Best Toys For Very Active Dogs In India 2021

Best Toys For Very Active Dogs In India 2021

As a dog owner, you should buy dog toys for your furry friend. the dog has a natural desire to chew so,  by providing them the toy the dog can chew it, and their desire to chew will be satisfied, and will avoid them to chew your furniture moreover, When they are anxious, the toy gives comfort. Here, in this article Best Toys For Very Active Dogs in India 2021, I have given a detailed guide on how to buy a toy that is right for your pet and has also mentioned the list of toys that are ideal for very active dogs.

Benefits of having dog toys for very active dogs

1. Physical activity –

Toys are mostly purchased by dog owners for the purpose of the exercise. Throwing a ball keeps exercise fun and difficult for you and your dog. Exercise is an important element of keeping a healthy dog since a dog can grow fat and which can lead to different types of health issues if not given enough movement.

2. Improves bonding – 

Playing with toys with your pet will provide happiness and fun to your pet and which will only stronger the  bond  between you and your furry friend

3. Oral health –

Investing in toys intended to clean teeth as your dog plays is a pleasant approach to enhance the dental health and decrease the need for surgical cleanings. These toys encourage chewing, which increases saliva, lowers plaque, and aids in the prevention of dental infection.

4. Mental stimulation –

 there are various interactive toys which stimulate your pet intellectually and keep them busy when you’re not at home

Types of Toys For Dogs

1. Interactive toys- 

Interactive toys provide mental stimulation and help dogs to overcome boredom. The interactive toy also helps to improve the relationship/bonding between pet and owner.

Best Toys For Very Active Dogs In India 2021

2. Chewing toys-

These toys are toxic-free and durable. It helps to reduce the stress and when the dog chews the toy their teeth and gum get exercised. It also removes plaque and improves overall dental health but chewable toys should be cleaned on a daily basis.

Best Toys For Very Active Dogs In India 2021

3. Comfy toys-

A toy with a soft filling or a toy made of cloth is often termed a comfy toy. They are not harmful to your dog. These toys are soft and offer them a lot of comforts when they play.

Furthermore, these toys are used as sleep toys. Some dogs become drowsy when they play with such toys. Your dog’s comfort toys can also serve as a tiny cushion.

Best Toys For Very Active Dogs In India 2021

4. Puzzle toys –

Puzzle toys are great toys to improve your dog’s intelligence. Puzzle toys come in various different levels. You can buy a puzzle with a difficulty level that suits your pet’s intelligence.

Best Toys For Very Active Dogs In India 2021

5. Homemade toys –

As the name suggests these toys can be made at home using any materials like container, cardboard, cloth, or cotton. You should ensure that the  toy you made should be safe for your pet dog

Best Toys For Very Active Dogs In India 2021

Top 5 Best Toys For Very Active Dogs In India 2021

The natural rubber Spiked ball is the product of the dogs company. Their products include grooming kits, toys, pet foods, pet accessories, and much more.

These natural rubber spike ball which is chewable and is covered with soft spike it is indoor as well as an outdoor toy.  

Customer Rating on Amazon

Main features –

  • This toy is made of natural rubber and it is safe for your pets
  • It is a long-lasting and sturdy  toy and can entertain your pet for a long time
  • Soft spikes on the ball help to clean the teeth and massage the gum when your pet chews
  • Suitable for all types of breeds


  1. It is hard to tear 
  2. Quality is good
  3. Most of the pets find it very entertaining

Cons❌ –

Keep this toy away from strong and heavy chewers.

Kong toys are cognitively engaging and put your dog’s abilities to reach the treat. It’s also a fantastic method to keep your pet occupied while you’re at work.

Customer Rating on Amazon

Main features –

  • The product is multifold. It may be used to feed your pet, like a teething toy, and to play fetch.
  • Kongs toy is made of rubber and it is safe for your pets
  • This kong toy is  for average chewers
  • It also provides a mental stimulus to your pet
  • It is available for your pets in different sizes like small, medium, and large
  • Suitable for small dog breeds


  1. Improves oral health
  2. Helps to distract your pet 
  3. Good for training

Cons❌ –

Cleaning from the inside might be tough.

Pet needs is one the best companies that manufacture various different types of toys including chewing toys.

Pet needs chewing toy is toxic-free and helps strengthen the teeth and gum of your pets

It includes 3 chewable toys.

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Main features –

  • This toy is made of soft, durable, 100% toxic-free cotton.
  • As it is made of non-toxic cotton so even if your pet accidentally swallows it while playing  there will be no issue of obstruction in the intestinal tract 
  • This toy prevents your pet from getting bored when you are not with them at home 
  • As the pet plays with these toys they remain busy and prevent your furniture and other utensils from getting damaged by your pet
  • It prevents your pet from plaque formation and other gum-related diseases
  • It includes 2 multicolor chewable toys 
  • Recommended for puppies and small breed dogs


  1. It maintains your pet’s oral health
  2. It will keep your tiny pets engaged and entertained.
  3. These toys are ideal as a present for your tiny puppies.

Cons❌ –

Large adult dogs can damage the toy easily.

Nina Ottosson is a well-known toy manufacturer. They create the most inventive toys. Furthermore, their toys guarantee that they have high physical and mental strength. Furthermore, they alleviate boredom and give enjoyable amusement. Puzzle toys, interactive toys, and wood games are among their offerings.

Nina Ottosson created the level 2 dog puzzle toy. The puzzle toy promotes mental fitness and issue-solving abilities. In addition, solving this toy aids in the discovery of the reward.

Customer Rating on Amazon

Main features –

  • This toy is made of wood plastic composite and it is safe for your pets
  • It is a level-2 dog puzzle and helps to improve their problem-solving abilities
  • It has 7 food hiding compartments and which makes food eating fun and interactive experience for your pet
  • It is simple to clean with warm water and soap.
  • While playing with this toy your pet is intellectually engaged.


  1.  Product is well-designed and durable.
  2. Ideal for keeping your pets occupied.
  3. Toy puzzle that will last a long time

Cons❌ –

Adult dogs can figure out this puzzle quite easily

The Pets Company’s natural rubber dog bone is a chew toy that relieves stress and restlessness. It boosts the dogs’ basic instincts while improving their mental state and liveliness.

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Main features –

  • It is a non-toxic and safe rubber chew toy for dogs made from firm natural rubber. As a result, it is a completely safe toy for your dogs.
  • It is a durable chew toy that will keep your dogs busy for a long time.
  • It is handcrafted with high-quality cotton and polyester threads. It employs strong knotting to provide increased strength, longevity, and protection.
  • Its surface has spikes or soft grooves that enable effective dental cleaning by massaging the gums, controlling plaque and tartar build-up, and cleansing the gums.
  • This rubber toy gives you a golden chance to have great amusement and a fun-filled time with your pets.


  1. It is the ideal toy for dogs to engage in enthusiastic play and strenuous workouts.
  2.  This toy encourages your pets to expend surplus energy, which helps to prevent damage to your furnishings and other goods.
  3. These toys are ideal for strong chewers since they help to discourage harmful chewing habits.
  4. It is a multipurpose rubber chew toy for pets that may be used for training, fetching, and other enjoyable activities.

Cons❌ –

The rubber smell comes from the toy

Best Toys For Very Active Dogs In India 2021-Buying Guide

1. Size and form –

The size of the toy should not be too small that they can accidentally swallow it and the form of the toy should be ideal to hold.

2. Material-

It is not always the case that all pet toys are manufactured of chemical-free and safe materials. Check for a toy that hasn’t been made with any potentially harmful ingredients.

Toys composed of non-toxic plastic, high-quality plastic, and natural fibers are safe to use.

Also, make certain the toys are in good condition. It should not be readily destroyed if an aggressive pet nibbles on it or attempts to destroy it.

3. Type –

I have already mentioned different types of toys in the above section. The type of toy you should buy depends upon your pet’s behaviour.  If your dog is a chewer you should go for a chewing toy.

If your pet is a nervous dog you should go for stuffed toys. If you want to give your pet a mental stimulus you should go for interactive toys.

4. Durability –

Your dog toys should be manufactured of high-quality materials to ensure that they endure a long time. Chewable toys are made to resist the most ferocious chewers. Toys made of cloth must be manufactured of high-quality material to prevent being easily ripped apart.

5. Cleaning Efficiency –

Dog toys often get dirty so the toy you buy must be easy to clean. They should be rinsed in soap water and should be cleaned.

6. Safety- 

It is the most important point you should take into consideration while buying the toy, make sure it is made of harm-less material and generally go for certified toys as they are safe for your pets.


1. Why is it vital for dogs to have toys?

Dog toys are important for dogs as they provide comfort when your fur friend is nervous and can keep your pet entertained when you are not at home and can also help to resolve some behavioural problems.

2. What toys do dogs love the most?

Dogs mostly love to fetch toys (as they like to run behind ball or frisbee) and rope toys (as they can chew them and can play tug of war game with you)

3. How many toys should my dog have?

It is dependent on your dog. If it’s uninterested and ignoring the toys, well, that’s a lot, but what you actually need to do is purchase the correct toys. Adding extra toys won’t help the pet much. Your dog needs toys that stimulate their minds, have fascinating materials, and, most importantly, are engaging.

4. Are hard chew toys bad for dogs?

Make sure chew toys are not made of hard material as they might damage the teeth while they chew on the regular basis.

5. How to clean the toys?

Generally, the method of cleaning all the toys  are same –

First and foremost, immerse the toy in flowing water. Then, using a light natural detergent or cleaning solution, wash them. Finally, use lukewarm water to clean the toy.

Final thoughts

We have come to the end of this article Best Toys For Very Active Dogs in India 2021, and by now you should have understood that toys for your dogs are necessary for their emotional and physical well-being. These toys encourage them to keep active by allowing them to run and bounce about. Their teething and chewing requirements are adequately met by the engaging chew toys. Pet needs chewing toys, dog company’s Rubber  Ball, Kong Dog Toy, and Hide N’ Slide Treat Dispensing Game for Dogs are among our top selections.

Pet toys are a great way to keep your furry friends entertained. These act as emotional companions for your dogs, comforting them when they are lonely. These toys may be used to teach and strengthen the reflexes of your dogs. You can protect yourself from harm by providing these toys to your very active dogs.

Hopefully, you found it helpful !!

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