the cat’s characteristics as well as the size of the post when deciding if you just want a basic version, a fully fleshed model, or anything in between. 


Because the cat scratching post will be a permanent addition to your house, you want it to complement your décor — or, at the very least, not stick out in an uncomfortable way. Scratching posts, on the other hand, are available in a broad range of styles, so with just a little browsing, you’re likely to discover one that suits both you and your kitty.

Top 3 Best Tree Scratching Post for Cats India 2021

Customer Rating on Amazon

Main features-

  • It is made of medium-density fibre and is very sturdy 
  • This tree scratching post has 3 scratching posts wrapped in jute 
  • It has a round platform at the  top that can be used as a bed for your pet
  • It offers two platforms in a tiered fashion(one above another )
  • It comes with Instructions which help to assemble the cat tree
  • It weighs around 7 kg and has a square base which makes it stable 
  • It is available in small and medium sizes


  1. The assembly instructions are extremely clear, and it is really simple to put together.
  2. It is very sturdy and reliable 
  3. All the parts of the cat tree scratching post  can be attached and detached easily 

Cons❌ –

If it gets wet the chipboards will soak the water and will get fall apart so keep it away from water.

Customer Rating on Amazon

 Main features-

  •  Natural jute fibre, soft carpeting, and durable chipboard are used to make this cat tree
  • it has 5 scratching posts wrapped in jute and has a dangle toy attached to it
  • All platforms are arranged in a tier system which allows your pet to rest, play and climb
  • It comes with detailed instructions which help to assemble the cat tree
  • It weighs around 12 kg and is long-lasting


  1. Carpet is really soft and comfy
  2. Dangling toy entertains the cat when they get bored
  3.  The material of the top round bed  is very comfy


Bigger cats will have difficulty fitting in the top round seat.

Customer Rating on Amazon

Main features-

  • It has 4 platforms,1 hanging toy and a cave
  • All the posts and platforms are made p2 -of grade wood which makes them strong and reliable
  • All the platform is covered with soft comfy velvet material 
  • It has a sleeping platform at the top 
  • It is light in weight as it is a weight around 1kg but it is very sturdy 
  • It is available in 3 colours- dark grey, beige and brown
  • Suitable for kittens and small cats not recommended for big adult cat


  1. Cost-effective
  2. Easy to assemble.
  3. Stylistically is very good and can get blend into your house
  4. Sleeping platform at the top is very comfy   


The velvet material used gets dirty quickly


1. Is a cat tree worth it?

Absolutely, it helps to satisfy the natural urge of your cat to scratch and helps prevent your furniture from getting damaged.

2. How tall should a scratching post be?

The scratching posts should be 30 to 33 inches tall so that cats can stand on their rear legs and can stretch easily.

3. Do cat trees make cats happy?

Cats adore cat trees because they are a lot of fun to climb. It’s a fantastic kind of exercise for both kittens and adults to use their bodies to balance and climb higher areas.

4. What is the ideal place at home for a cat tree to keep?

It should preferably be put in a large room and in a location from where they can see as much as possible.

5. Is it okay to purchase a used cat tree?

You should not buy used cat trees since they would have the smell of the previous cat, and the cat presently using it may begin urinating and marking it.

Final Thoughts

we have come to the end of this article and I have tried my best to explain everything about tree scratching post for cats if you are still confused about which tree scratching posts to buy for your cat then you can buy  AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree.

Thank you  For Reading !!

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